Just Another Wolf Story

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JAWS Part 3

Being rejected twice just made me feel depressed and down about myself.

I pulled the covers back over me, taking my phone and blasting music until I fell asleep. I had spent an entire month, lock in my room. I would bath when I felt like I needed to, have dinner with my family and head right back up to my room.

My sisters where still here, each night they would all knock on my door, asking me to come out, so we could go out and enjoy life. But I would turn my music up louder and sit in my dark, depressing room.

I was doing my usual, laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling. When suddenly my door came falling off of the hinges. I screamed bloody murder, and the door laid broken in two pieces. My sister Sharlet mate, Alpha Donnie, peek his head in and giving me a shy smile.

“She made me do it.” He said, before sticking his head back out from the corner. My sisters, mom, and best friend came stomping into my room.

“Intervention!” they all yelled out. I covered my ears, kicking my way under my comforter.

“No! Go away!” I shouted at them. They yanked the comforter off of me and poured cold water on me. I screamed out, wiping the water off my face. Sharlet and Skyler held the now empty bucket with one hand and swinging it back and forth. I glared at them, and Sharline and Anita stepped forward with another bucket filled with water.

“It has been a month, and we left you to mop around until you could get it out of your system. Clearly, it’s not happening so; therefore, we are forced to help you move on.” My mother said, and I rolled my eyes and flopped down on my bed, covering my eyes with my left arm. They drowned me with cold water again.

“Will you guys stop that!” I shouted, and Sharien and my mother held another bucket.

“So what will it be, are you going to get up, or do you need another bucket of water?” My mom asked. Sharien began rocking back and forth with the bucket.

“I’m up!” I got out of my head holding up my hand and then huffed out. They all smile and began leaving my room. My mom handed Sharlet the bucket and said: “Clean this mess up before you come down.” I gapped like a fish at her. My room was perfectly clean before they came in like a wrecking ball. I sat on my bed, and again, I was drowned with water.

“Are you shitting me! Mom!”

“We thought she was going back to mop around in bed all day. It was just a reminder of what will happen.” Sharlet shouted out to our mom.

“And there will be more. Just test us.” I gave them the finger, and they laughed walking out my trashed room.

After cleaning my room and putting my bed out to dry, I went to Donnie and reprimanded his ass. He promised to get me a new door before the end of the day, Sharlet would be my payment to him. I went into the kitchen to find Anita eating my corn flakes. I glared at her as she stuffed a spoonful of cinnamon toast crunch in her mouth. I mind linked her saying I hope she choked on it.

My mom entered the room, giving me her happy go to smile. She gave me a big squeeze and a kiss before telling me to get a job and leaving to go to her job.

My oldest sister Sharlet punched me for no reason, before going to the fridge and grabbing an apple. My second oldest sister Sharline, hit the apple out of her hand, taking it as hers and eating it.

Skyler, the third oldest, jumped on my back and gave me kisses like a madman. I called for help, but no one helped me. Sharien, the one before me, join Skyler on her kissing attack.

“Happy to see you're finally done being pathetic,” Sharlet told me. Lovely sisters. I swear sometimes they had to be born as boys.

Sharlet and Sharline are the same age, no their not twins. My mother and father were just horny bunnies. Skyler and Sharien are a year and a half apart, and I’m the youngest.

When you hear our ages, you will know my mother and father, where truly horny creatures.

Sharlet and Sharline are 27, Skyler 25, Sharien 24, and me 22.

“Aren’t you guys supposed to be at work and living with your mates, why are you guys still here,” I said, Skyler was still on top of me.

“Because we heard our little sister got dumped and wanted to be here for her.” I rolled my eyes and pushed Skyler off of me.

“We’ve been here since the first dumping. Couldn’t leave you here without our love and support” Sharlet said, punching me again.

“Well, I’m fine now. Go away.” My sisters gave each other a look, and I began to get up already knowing that they had something plan for me.

I ran out of the house and down to go to my father’s job; they were chasing after me. Just as I got to my dad’s job, they all tackled me, two giving me wet willies and the other two licking my face. I called out for my father, and he came walking up, not helping me.

“No, don’t do that, leave your sister alone. Awell I tried, see you guys at home.” they got off me, and now I'm covered in their disgusting spit. EWWW!

When I got up, I saw that Anita was still there watching everything and eating her corn flakes.

“You could of have helped you know!”

“I was busy!” she said with a full mouth some of the milk leaving her mouth.

The next day I got up with new intentions, and my ruffian sisters attacked me again! Now I know for a fact that they had to be born as guys.

I went downstairs with my laptop in my hand, into the kitchen. Again Anita was eating my damn corn flakes; I hide them, how in the hell did she find them. We greeted one another, me more questioning her about my corn flakes and her just smiling sheepishly.

My sisters came down with their luggage and tackled me one last time. We said our goodbyes; they were heading back to their mates, Alpha Donnie needed to return to his pack. I was ad and happy, sad that they were leaving and glad I wouldn't be attacked anymore by the rowdy boys.

“So, what do you have planned for today?” Anita asked me.

“I’m thinking of getting a job,” I told her, grabbing a bowl for myself and my corn flakes. I went to the fridge to get the milk, to lift an empty carton of milk. I gave her a knowing look and smiled innocently.

I fought her for her bowl, but we only made a mess. I left her to clean it up and went to my laptop I that I had left on the dining table. I started typing up my resume, proofreading it before I printed it out.

When I was done I slip into a long sleeve dark green work shirt, a pair of jeans with black low heels. As I walked to the destinations I had in mind; I could hear the whispers from some of the pack members.

Come on people its been over a month. Some were saying, “Poor girl, rejected twice. She’s so brave to show her face again.” others were saying “Haha, here comes queen of rejection.” Awesome.

I delivered my resume to three places so far a bakery, the library, and a pet store. I was making my way into a small coffee shop when I bumped into Jeffrey. It just keeps getting better.

“Hey. in a bit of rush, aren’t we,” I told him.

“Yeah, well, I’m doing everything in the office on my own. The one class my beta had to take, and he didn’t, and Alley doesn’t want to work.” I giggled a bit and nodded my head a bit. Well, that’s what you get when your Luna is a mean person.

“Sucks to be you right now.” he nodded his head like a mad man. We were about to part ways when he turned around and called out for me.

“Scarlett, what are you doing?” he asked me, and I looked around like he was crazy.

“Getting coffee?” it came out more like a question. He rolled his eyes, shaking his head.

“I mean, are you working or what?”

“Oh! Uhm, no, not yet. I just came from giving out my resumes.” his smile widens, please don’t ask me too.

“Come work for me. I mean, I know your good at Business Management, and as your alpha, I say you gotta work for me.” I did say please, but I guess me saying please wasn’t enough. A job is a job, and I am over the rejection.

Just people in the pack kept staring at me for being rejected twice.

“Why the hell not. Sure.” He nodded his head for me to follow him, and I pointed at the coffee shop. He sighed out, and I went to get myself a latte before we went back to the pack house.

The office is cute, I guess. Simple. Retro if you must. I had to comment on it.

“No, disrespect, but your office looks... old?” I scrunch my nose, showing my distaste of it, and he laughed.

“Well, I didn’t change it as yet, didn’t have the time. My mom designed it. Not my taste.” I nodded in understanding and told him that he needed an office fit for an alpha.


Hey guys, hope you like the story so far. Let me know what you think, comment, and vote, and I happy readings.

I just thought of a funny. I really should have named this Just Another Wolf Story: BDSM Edition. Boy, oh boy, do I have something great coming ehehehhe.

Happy Reading!


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