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JAWS Part 8

Hours turned into days, and days turned into months and months turned into years.

It’s been five years, and I am still an unmated Delta female. Part of me wants to find someone to mate with because my hands can only do so much. My toys sometimes bore me, and I crave more. I should probably stop reading erotic books, their actually the cause of my throbbing pussy.


Our dear beloved luna barely does her duties. Remorse says that she, her bitch Misty and Jeffrey have some crazy triangle. And he lets her be lazy like he doesn’t give a shit about her. She abandons her duties, pushing it off to either me, Alex or Gideon; mostly me. The pack members are starting to dislike; they only respect her because of our Jeffrey.

Like right now, she is supposed to be helping Ms. Nickles deliver her newborn twin pups. Oh my. Gag. I’m okay. Gag.

“Just a few more pushes.” I try my best not to let my discomfort show. Don’t gag, don’t gag. OMG. Do not vomit over this pregnant woman unborn child! Seeing this is disgusting. How are we able to open so freaking wide. Goddess help me, help her.

“One big push!” Oh goodness. Ms. Nickels pushed, and her first pup head came out, I adjusted the position of the pup so his shoulder can slide out. The first pup came out, covered in blood and goo. I handed the pup to the nurse and went on to help the other pup out.

Just as the last one was coming out, it had the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. I quickly untangled it and cut the umbilical cord. The baby boy wasn’t breathing so we had to attend to him very quickly. Once he started screaming, for no reason. Like we just saved your life and here you are shouting at us. We cleaned him up and gave him to his mother.

“Thank you, Scarlett, thank you.” I nodded my head; bad idea. I ran to the trash bin and vomited. I heard oh’s and snickering. Honestly never want to do that again. Ever.

Birth is a beautiful thing, once I do not see it!

Akira had brought spicy shrimp cob for me. Oh, yeah that’s right, we're cool like that, her cooking is amazing. I love that woman. Sadly, I could not eat my cob. I blame Ms. Nickles.

I took small bites of my cob, trying not to bring up it up. I looked through my emails, responding to some of our managers about their daily reports. Then I opened one from Greeks Moon Pack.

Alpha Owen personally sent it himself, and I shivered. Even though I have never met the man, he manages to send a shiver through my body. From what I overheard Misty say, Alpha Owen, is deadly gorgeous, even though he has a cold expression. And from what Gideon says he is deadly in fights.

Alpha Jeffrey Tucus,

I hereby inform you that I am now the alpha of Vancouver Pack and would like to buy a piece of your land, to extend the pack grounds a little more. I will make my offer from now; 500,000 dollars for a portion of your estate. Contact me, and we can sit down and talk about it further.

Attached you find a layout of the landscape.

Alpha Owen Carty.

I opened the photo, and it was a bit unclear, so I left to check it out. I talk to Gideon, being that he studies in the field of architecture. Part of the land has a cliff with a waterfall. We followed it back to a natural spring. How the hell did we not know about this, we basically shrug this part of the land off. That’s for sure.

I headed back to the office and replied to Alpha Owen; “Dear Alpha Owen, On behalf of our alpha, I think a price renegotiation is in order. We are more than willing to give you the acres that you ask for but not for 500,000 dollars. Also would like to discuss your new position. Delta Scarlett Henry.”

Within minutes of sending it, he replied; “Delta Henry, I’m assuming you discussed this with your alpha, and I will in the future.”

“I will, once you agree to that a price will be negotiation, and that can be agreed upon.”

“Good, I would like to continue this conversation in person. Which will need to be held at my pack in Holland.”

“Let me talk with my alpha, and I will let you know when we can travel.”

“Looking forward to hearing from you. Good day, Delta Henry.”

Later in the day, Jeffrey finally came to the office, and we discussed the property and value of it. We also discussed the crazy mystery to our neighboring pack; Vancouver pack.

I typed in the email and told him that we were available for Thursday. We also had to book a flight a day before. A trip to Holland would take a day for us to reach.

The day arrived for the meeting, and for some reason I was nervous, I tried my best to shake it off. But I kept getting nervous. I packed a weeks worth of clothes; two swimsuit, three evening dresses, jeans, sweaters, boots, and some work outfits. Of course, I had my essentials; waxing kit, make-up kit, which had only lipstick, eyeliner and mascara, and my hair kit and bathroom essentials.

For the trip, I went with an off the shoulder mustard sweater, dark navy jeans, and high heel boots. When we would land in Holland, I would change into my white work shirt, beige skirt, and beige and gold heels.

It was myself, Jeffrey, Beta Alex, Gamma Gideon, and four warriors. Jeffrey put his father in charge until we returned. Just as we got in the car Alley and Misty came out, each dragging a big suitcase behind them.

I look at Gideon confused as to why she was walking with two suitcases, he had the same expression as I did. Where the hell does she thinks she’s going and what the fuck is Misty doing here.

“Oh silly me, I forgot about the meeting, and I couldn’t pack light.” she breathed out, and she was holding her hellhound. “Let’s go, oh and Misty is coming with us.” She told her mate, not even talking about it.

I argued not to be in the same car with her because of my allergies. So once change vehicles Jeffrey, Alley, and Misty got into the Hyundai Santa Fe XL, along with three warriors. The rest of us and suitcases got into the SUV.

I would have guessed that Chandler and Damien would come, but Jeffrey changed them both at the last minute.

We started driving, making our way to the airport. I held random conversations with Alex and Gideon. The two of them could be such clowns.

I went back to listening to William Singe; he made a cover on his song. Beautiful. I just wanted to cry. I wanted him to be my boo if this wasn’t a book — Que the drool.

“We could stay up all night. Up all night, up all night.” I close my eyes, picturing myself being dominated by this song. “Tonight there ain’t no sleeping when I jump into the deep end..” I hummed the rest of the lyrics looking out of the window, bobbing my head to the music.

We got to the airport strip field, and before anyone got out, I shouted shotgun on the plane's bedroom. Everyone got settled in, not before waiting for Alley to get her hellhound, fur shredding, bastard of a cat.

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