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JAWS Part 2


“So what did he say after that?” Anita, my best friend asked me. We were facetiming each, I was currently naked, drying myself off from the shower I had taken.

“What more was there to say. He rejected me for an evil creature and such is life. Don’t be checking me out after you did that.” she laughed and I laughed along with her shaking my head.

“He probably was checking you out in the water before he let you know he was there.” I gasp. It actually could be true.

“When are you coming back, I miss you so much!” I told her with a small pout. I had finally found something to wear.

“Ugh, I have one more week and then I’ll be back, just in time for graduation.” I huffed out, no one sent her ass to miss two months of school, I will forever repeat it.

When we were done talking, I turned on my music and locked my door. Tonight was a new moon so everyone would be horny. I didn’t need anyone seducing me tonight. Or maybe I should. This would be a good time to call Anita and ask her what to do.

I went with my second choice. I wore a simple dress, no underwear and went out to the small pack club. It was more of a sex club, for the unmated males and females. The moment I step out of my room, I could hear my parents and my four older sisters having sex. GAG!

My sisters came to keep me company when they heard that I was rejected, two of them are mated to an alpha, one to an gamma and the other to an omega. I feel sorry for their mates. You guys have no idea how rowdy my sisters are.

The first stop I made was to the bar to get a drink and some condoms. Every new moon if you wanted you could come here and have sex with whoever you wanted without being judged about it. This was my fourth time coming to this place including tonight.

The first time was a birthday gift from my sisters and twice with Anita.

Derrick one of the pack warriors came up to me and started whispering in my ears. He had a lot of talks, I just hope he could back it up. I took him by the hand and pulled him out in the back of the club. We stood near the entrance and the water heater.

The thought and the feeling of being caught or being watched while having sex excited me.

We started kissing, it was rough, no passion behind it, which was fine with me. He turned me to face the wall, I arched my ass out to him. He put the condom on and rubbed his tip against me, he entered me slowly, his riddim a real turn off. I begged him to go faster, harder, he kept arching over as if he was ready to come. I growled out at him, pushing him off of me and slamming him against the wall. I turned around, grabbing his penis and stroking it rough before I rammed myself down on him.

I pulled my dress up, taking my breast out and squeezing them, as I fucked myself against his penis. I rubbed my clit, twisting my nipples, enjoying the feel of the pain I was inflicting on myself.

Two warriors were passing by, and stop and watched me fucked Derrick. One was tall, dark and hot, the other one was also tall, light skin and cute. They came closer and I got wetter. Their comments on how hard I was fucking myself, and dominating Derrick, sent me on overdrive. It wasn’t until the dark one, took his penis out and put my mouth on his.

I sucked him off, and the light skin pulled Derrick off of me and thrust himself into me. I moaned out at the feeling, I loving it. They each took turns inside of me, my moans muffled by the light skin guy penis in my mouth. I moaned out that I was cumming and the dark skin guy pounded harder into me, gripped on my butt cheeks, slamming harder into. I felt when his spit slid down the middle of my ass and the pressure of what felt like his thumb in my ass.

I cursed out, the feeling was a combination of pain and pleasure that I enjoyed. The light skin guy came in my mouth, as the dark skin one continued to fück me.

I came, creaming all over him, he growled out that he was cümming and I went on my knees as he exploded all over me. I took their names and numbers just in case I wanted them to tag team me again.

I went back home and shower, finally satisfied and went sleep with a smile on my face.

I woke up the next day grumpy as hell. I had a crazy fetish and I couldn’t do anything about it. My best friend was still away on training, and last night was the most excited I had ever been while having sex. I wanted more of it and it was driving me crazy.

As I walked through the hallways with my headphones in my ear, I left as if someone was watching me. I turn slighting to see that Jeffrey was looking at me, I sent him a shy smile and he returned it.

His wolf was still probably bugging him. Which shouldn’t be because he is mated to Alley.

I shook it off and went on with my boring life. Graduation was upon on us and a party was held for us. Anita had finally come back from training and we caught up on lost time, even though we spoke almost every day when she was away.

Alpha Jeffrey invited neighboring packs to come and celebrate with us.

Tonight was the party and I couldn’t be more happy to be done with college. Anita and I took over two hours to get ready. We had argued over different outfits for the past hour.

All her outfits included skirts and I didn’t want to wear a skirt. She really wanted us to match each outfit she had laid out were included a skirt. One if a fight breaks out I can’t raise my leg to kick asses. Two its easier access for a douchebag to try and have his way with you.

We finally agreed on an olive low cut shirring waist crisscross pocket romper.

The party was crazy. I was currently on the beer pong table. My teammate is Jeffrey. We were up against his beta, beta Alex and blue moon pack, beta James.

They had 2, while we had 10, five more to go and we would be the winners.

It was my turn again and I focused on the cup I wanted the ball to go in. Just as I release my shot, beta Alex tired to shift the table, but my ball still went into a cup.

We all shouted and laugh at his failed attempt. Jeffrey and I did a side hug, and he held onto me longer than I cared for. We won the game and I went to go and find Anita.

We were dancing, when the two guys from the night of the new moon, Chandler and Damien came up and started dancing with me. I was enjoying it, their hands roaming my body. They pulled Anita into the mix, and we started to make out.

I stopped dancing when the sweetest scent of caramel filled my nose. My second mate was here. I got excited and told them, the guys pouted but respected the mate pull/call.

Anita followed me as I pushed my way through the crowd, the scent was getting stronger, the more we walked away from the party. We got outside, finally, and I came to find Jeffrey standing next to another guy. He was handsome, tan, tall, lean and sexy.

He was wearing a black long sleeve fitted shirt with green pants and black shoes. He was leaning against a white and black Chevrolet Corvette.

The guy had a sexy smile on his face, as he looked me up and down. His smile dropped and I frowned at that.

“This is a joke right?” I looked at him like he grew two heads. What was that supposed to mean?

“What are you talking about?” Anita asked him, he looked disappointed that I was his mate.

“You’re cute but is that all I got to work with?” He said. Moon Goddess if this was a joke, it’s a pretty sick one.

“You’re a cocky son of a bitch, aren’t you?” I told him and he just laughed.

“Baby girl, I rather your friend over you. At least I can survive off her meat. Your little ass would starve me.” Well, I never!

“Baby boy, you’re a fucking idiot and I will treasure the time I won’t have to listen to your big ass ego. It will be the thing that kills me just by climbing over it and jumping to your IQ. So without delay, I, Scarlett Henry, of Red River Pack absolutely could not reject your ass any faster..” I stopped and he continued.

“I couldn’t agree more. I, Christian Alexander, Gamma of Forest Green Pack, accept your rejection.” I was expecting it to be painful but it wasn’t, it was just a small tug on my heart.

I might have played tough but on the inside, I was crying like a baby. A small group of pack members from my pack and another pack had surrounded us and I felt embarrassed. My mate didn’t give me a chance, he judged my appearance and hated what he saw.

Anita was ready to claw his eyes out but I just pulled her with me to go to my safe zone. We walked away, the crowd moving out of our way and we headed to the river.

She took a seat by a tree and I stood near the river bank staring up at the Moon, asking her to stop playing her heartless games with me. I set my gaze on the river, the moonlight reflected against the water and my shadow’s reflection could be seen against it. I was rejected twice. The pain of my first rejection coming back to me like a tsunami out for revenge. I didn’t bother removing my clothes I just dove into the water.

The water greeted me with its warmth, comforting me. I swam down until I felt I touch the ground and stayed under.

I cried, hard, screaming and holding onto my chest. The river washed away my tears and I kept crying. I had swallowed in water so I swam back up, reaching up to the surface and coughing out the water violently.

I let my body float along with the current, steering at the moon again. Somebody was having the time of their life watching me suffer. I hated how I was feeling. Unwanted, worthless, and clearly not enough junk in the trunk.

I heard splashes, the sound of people entering the water. When I looked up I saw that it was my sisters and Anita. My sisters all comfort me, and I knew then that I would be okay. They never came in the river, not once, so this meant a lot to me.

I cried as they continued to comfort me, we swam to the river bank, I sat in the middle as two of my sisters sat next to me and the other along with Anita in the back of me. We sat in silence, the only sound was the wind clashing against the trees, and the owls asking who was passing their homes.

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