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JAWS Part 6

“Scarlett, did you see the invitation from Forest Green Pack?” Alex asked me, today he was in the office filing papers.

“One sec,” I switched from my email to the linked one for the office. Forest Green is holding a mating ceremony for their Gamma and his gamma female. “Just saw it.”

“Are you going?” he said to me, standing at my desk. And I looked up at him with a raised brow.

“Why wouldn’t I go?”

“Because he was your mate.”


“The gamma?”

“I don’t think I follow you, Alex.” He stared at me in disbelief for a while, before his shocked face turned into a wide smile. I remember the asshole I dodged two years ago. I give no fucks about his life. So meh.

The ceremony would be held tonight so, everyone left early. Gideon stayed to watch over the pack, and it’s only customary that Alpha Jeffrey attends.

I went with a deep v neck white romper; I completed it with beige high heels. I walked out to the pack borders, meeting Anita there. If she came to my house, my food would disappear.

She looks stunning; she wore a dark purple dress, it had thick straps, low cut v-neckline, with strings in the front and on the side, the dress was floor length.

“Check you out sexy mama” I did a wolf whistle and she returned it. She bit her knuckles.

“Damn girl, white is most definitely your color. I wish I were a full-blown lesbian,” I laughed at her, and we got into the SUV that was waiting for us. It was an hour drive before we arrived at Forest Green Pack.

We showed our invitations, they granted us passage, and we drove another 20 minutes before we got to their pack ground. The driver pulled up at the pack house. We walked up to their beautiful mansion, the way the lights shone on it, it looked like it was made out of gold.

We went to pay our respect to Alpha Xavier and thanking him for the invite. We mingled with a few of Forest Green members; they were a few bitchy people for no reason. Beta Yusuf came up to Anita and I, “Are you ladies enjoy the party so far?” right off the back, I got the casanova vibe from him. He was taller than us, like 6’5, his tan skin went will with his red suit. His hair was long and braided in four single braids. Eagle tattoo on his neck. A deep smirk on his face.

“We are now,” Anita and I said at the same time. We bump shoulders and laughed. He licks his lips and smiled.

“Glad to hear that you are,” we spoke about something, but I wasn’t really listening, I was to busy watching the way his lips move. We laughed at his sometimes funny jokes, touching his shoulders, his wrist, his chest. Full on flirting with him.

He called over a waiter who was carrying flutes filled with champagne; we sat our empty flutes on it taken the filled ones. In my line of sight, I saw Damien, and he was looking at me with a look I couldn’t decipher. I excused myself and walked up to him.


“Hi, you look stunningly beautiful,” His eyes raked over me, but it’s not what I was used too.

“You look handsome as well. You okay?” He did look handsome, in his black suit and navy dress shirt. He stared into my eyes, and I think I figured out what was happening.

“You found your mate.” He looks away, and I followed his gaze, a group of girls where hugging an Asian girl in a very sexy red dress. I assume the Asian girl is his mate, it was confirmed when she looked at him, and her smile widened.

I need to ask her where she bought that dress.

I smiled. “Hey, you should be happy. You found your mate.” I shook his shoulders a bit; he gave a half smile. “Remember what you told me.” He nodded and looked at her again, then back at me.

“I hope you find someone that will make you happy Lettie,” I waved his comment off and hugged him. We pulled away, and I went back to where Anita was, looking back and giving him the thumbs up.

I won’t lie, kind of hurts and sucks that he found his mate. We had something good going, but he was not mine to claim. And I happy for him.

I caught up on the conversation with Yusuf and Anita. The music came to a halt, and everyone went quiet as we watch Gamma Christian and his mate walk down the stairs. When they descend, we raised our flutes, and then the music came back on, and everyone continued with what they were doing.

Alpha Xavier came into our small trio and started talking with us; he was a well laid back alpha once you did not disrespect him. Soon after Alpha Jeffrey joined us, he put his hand on my lower back, and I did not know what to make of it.

Gamma Christian came by us, bowing to the alpha’s, Anita rolled her eyes, and I kill him with kindness. “Thank you for coming. You ladies look beautiful,” Anita went to stick her middle finger up, and I held her hand.

“Thank you,” I said, I was already dealing with Jeffrey and his hands on my back, and to put Anita in the mix. One problem at a time. When I saw Alley, I could not have been any happier.

“Luna Alley, you look lovely tonight,” I said, and he dropped his hands from my back. One problem solved. But as always, somebody needs to throw gas to the flame.

“Oh Scarlett, I didn’t think you would show up,” she said with joy, really bitch. You need to get over it. Beta Alex had joined in, and now I just needed it to be a trio again.

“Why wouldn’t I come?” I shrugged my shoulders, killing her with kindness. I smiled, sweetly at her.

“I mean, because.. You know…” she looked at Gamma Christian, and Alpha Xavier rose his a brow.

“I don’t think I follow,” Anita and Alex stifled a laugh and I smiled.

“You got rejected by Gamma Christian…” she said, trying very hard to get a rise out of me. Not tonight, bitch.

“I’m sorry, my brother did what now?” Alpha Xavier said, his neck poking out of his suit. His eyes raked over my body slowly; a flash of lust caught his eyes but quickly disappeared.

“Ohh, that, meh. I got over it, when will you?” I asked her, and she was now pissed. Anita laughed, covering her mouth, and I kept my cool. She pulled Jeffrey away with her, and Alex filled his spot.

“My brother rejected you?” Alpha Xavier asked. Beta Yusuf smacked him in the back of the head, and Alpha Xavier did it right after.

“No big deal, I don’t lose sleep or pleasure over it,” I wiggle my eyebrows and take a sip of my drink. Alpha Xavier and Beta Yusuf smacked him on the back of the head again.

Moments later, we went out into their backyard, where a stage was set up for them. Gamma Christian claimed his mate, biting into her neck, giving her a lovely mark and she did the same. We mingled for a few and then went home.

I took a shower, putting on a red lace thong and a big shirt. I flopped down on my couch, turning on my tv, and watched an episode of Good Girls on Netflix. A knock came on my door, and I went to open it.

I was pushed up against my hallway wall, the mirror I had on the wall fell. He laid kisses on me, kissing my sweet spot. He lifted me, my legs wrapped around his waist.


Hey everyone, I know what you think. Come on not another mushy chapter, patients my eager readers.

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