Fierce Devotion

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In the wake of Mercy's mysterious illness, Henry must prove to her his undying devotion. (Book Three in the 'Fierce Novella Series'.) The third installment of the "Fierce" novella series. Summary: The family returns home from their year in the States only to have to face another challenge. Henry and Mercy are set to leave for a two week long solo vacation, but Mercy's declining health has all three husbands on high alert. Plagued with mysterious pains and fevers for months, Mercy stubbornly refuses to see a doctor. She is determined not to let her health keep her from her alone time with Henry. Henry knows there's something his wife is keeping from him. When pressed by him to confess, the secret she revels has the potential to turn their entire world upside down. He must now prove his undying devotion. Told in Henry's POV Warning: Contains spoilers for 'Our Love in an Unforgiving World'. If you have not yet read it, please check it out before reading this or read the spoiler summary provided in Book 1. Enjoy! Book 1: Fierce Protection & Book 2: Fierce Jealousy available now!

Erotica / Romance
Clarity Townsend
Age Rating:

Home Sweet Home

"Dear? Is your bag packed yet?" I call upstairs to Mercy.

"Just about!" she calls back down.

We've been home about two weeks from our time in the US. The children started school last week. Even our little Tristan started Kindergarten this year.

It feels good to be back in our own home after a year in the States. Although, early in our stay there, Mercy and Aiden ran into some trouble, the rest of our time went rather smoothly.

We spent the last few months traveling around the US, Mexico, and the Bahamas as a family. The children absolutely flipped when we took them to Disney World.

The look on Tristan's face when he met Mickey Mouse for the first time was priceless. It was a fabulous time. We've always been reluctant to take them out of Sweden, as they don't like the attention we get from the paparazzi and strangers, but they became less timid after being exposed to it in the States.

We agreed while we were away, we would take vacations alone with Mercy, every so often. Alex, Aiden, and I came to the agreement I would be the first to take Mercy away on vacation. As I've gotten the least time alone with her over the years.

"Baby, can you give me my B-vitamin injection? I hate doing it myself," Mercy asks me.

"Sure, Kitten. Give it here." I take the needle from her and inject it into her arm.

"Thanks!" She gives me a quick kiss before running back upstairs.

For the better part of a year now, Mercy has been complaining of fatigue, muscle pain, and she's been running random fevers. She's yet to see anyone for testing. Only seeing a masseuse and acupuncturist while we were away. Promising she'd see Sigrid, Alex's mother, when we returned to Sweden. She still hasn't gone.

They gave her these B12 and B6 injections. It seems to help some, but it's odd because sometimes she's completely fine and others she's in so much pain she can barely move.

"Hey, what time do you guys leave tomorrow?" Alex asks, coming in from the garden.

"Our flight leaves at 10 AM. We have to be at the airport at around half past 8," I reply.

"Is she ready to go?"

"Well, she says she is, but we both know that means nothing."

"Ha, ha, you're damn right! I'm going with Aiden to pick up the kids from school. Afterwards, we're taking them for ice cream before we come home. Don't tell Mercy."

"Don't tell Mercy what?" she asks, walking up behind Alex.

"That I secretly eat Nutella. I know you think it's trash," Alex says, telling a horribly ridiculous lie.

"Uh-huh." She looks at us suspiciously. "Anyway, I need help closing one of my luggage pieces. Who wants to do the honors?"

"I'd love to, you sexy little thing, but Aiden and I are off to pick up the kids from school. Now, kiss me so I can go."

Alex slightly bends down to kiss Mercy. I still remember when I would fantasize about snapping their necks when they'd kiss her. Those first few months when Mercy and I first gave it a go where rough, to put it mildly.

I was really unfair to her. To all of them. I was the newcomer, but in my heart, she was mine. I hated sharing her at first. I knew though, I either had to share her or live without her, and the latter was not an option.

I didn't understand how Aiden and Alex did it so easily. How they didn't want to kill each other. I felt when she kissed one of them, it was because she didn't want me or she loved me less somehow. They were the competition. She needed to love me the most.

I finally came to realize, that isn't the way Mercy loves. She doesn't love us more or less. She loves us differently and for different reasons. We all give her something she can't get from the other two. Something, that to her, makes us special.

She and I have always had a fun and flirty relationship. A lot of times we connect because we're the same age, whereas Alex and Aiden are significantly older than us.

We grew up liking the same things, we're both adventurous and thrill-seeking. I think what she loved most about me, was how much I loved her and how much I was willing to give up because of my love for her.

If things wouldn't have changed with my family, I would have walked away from them forever. Without regret. Mercy is my wife. She became my family instantly. There wasn't anything I wouldn't give up for her. She's given me so much in return.

She gave me my little boy, Tristan, and in the process gave up her ability to have any more children. She even almost gave her life for him. That day is etched into my memory forever. I know, if given the choice between her life and his, she would have gladly given her life for him.

She's a fantastic, loving, and dedicated mum to our children. While Gwen and Liam may not be mine biologically, I'm so grateful for them. I love them no differently than Tristan. I bonded to them immediately. Nothing filled my heart with more joy than when they called me 'Dad' for the first time.

Aiden comes in from the front of the house. "Are ready to go, Alex?"

"Yup, I'm coming. See you two later."

Mercy and I wave goodbye. We hear them pull out of the drive. Joyce and her boyfriend are out on a day trip. So, we're alone.

"Come on, help me with this dumb suitcase." I follow her up the stairs.

I'm reminded of the first day we met. Following her up the stairs in her villa in France. She was a vision. I had been in love with her since I was fifteen, or at least in love with the thought of her. This was a rare instance where reality was even better than fantasy.

I remember wanting to throw her down on the bed the moment I saw the blush rush across her cheeks. She was so beautiful. Not that she isn't still beautiful, on the contrary, she's more beautiful today than she was then.

We reach the top of the stairs and I've already worked myself into a frenzy with my thoughts. I pick her up without a word.

"Henry? What are you doing?" she squeals.

I get to her bedroom, kicking the door closed behind me. Just in case.

I set her down near the bed. She looks at me with doe-like eyes, her hands reaching up to caress my face.

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" she asks.

"I think you did just this morning, but if you wanted to tell me again, I wouldn't be angry about it," I reply, smiling down at her.

Her lips hover close to mine. I can feel the moist breath from her slightly parted lips.

"Henry," she begins, "I love you absolutely more today and now than I did when I first met you, and even since this morning. My love for you grows every second of every day we're together."

"God..." Is all I can say before my mouth comes down over hers.

I'm so hungry for her. Her lips are so full, soft, and sweet. I can't get enough of them. Her hands run through my hair, lightly tugging. She knows what that does to me.

She falls back onto the bed. I lift her further on, reaching underneath her and squeezing her beautiful ass. I never considered myself an ass man, but hers is a bloody thing of poetry. The perfectly smooth, roundness, guides my eyes to the pronounced sway of her back and up to her elegant neck.

Everything about her screams sex. Her breasts are perky but full. The way her tiny waist cinches then flairs into her wide, rounded, soft hips, is deliciously feminine. Her full, shapely thighs. Christ, those thighs... I could spend my life buried between those lovely thighs.

Her hard nipples protrude through her t-shirt. I make short work of freeing them to the cool room air. My mouth comes down over her caramel mounds. Her sun-kissed skin glows and feels hot under my tongue.

She moans. Her hips grind up against mine, begging me to fill her. She grabs the hem of my shirt tugging it upward. I help her pull it off and she tosses it aside. Our panting breath is the only sound you can hear.

She reaches into the elastic waistband of my jogging pants and grabs my throbbing cock in her warm, soft hand.

"You're driving me crazy," I growl into her neck as she gently strokes me.

"Then what are you waiting for?" she whispers in my ear.

Ah, there's my sex kitten.

I lose the rest of my clothing, trailing kisses down her abdomen till I reach the hem of her shorts. I hook my thumbs in them and tug them off.

I don't even need to test her to know she's ready to go. She's always ready for me. I slide into her with ease. Her walls stretching to accommodate my size. The woman takes care of herself. She keeps everything pristine, that includes her sweet, delicious cunt.

Three children and she's still tight and firm. Is it any wonder why I'm a jealous man when it comes to her? I want no one, other than Alex and Aiden, thinking they can have what's mine. This body underneath me, it's mine. Not even in their thoughts can they take it from me.

As she rolls her hips up against my every thrust, I can't help thinking about how amazing it is to make love to her. Perhaps before her, I was a bit of a cad. With my fair share of experience with women, I can say with some certainty she is the best fuck, I've ever had. April wasn't lying. She's incredible.

She gives as much as she takes. She never just static, never a passive partner in our lovemaking. She moves against me, getting the most pleasure out of every single movement.

We find a rhythm, and for a while, our bodies move to a pace that's neither fast nor slow. She pushes me closer, closer, to the edge.

Her hands pull me into her, our stomachs touch as I continue to grind into her deeply. I grip her thighs with my hands, every thrust expelling another rush of her sweet nectar. My cock is swimming in her juices.

I feel the pressure building as she moans near my ear, it's music. She gently claws at my back. I brace myself against the wall and drive into her hard. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Her walls clench tightly around me, signaling her release. I come with her, her orgasm milking my cock of every last drop of my seed.

I collapse on top of her, taking her face in both my hands and kissing her. Our sweat-slicked bodies still connected, her pussy throbs gently on me. I push in sporadically, causing her to whimper every time.

I smile into her mouth.

"You're so bad." She smiles back.

"You wouldn't have me any other way," I reply.

Her skin is on fire. It prickles with chills as I lay on top of her. At first, I don't pay it much mind. I figure it was the exertion, the sex. But the more I feel her, the longer we lay there, skin to skin, the more I worry.

She's abnormally warm. I touch her forehead and cheeks with the back of my hand.

"Love, I think you have a fever," I say.

"No, I'm fine," she says, brushing it off as she always does.

I get up and go to her bathroom. Her thermometer lies out on her bathroom counter from constant use. Anticipating her needing medication, I grab fever reducer and a glass of water.

By the time I get back to her, she's shivering, her teeth chatter. I pull the blankets up and over her, slipping the thermometer into her mouth. Fifteen seconds later it beeps. The beeping is that of an abnormally high reading.

I remove it from her mouth and sure enough; she has a temperature of almost a hundred and two. She's already falling asleep.

"No, no, love. No sleeping until you take this medicine. Come on."

I help her sit up. She takes the two pills and swallows them with a sip of water, immediately melting back into bed afterwards. I crawl into bed behind her. Holding her tightly, I pray I feel her body cool soon.

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