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JAWS Part 5

When I got home, I went to take a shower, I got out and what I saw in the mirror had me in shock.

“I am going to kill him!” I shouted to no one in particular. Damien left a big hickey on the left side of my neck, two on the right side of my neck, and the valley between my breast had hickey’s, even above my breasts had two hickeys each. I had a hickey on the right side of my stomach and two on my ass cheeks.

I was a walking board of hickeys! He is so dead!

I had to go with a denim shirt, dark jeans, brown boot heels and a black scarf over my neck. When I got in the office, Jeffrey was there, and then I remember what happened and covered my face.

“Jeffrey I am so sorry, you caught in a bad time last night,” I said, embarrassed that he heard me over the phone. He smiled waving it off, and I thanked him. I went back to my desk, sorting through some papers.

Damien and Gideon came in and went to talk to Jeffrey. When they came out, I started beating Damien with a pile of papers I was holding.

“What was that for.” I stuck my eyes out, trying to tell him he knew exactly what he did! I moved the scarf from my neck, and he smiled proud of himself.

“Goddamn, Damien you a fucking vampire! Let me see.” I swatted Gideon’s hands away from my scarf, he kept trying to pull it away, and I kept slapping his hand away.

“I will beat your ass for this Damien,” I told him.

“And I would do it again.” he wiggled his eyebrows at me. Jeffrey growled, and we stop clearing out throats. I glared at Damien, and he still had that stupid panty-dropping smile on his face.

Later I met up with Anita for lunch; we decide to go to a cafe, just right outside of the pack grounds. We sat down, waiting for someone to come to take our order.

Alex, Gideon, Chandler, and Damien came walking in; they saw us and made their way toward us. They took another table and joined it with ours. Damien sat next to me, Alex sat next to Anita, and they started bickering.

We each held a different conversation, some cut across the table to the other but either than that it was fun. Someone finally came to take our order, soon enough waiter returned with our meals, and we all ate still talking in between each.


“How about a trip to the beach,” I told Anita. I had some vacation days coming up, and I missed going swimming I really needed it. I’m packing a suit for a hotel that I had already booked. I just needed to convince her.

“Ugh, you always chose somewhere where I have a high possibility of drowning!” She whined, pouting her lips to me. I pouted mines back, yes we are having a pouting competition. I won.

“Fine! But if I did, I am so hunting your ass.” I giggle and continue putting clothes in the bag.

VACATION TIME BITCHES! We checked in to Laguna Beach Inn. Once we got checked in and settle, we went around town, shopping here and there. We mostly did things that Anita wanted to do for three days straight.

We went to the casino, spa, salon, even did skydiving, rock climbing, and more shopping. Then we did things I like, the first thing we did was scuba diving, the underwater life is so beautiful here. And the guide, Trey, told us that came in a great time.

The next day we went parasailing, scariest shit I have ever done. Tonight we decide to go out and enjoy our last night here. My vacation was well spent, and I should have done some more swimming when I had the chance.

I took all my dirty close, putting them in the laundry basket and carrying them down to Ms. Dawnson; she is an omega.

“Hii Ms. Dawnson, you look so beautiful today,” I said with a wide smile. She narrowed her eyes and then laughed.

“Hi Scarlett, I will fold your clothes and put them away tomorrow, you will also have these back tomorrow,” she said, taking the basket from me.

“Ah, pshh… who said I that was what I was here for.”

“Because I know you and you hate folding clothes or washing them for that matter.” She stuck her tongue out at me, and I hugged her. I went to visit my mom and dad. I immediately regretted it. I walked in on them having sex in the kitchen! On the table that we eat family dinners!

Excuse me for a second I gotta vomit.

After watching all 5 Underworld’s and a few Saw movies, I no longer thought about the-you-know what incident.

Too afraid that if I closed my eyes, I would see them, I went to the office to catch up on some paperwork. Again I regretted it. I know it’s not a full moon, and I know I like it when people watch me have sex or whatever. But seriously!

I got to the office, wearing my short pants, long sleeve plain white shirt, and a grey cardigan sweater with flipflops. I opened the door to the office; the lights were already on. I figured one of the guys was working late.

Oh, he was working late, alright. I walked in, head in the phone, moaning caught my attention and I looked up to see, Jeffrey and Alley having sexy on my desk! Out of ALL the space in the office and they choose my desk. Before I got notice, I started taking steps back.

But when I looked back, Jeffrey was full on looking at me as he pounded into Alley. I opened my eyes wide that he caught, and that I was all of him. I just bolted out of there.

I am currently swimming in our river to afraid that I might walk in on someone else having sex.

The following day, I acted utterly normal by ignoring Jeffrey. I could not do it. I saw a lot of him. Part I wished I never saw. To get rid of it, I slept with Damien, that man has a body of a model. An I dick that can give you a mini heart attack.

Then I got a call from my sister Sharlet saying she is pregnant. I cried, no lies, I full on shredded some serious tears. There will be a mini version of her. Please understand that I am thrilled for her but terrified that she is making another her — my poor arms.


Hello beautiful people. I hope you all like this chapter and enjoying the book thus far.

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