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JAWS Part 17

Scarlet’s POV

Owen stood watching as Gideon headlocks Jeffrey, putting him to sleep. The woman who smelled like a wolf but possessed the powers of a witch was tall and beautiful, and from the power of her wolf, you could tell she was pissed off. She disappeared after Owen, and I marked each other.

As much as my mind was spinning with what she meant about Valerie marking Owen, it had me baffled. How did he not feel her marking him?

“You worthless bitch! What did you do to my mate!?” Alley shouted. There was so much I wanted to know about Valerie and Owen. Her being dramatic right now was not on my agenda. But it didn’t stop her from shouting at me.

“Luna Alley Tucus, please calm yourself,” Former alpha Oliver told her. The calm in his tone was unnerving. Christian’s mate, Leslie, and Misty tried talking to her. But Alley pushed both their hands off of her.

“No, that bitch did something to my mate!” Using her alpha-luna speed, she came at me. One thing she forgot was, I’m a former delta who was trained by the fiercest fighter in our pack, Gideon. Plus, I have two rowdy sisters who are mated to alphas, so I had the privilege of training with them.

I sidestep her attack, turning, I raised my left fist, bringing my index and middle second knuckles up. Using a Chinese power punch stance, I hit her pressure point at the back of her neck, knocking her out. I got to thank my sister Sharlet for teaching me that move.

“That was dumb of her,” Gideon and Alex said.

“Well shit,” Xavier said. I’m beginning to see that he is a hype man to certain situations. Leslie and Misty rushes to her side. Misty mumbles, calling me a bitch. Leslie continued checking to see if Alley was still breathing. I didn’t hit her that hard, but the dent in the tiled floor, probably, said otherwise.

Both Leslie and Misty take Alley away. Former alpha Oliver said he was bored and tired, he hoisted his mate, Former luna Gwendolyn, over his shoulder and walked out of the dining room, giving her butt a hard spanking.

“We don’t need to see that!” all three boys said, along with a sexy girl, who looked to be around twenty.

“Shut the fuck up! Before I fuck her in front of you,” Oliver shouted back, and my eyes grew wide, my mouth hung loose. They started bickering, and he came back in, begging them to challenge him. He set Gwendolyn down, his fingers gripping the front of her white linen blouse like he was ready to rip it. Xavier challenges him.

Oliver not only rips her blouse but her bra as well, Gwendolyn gasp, covering her breast. He moved her hand, juggling her breasts in his hands. I gasp, covering my mouth. Christain threw his jacket over her and Oliver growled at him.

“I have nothing to hide about my mate, not even from my children. I’d fuck in public, the whole pack watching to prove it. She’s hotter than your mates remember that,” He said proudly, and Gwendolyn blushed hard. He removed Christain’s jacket, and I noticed she had a c-section scar and a scar between her breasts. He kissed her mark before tossing her over his shoulder again.

Myself and the hot ass chick rooted for him as he walked out of the dining room again. “And I’m fucking her with the door open,” He shouted, I laughed shaking my head. Xavier, Christain, and Owen protested silently.

The sexy babe came up to me. “Hi, I’m Beatrix, the only sister to these brutes,” Holy shit, this is their sister. Before I could greet her, Owen threw her across the room. She managed to stop herself from collided into the wall.

Damn. She’s hot, like smoking hot. Very hot.

“I told you to stay away,” he growled at her. Owen took me in his arms, kissing his mark. I moaned, gripping his forearms. Someone cleared their throat, but Owen ignored it, rasing up my dress.

They cleared their throat loud, and Owen spanked me. I gasped, looping my finger in the hem of his pants, bringing his lower half closer to me, well as close as it can get. Again the person cleared their throat, adding a few coughs at the end. Owen spanked me harder; I bit his lip, pulling it gently.

“For Christ sakes Scarlet! Leave that shit for when we clear out,” Alex said. I licked my lip, smiling, and then removing Owen’s hand and pulling my dress down.

“Should have heard the conversation at the dinner table,” Gideon said, shaking his head.

“First former alpha Oliver and now Scarlet, like is everyone here going to groop their mates sexually with everyone watching,” Alex asked, and I laughed.

“It pretty much runs through their veins,” Everyone looked to the voice that belongs to the woman from earlier. She stood at the entrance of the kitchen with a wine glass to her lips. Was she there all the time?

“Aunt Rebbecca, did you see the shit show that took place!” Xavier asked, and Beatrix smacks him in the back of the head.

“It would have been worse. I taught I told you to stop fucking with Valerie, one because I didn’t like her and two because I don’t like her,” She asked Owen, and he groaned.

“Did you just groaned at me?” She asked him, narrowing her eyes at him. He let out a breath of air.

“Just tell me why you tossed her against the ceiling and made her disappeared,” He asked me, the same calming tone his father had, he had as well.

“I went to visit my ex-girlfriend, we fuck and relax for a bit. When I said something felt off, I don’t know what it was, but my wolf and I was sensing something was off. Then I envisioned Valerie. That’s when I joined dinner in astral projection form; I notice Jeffrey and Valerie exchanging looks, which meant something was going down. Then I noticed a mark appearing on your neck, it was faint, but it was there. Hence me appearing and putting that little hussie in the dungeon she belongs,” That explanation was well needed, and it cleared up one half of the story.

“When you say dungeon she belongs in, you don’t mean…” Xavier trails off.

“Yes, my fun dungeon, filled with crawling creatures, scorpions, snakes, black widows, eels,” Xavier shivers, feeling grossed out, and I now feel bad for Valerie.

“So we are going to ignore Jeffrey’s unconscious body,” Alex asked.

“How is it that you didn’t feel her mark you… I mean, if she didn’t fully mark you, she had to mark your scent. But then again, you wouldn’t feel it, but then again…” the wheels in my head were turning.

“She probably went to a witch to help her mark her mate partially,” I hummed in response to his aunt and then knead Owen in the balls, he groaned, falling to his knees. I folded my arms in front of me; his ex-mate did witchcraft shit on him, mine was just delusion.

“Again, are we just going to ignore Jeffrey. How hard did you choke him, he’s out cold,” Alex said, poking Jeffrey in his side.

"Sleepers hold, he will be out for a while," Gideon answers, looking down at Jeffrey.

“Your precious alpha tried to mark my mate, that’s challenging me into a fight. But I won’t fight him. I have something else in mind for him,” he grunted. “Gideon, Alex, you all will be returning to your pack without your alpha," Gideon and Alex agree. "We have a lot of transferring to do, but first, we are going to take a trip to Bali,” He said to me.

A loud moan echoed through the house, and my jaw dropped. It continued, followed by Oliver’s name being called. Oliver really meant it when he said he would leave the door open. I started laughing. Rebecca complimented Oliver and left.

Two guys, Owen said are warriors, came and took Jeffrey away. Everyone went about their business. I got my bags, bringing it to Owen’s room. He showed me that we would be leaving in an hour to head to the airport.

All I kept thinking was I’m mated.

This came off the top of my head. I think it sucks, but I want to know what you guys think about it. So, comment, vote, and share. Let me know what you think.

Happy Readings, my beautiful and handsome readers! Xoxo.
Also, if there are any grammar mistakes, let me know, I did some quick editing on this chapter.
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