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Marry the person who is the reason for her father's death and lost innocence or a complete stranger? What do you think she will choose? The story contains domestic abuse, broken trust, love struggle, and explicit intimate scenes. Not for under 18.

Erotica / Drama
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Prologue and Characters

She was so thin and malnourished that handling her was a joke to that person. So, he loosened his grip on her mouth and was about to throw her to the half-naked Harriot when she said.

"Please, please please please........." She kept on ranting while hiccuping.

"Please what?" He asked in a very deep voice while giving a small light bite on her cheek tasting her tears.

"Leave me..." She said in a very hoarse voice while sobbing and breaking into tears. That person tight his grip on her waist. A little bit too much. Like he wanted to crush her with just his one hand. She grunted in so much pain while her hands came forward to grab his hand to make him lose his grip.

She was still pinching or pulling his hand to get lose from that savage grip when he threw her to the Harriot in the very next moment.

Harriot who was always intoxicated by her soft Auburn hair fisted her hair more savagely and drag her to the barn while cried in excruciating pain, shaking in fear of what was going to happen.

That Seb guy stripped out of his clothes while the man with the leather jacket was standing near the door of the barn house. A gasp left her mouth when Harriot threw her on the heaps. She found him sliding down her sleeve. In just two seconds he tore her thin sleeve from her left shoulder and sank his teeth on her flesh.

Her two arms came forward to her chest in a reflex. In an attempt to make a much-needed barrier in between him and her. But the moment his bite got savage she screamed. "Help!!!"


Sydney Brown is gonna be 18 in a few days. But her birthday is a nightmare for her. She will be wedded to a 49-year-old man on her birthday. Though she is not a maid, she works like one. Her life is no secret. Everyone knows about her incident. An incident that made her an outcast.

Noah Miller, 26, is one of the richest in States. Runs a billion-dollar tech company but soon going to be inherited Miller Enterprise making him the sole influential person in the region. Not very social. Treasures his privacy most. And calculative in his ways but nowadays he is on a road trip. Each town is somehow connected to Miller Enterprise. Every girl in those towns is crazy about his arrival and gonna wear their best dress.

Seems like a love story? Think again.


I know there are a lot of characters. But just know that they are only in the starting chapters. Soon, the story only revolve around Sydney and Noah.

Sydney Brown. MC

Charlie Brown... Father of Sydney.

Jennifer Brown...... Her stepmom

Addison Brown...... Her stepsister.

Caleb Wilson.......Addison's BF

Mr. Wilson........ Caleb's Father.

Mr. Tim Wilson...Caleb's Uncle and Sherrif

Mr. Arthur Hunt... The richest in the town, Huntsville Also Sydney's abuser. And Wilson's best friend.

Mr. James Hunt...Mrs. Brown's Lover.

Mr. Harriot Cobe... Arthur's friend.

Mr. Patrick.....The Doctor and owner of the hospital.

Mr. Oliver Blake. (Owns Sydney's second home)

Mrs. Isabella Blake...Blake's wife and Hunt's beloved sister.

Maria Blake

Rose Blake

Sarah Blake

Witches of Blake family....oops daughters of Blake family.

Abigail.... Maid of Blake family.

Peter and Ben......Servants of the Blake family.

Noah Miller. MC

Carol Nicholas..... His cousin.

Mr. Nicholas...... Carol's husband.

Michael........Noah's driver.

Jasper...... Noah's Loyal servant

Lucifer..... The villain.

Seb..... Lucifer's assistant

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