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JAWS Part 4

We had started off breaking down the wall to pack house office, but then the floor plan kind of change, and we had to remodel the entire house.

It was now a mansion, the first floor is the main entrance, of course, living room, kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom, and bathroom. The second floor is where the former alpha and beta resides, along with four warriors. The third floor is where Jeffrey, Alex, Gideon, and myself live.

The top floor is where we have the largest level; it has a conference room to hold around 20 alpha’s, our office kitchen, waiting area, and our office.

It looks amazing. We added a staircase on the side of the house, so people do not have to walk inside the house. The waiting area held a three-piece leather sofa with a pressed wood table centerpiece and a matching filing cabinet/book showcase.

Beta Alex and I’s work station was in the center. We could see who came in and out, the waiting area and his office. His office was right behind of us, surrounded by glass, inside held an Italian modern executive desk.

We settled in the office; I got appointed the position of Delta. I never knew how big our pack was until I started working for him: so many compliments, so many donations. We had to expand into the city to make more income. Starting hotels, accounting firms, law firms, owning an airline.

It was well over a year, and some people still remembered me as the girl who got rejected twice. I became really good at ignoring them.

My wolf and I came to terms with what our fate looked like — a road of rejection. Twice rejected, no way there was gonna be a third time. That would be heartless Moon Goddess.

I bonded well with Beta Alex, Gamma Gideon, and Alpha Jeffrey. Chandler and Damien, they were my on-call fuck buddies. I did, however, favor Damien over Chandler all because Damien has better stamina then Chandler.

I had stepped into the office, returning from a meeting I had with a pack member, complaining about their noisy neighbors, and visiting the school playgrounds to talk to the kids about bullying.

I set my bags and folder down, Jeffrey and Gideon walked in, I later say that Damien was with them. We all greeted each other, and they went on into Jeffrey’s office, Damien winked at me. And I ran my tongue over my upper lip in response.

After about an hour, they came out, and Damien sat on my desk

“Thank you for taking a seat on the chairs we provided,” I said sarcastically, and he laughed at me. I poked his side.

“How about we go watch a football game tonight, and then head back to my place,” he asked me, folding his arms across his chest. I was about to answer, but Jeffrey butted in.

“Isn’t tonight a new moon?” he asked, and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Yeah, it is,” Gideon answered.

“Cool, what do ya say Scar-” Damien was cut off again.

“She can’t.” I rose an eyebrow.

“And why not?” I asked him. He didn’t reply. “Okaayy, Damien I’m down for it. What time is the game?” Jeffrey growled, and we all watched him like he was crazy.

“Dude chill out,” Gideon told him, he stormed out of the office, and we all stood there watching him. Weird.

I went with something simple and sexy. I wore a deep wine, v-neck loose fitted shirt, black choker, ripped jeans, and black timberlands.

Damien came for me at three, and we went to a football game. If you thought werewolves where violent, clearly you haven’t gone to a football game. He had explained me in short what they were to do and who was who.

“Come on, Sanders! Drive em down!” Damien boomed over the already loud crowd. I laughed at how he got riled up; he sat down. I shook my head.

“You need to calm down before you wolf out in front of all these people.” I couldn’t help the chuckles that were leaving me. He huffed, his team was playing with his emotions. After the game, we walked out of the stadium, to the ice cream truck parked out front. We were talking about random stuff.

We talked about if we were humans and caught in the wilderness who would be the first to go out of; Alex, Chandler, Gideon, Anita, Alley, myself and him. We thought for a second before replying: “Alley,” we both said at the same time.

We broke out in a laugh.

“So tell me, when you do find your mate, what do you think she would be like?” I asked him, taking a lick of my ice cream. Cookies and Cream with chocolate syrup, don't fuck around -_-.

“Hmm, well I do hope she is a freak like you.” He winked at me, and I giggled. “And I hope she is not like our Luna, lazy. In all actuality, I am like this close to asking you to be my mate, goddamn.” I lightly punched his arm and blushed at his words. “What about you do you see yourself finding a next mate,” he asked

I shook my head furiously. “Nope, no way, not happening. I mean a third rejection I’m not up for it. I can’t do it, and then I would be out to destroy the moon goddess for her evil games.” I chuckled at the last part. Please, moon goddess, do not forsake me.

He laughed, we made it to his car, and he opened my side for me, he got to his side of the car, and we drove out back to the packhouse.

“Come on. I am positive when you do find your next mate he will not reject you. Trust me. And if he does, I will not hesitate to make you mine.” he told me, briefly looking at me before setting his attention back on the road. I was full on blushing right now. “Beside Jeffrey was an asshole to let you go.” I chuckled, changing the conversation. We pulled up at his place, and my phone rang.

Jeffrey was calling me, and I sent it to voicemail. Damien let me in first, closing the door behind him. I took my shoes off, and I walked into his house looking around, my phone rang again, and I saw it was Jeffrey calling me. I set my phone on silences and then look at Damien who was making his way to me.

We started kissing, it was heated, and I moved my hands under his shirt, while he grips my waist. I removed his shirt, my eyes roaming his dark skin sculpted body, I bit my lips at the site of it.

He pulled my head back kissing my neck, sucking on my sensitive post and I moan out. He removed my shirt, relieving my white bra, he resumed his kisses, sucking on my skin. No doubt he left a hickey. He unbuttoned my pants, relieving my matching white lace underwear, as he pulled it down, he went down with it, I pulled my feet out. He kissed my thighs, grabbing my ass and slapping it. I gasped, and I bit my lips.

He stood up, my phone light up and he turned to it and back to me with a mischievous look on his face. He took it and put me over his shoulder, walking into his hallway and then his bedroom. He dropped me down, and I propped myself up on my elbows.

He handed me my phone telling me to answer it. I looked at him and took my phone to see it was Jeffrey again. I answered it.

“Yes, Alpha?” I said, Damien, smirked and kneeled in front of me, he slides my panties off and gently rubbed his finger over my clit. I bit my lips to suppress my moan.

“Why weren’t you answering me from before?”

“Because I am out on a date, what is it?” I asked him. I gasped when Damien ran his tongue over my clit.

“Are you okay? What happened?” I bit my lip again, feeling another gasp ready to leave my lips.

“I’m fine!” I squealed out, Damien sucked on my clit, and I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation.

“Okay, I need you to come-” I moaned out. Covering my mouth, Damien hit the spot, and he kept at it.

“Fuck!” I moaned out as I watch Damien sucked and fingered my pussy. “Shit, Jeffrey I have to call you back.”

“What’s going on, are you alright?” I didn’t get to answer him, Damien stuck his dick in me, and I moaned out in pure blissful pleasure. He fucked me, and I felt myself reaching my peek already.

“Jeffrey bye! Oh my god!” I shouted, I toss my phone aside, I don’t know if I ended the call. I took over putting him on his back as I rode his dick. Damien cursed and moaned, spanking my ass motivating me to keep going. His head jerked when I rolled my waist in a tic-toc motion.

I got off, removing the condom and sucking his dick, deep throating him. I gag on it, leaving my spit all over him, I brought my breast together and titty fucked him. I moved back and forth, between my mouth, and my breast.

He took over, setting me on all four. I looked back at him and watched as he sucked my pussy again, he then spat on my ass, and I grip the sheets. He put on another condom.

His tip pushed into my ass, and I bite on his sheets, gripping them tightly. It was painful but pleasurable, he took his time, pushing his long, thick-ish cock in me, giving me half of him. I breathed out, cursing up a storm.

He pulled out, spitting over my ass entrance and then entered me again. When I moaned out in pleasure, he picked up speed. Giving me all of him, I lifted myself to rest my back against his chest. I was moving up and down on his dick.

“Fucking amazing. I love fucking you.” Damien moaned, whispering in my ear, as his hand wrapped around my neck and the other gripped my waist. I held my ass cheek open and cried out in pleasure of my ass getting fucked.

He spanked me, and I started rubbing my clit. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” I squealed out, he pounded into me, and I came soon after he joined me.

I was the first to collapse on the bed; he went into his bathroom and discarded the condom. He spanked my ass again, and I bit my lip at the feeling. He turned me over and started leaving hickeys all over me; I was the first to fall asleep.

I woke up, my body sore for last night. A small ray of sunlight entered into his room, I nudge him, trying to wake him up and he responded with pulling me under him. He kissed on my neck, I gripped his dick, stroking it and he sucked on my neck, leaving another hickey.

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