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JAWS Part 7

******Warning this chapter contains sexual contents.******

He continued his assault on my sweet spot, my hands gripped the back of his neck, pulling him closer. He shut the door, walking into the living room, I’m happy that all the rooms in the house are soundproof, but that wouldn’t mean that my arousal won’t fill the air.

Damien rested me on the couch, taking off my skirt and taking my right breast in his mouth as he pinches and twists my left nipple. The slight pain was replaced with his thick, wet tongue, he did the same torture to my right, sending waves of pleasure to my core.

His hands trailed my waist stopping at my thong, he pulled it to side, sticking his finger into me, and another.

“Damien” I pleaded for so many reasons. I wanted him to stop, he found his mate, and this was so wrong. And the second reason, I wanted him to bring me to the edge of my climax. He trailed kisses on my stomach, reaching my floodgates. As his lips, his tongue and his fingers worked on my pussy, I through all right and wrongs out the door.

Part of me felt guilty, I knew this was wrong, I wanted to stop it, but it felt so fucking good. I arched my back when I felt him twirl his fingers in me. I dug my nails into his forearm that was holding me down, trailing my hand to his head and digging my nails into his scalp, bringing him closer to me.

“Damien, please.” I pleaded, he hooked his fingers into my pussy and started pounding his fingers into me, rubbing my clit roughly, I gripped my breast, squeezing hard, biting my lip to hold in my moans. It was proven useless. I climax, moaning his name out loud, rolling my hips as I rode out my high.

“Again!” I moaned out, whimpering, I needed another one. He answered my plea and hooked his finger in me again; his tongue did circles around my clit. His teeth nibble on it, quickly replacing it with sucking harshly on my clit, his fingers continued to pound into me, and I felt my peek raising. It got more intense when he kneaded my breast in the palm of his hand.

Fuck, Damien!” I was loud and so happy that the rooms are soundproof. I rode out my orgasm on his hand, he slaps my pussy, causing me to jerk a little and moan. When I finally came down off of it. I was breathing heavy, and I watched as he licked his fingers.

“Thank you for letting me taste you one last time.” He said as he sat down on the couch.

“Wh -what?” My breathing still rigid, and my brain was mush.

“Well, my mate, Akira, told me about her fling that she had back at her pack, and I told her about you. So we decide to have one last go at you guys but only oral.” I sat up, taking my shirt, and putting it on.

“One cool ass fucking mate.” I told him and he smiles wide, nodding his head and gazing out to nowhere, probably thinking of her.

“Most definitely,” he said, and I chuckled, he joined in. He stood up, and I gave him the bird. He winked at me as he walked out, closing the door behind him. I turned off the TV, getting up, taking my thong with me. I froze in my spot, one foot resting on the staircase.


Jeffrey stood there, at the top of the stairs, leaning lazily against the railings. Did he watch Damien and me having oral sex? More Damien then me. I gulp, not knowing what to say. I took another step, and he stood straight, his gaze, his eyes burning with lust, his left hand gripping the railings tightly.

“You should run.” His voice was deep, husky, dominate, and threatening. But I heeded his warning and sprinted to my room. Shutting the door quickly, locking it. My heart was pounding, vigorously against my rib cage.

One, Jeffrey fucking saw me and two he wanted to fuck me. His lustful eyes spoke so many volumes. I knew I was loud, but there was no way my moans caught the ears of anyone in the house. Then again, sex filled the air, and I didn’t think anyone would smell it, let alone, him of all people, stood there watching me getting eaten out by one of his pack members.

What was he doing out of his room at 3 in the morning? Maybe he wanted to go for a run but saw us. I am overthinking this. I shrugged it off and went to sleep, not thinking about it anymore.

At first, it was awkward talking to Jeffrey. He saw me fully naked. Hey, I guess it was payback from when I saw him having sex with Alley. Eventually, it got more comfortable, and then it went to normal. Forgetting the incident even happened.

A ceremony was held for Damien and his mate, also -fucking shocker -Anita and Alex took each other as mates! Those two hate one another guts, a pen could drop, and they would blame each other for it.

After the ceremony, I went up to my room and watched some TV while reading an erotica book. The story was so juicy. My pussy got wet, just reading the book. The more I read, the more my clit throb, begging to be fucked the way the guy was fucking the girl in the story.

Finally having enough, I shut the book, lock my door, and went into my closet getting my box of toys. I took out my vibrator, anal plug, my dildo. I laid them all out, reaching in my draw for body oil. I made it myself its a mix of lavender and coconut oil. Blissful.

I stripped my clothes off, rubbing my oil all over my body, kneading my breasts in between my fingers, I moved my hands slowly down the sides of my small figure, to my ass, spanking myself. My left hand played with my clit. My fingers worked to spread my floodgates open; I was already dripping wet. The nickname for my kitty lived up to its name. I laid flat on my back, pinching my clit, rubbing it. I squeezed my breast, rubbing my clit faster, taken my small bullet vibrator, and placing it against my clit. I jerked a little, the sensation sending butterflies in my stomach.

I took my dildo, slapping it against my pussy, I stuck it in me and biting my lips. I closed my eyes, as I return the vibrator to my clit and stroke the dildo in and out of me.

This feeling would feel so much better if the dildo was real and attached to a man. I moaned, rolling my hips, the sound of my wet pussy being stuffed by the rubber dildo, the vibrator buzzing, my moans pushing me towards my orgasm.

I could feel my juices running down to my ass. I pulled out the dildo, reaching in my draw for lub. I rubbed some on the plug, laying back down and putting my knees to my chest. My right hand rubbed my clit as my left worked on getting the dildo into my tight ass.

A knock came on my door, and I choose to ignore it. I pressed the plug against my ass, focusing on entering slowly into my ass. The fucking knocking on the door started to get louder, bringing me off of my peek. Pissed off that I am being interrupted, I tossed my plug aside.

I throw on my robe, swinging the door open with force. “What!” somebody in my family better be dying or on the brink of death and needs a transplant. There better be a serious fucking problem, I thought to myself as I stared angrily at Jeffrey.

“Rogues are attacking you need to escort the pack members to safety and defend the pack alongside the warriors.” Fuck me! They couldn’t wait until I was done pleasuring myself. Fucking rogues! Now I’m pissed off!

Hey guys, I know I promised that I would have posted a chapter for JAWS before I got lost in my mini vacation. But I got caught up in catching up with my friends. It feels like forever since I last saw them. I miss home.

Anyways! I hope you lick... I mean like, this chapter.

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