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JAWS Part 16

Owen POV

>>>>>>>before dinner<<<<<<

“So, you're really not going to say what you got planned?” Henry asked. I took my boxers up, putting them on. I shook my head, going to the phone to call one of the cleaners to come and clean the office.

“Your plan better be mind fucking blowing. You better do some epic shit,” I grunted in annoyance, Xavier was dramatic, as always. I told him that dinner would be tonight to get the plot signed over to my new pack, and he updated me on the current situation happening down there in Vancouver.

He already knows he’ll have to read the contract. One because the person I’m negotiating with is my mate, and I’d be blinded by her beauty to even care about the price and two. I rather not go bankrupt on my first duty as an alpha to a new pack. I think the council would blow a gasket if that happened.

I went to my room, going straight to the bathroom to take a shower. I got out, and I could smell mix scents in my room. One being my mother, Christian, Beatrix, and Aunt Rebbecca. She’s my father's sister, and she’s half-wolf half-witch. Aunt Rebbecca was the only one who inherited my grandfather’s powers.

Wrapping the towel around me, I opened the door only to be punched in the jaw by Beatrix. I growled at her, and she starts ranting about me not caring about her feelings and her having to find out about my second mate through Chris. My mother and Aunt Rebbecca joined her in ranting.

“So tell us, when were you planning on telling us?” Aunt Rebbecca pinched my nipple. I didn’t get a chance to answer her. Chris, who is leaning against the wall glass window, spoke up.

“He’s probably embarrassed about her being my mate. He got my sloppy sec…” Chris didn’t finish the sentence. I'm in front of him in the blink of an eye, breaking his collarbone. The glass window is a little thick for security reasons. After the third time of me slamming his body into the glass, it broke, and he went with it.

“Owen!” My mother shouted.

“I warned him about disrespecting her. He should have listened, and besides,” I looked down at Chris, who is lying on the ground, two stories down. “The only thing sloppy about her was her blow job, and I loved every minute of it,” I told him, knowing full well he could hear me.

I went into my closet, getting a pair of dark mustard pants, with a navy blue long sleeve dress shirt and black shoes. My aunt asked me if I was taking the herbs she made, and I told her I stop. I told her my reason, but she didn’t agree with it. I now see why she didn’t, but it didn’t care anymore.

Our aunt has Chris back in my room, speeding up his healing process. She tells him to walk it off and not to get his ass beat again.

“Is Judy here?” Beatrix asks from my bed. Mom and Aunt Rebecca shut down her pass question before I growled at her. Beatrix sat up with her hands held in surrender.

“Geeze, it was just a question,”

“Stay away from my mate, you woman stealing she-wolf,” I told before throwing her in the closet. Using my strength, I jam the door in the wall. I know it would only hold for a few minutes.

My mother mumbled about having grown adults act like children. Aunt Rebecca is laughing until tears fall from her eyes.

Mom and aunt Rebecca leaves, and I finish getting ready. Ted, Henry, and I met on the stairs, and I quickly inform them about Chris and Beatrix.

》》》skipping from Scarlett’s pov《《《

Negotiation starts, and Scarlet does all the talking. It's clear to say that I’m turned on by her even more. The way she handles herself is very sexy, the blue dress she’s wearing emphasizing it ten times over.

She makes her case about the plot, grabbing her wine glass, she sits back after taking a sip. Her eyes flicker to me and smile a devilish smile. I know I’m fucked.

Xavier tells me he agrees with the payment duration and the amount. I sign, keeping it until I can make a copy of it.

I am holding off on the alliance contract, knowing that shit is about to hit the ceiling. My plan is simple and not dramatic, like Xavier wants. She would rile Jeffrey up, and I would finger her in front of him. Bringing her fantasy to life, fucking her in front of him, letting her juices cum all over him, marking her.

I see that two of the Omega’s brought in extra chairs. Only then did I realize aunt Rebecca did not join us at dinner as yet.

One chair goes next to Jeffrey and the other next to my mother. Already know that Beatrix plans on sitting next to my mate, little did she know her ex-mate had other plans.

I get up going to Gideon, who is sitting next to Scarlet to switch seats with me. He nods, going to the empty chair beside Jeffrey.

Jeffrey watches me intently, and I rested a hand on her knee, rubbing circles, sliding it closer to the inner thigh. I already know that Xavier and Henry are listening in on what’s about to happen. Veronique links me telling me that Valerie is watching me, aunt Rebecca links me telling me something feels off, and she’s about to join dinner.

I notice Jeffrey has a tick, he’s eyeing someone behind me, I can’t turn around, I’d make it too obvious, so I told my dad to check it out.

Squeezing Scarlett’s thigh, I slip my hand between her thighs, spreading her legs a few inches apart. I get a whiff of her arousal before she quickly covers it up.

“Jeffrey, wouldn’t you say Scarlett makes a beautiful mate. Any man to be mated to her would be blind not to see what all she has to offer. Wouldn’t you agree?” Beatrix joins in greeting everyone before taking my seat. I see that someone has linked her and she rose a brow. Her game faces tell me something is up.

“I would agree with you. Tell me what does Valerie thinks about that?” He shots back, and I grunted.

“I wouldn’t know because she’s not my mate. My mate right is wet for me and waiting for me to stick my dick deep down in her while I claim her in front of everyone,” vigours coughing caught my attention, I take a glimpse behind of Jeffrey to see that Gideon is the culprit. “I think she’ll enjoy it. I might even let her water hit a few people,” I told him. My hand went up to Scarlett’s pussy, rubbing her clit. She cleared her throat.

“Would have been something to witness. Too bad you’re already marked,” before I could ask what Jeffrey was talking about white smoke appeared, and Valerie was thrown up against the ceiling.

Xavier, Beatrix, Ted, Henry, and I were on our feet. We stood waiting to see what our next move would be. Her eyes snapped to mines, and her warning was clear as day. Jeffrey.

Taking the back of Scarlett’s chair, I pulled her away, with a little to much force. Luckily Beatrix stops her from colliding with the wall. In front of me, Jeffrey had his fangs out, nearly marking Scarlett. Alley was screaming, asking him what he thought he was doing. I stood, calmly waiting to kill this bastard.

“Owen, if you're going to mark Scarlett do it now before Valerie’s mark on you set in,” I snapped my attention to aunt Rebecca. I had questions that would be unanswered for the time being. But I knew she would explain later. I walked to my mate, holding her close to me.

“Not what I had planned, but circumstances,”

“Tell me about,” I grunted. I tilted her head to the right, licking the spot and sinking my fangs into her. She moaned, grabbing my dick. A moment later, I released her licking the wound clean. I lifted her wrapping her legs around me, and she tilted my head to the left, sinking her fangs into me.

“I don’t know if that was part of your plan, but I’m not disappointed,” Xavier said, clapping his hand. A growl erupted, shaking the house, and I turn to see it came from Jeffrey. His chest heaving up and down.

“Mine!” he growled out, and I set Scarlett down, cocking a brow at the delusional alpha.

“Ruh-roh,” Xavier said, Gideon headlocks him sending him to sleep. Aunt Rebecca made Valerie disappeared. This was definitely not part of the plan.

Oh man! Boy did this take freaking long to drop, am I right. Please don't hate me.

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