Surrender To Me (Book One)

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Chapter 11: Amazing

Later in the evening, Jackson and I attend a party at the mayor’s house. Things are humming along as they ordinarily do at these sorts of functions. An extravagant residence, finished to the nines, is all lit up and shiny for the big shindig. Lots of wealthy, influential people mingle as they talk about breaking business deals and simple, and some not so simple, day-to-day interests.

Jackson insisted that I buy a new dress for the occasion. I called on Mandy for help and she came through in a big way. She found a simple sheath dress, solid black, finished out in black sequins. It’s understated and elegant and it looks way more expensive than it is, but it suits my tastes and needs perfectly. When it’s time to leave the house, Jackson tells me how beautiful I look. Well, his exact words are, “Ellie, you look good enough to ravish.” They’re the same thing, more or less, but his words are certainly more evocative.

We attend the party on Dawes’ business, of course. We’ve been here for quite some time, and by now, it’s long past dark outside. I am bored out of my mind, so I go on the hunt of Jackson and find him in a huddle with the mayor and three other men, only one of which I recognize. I stand for a moment and watch the group of powerful city players.

Jackson gives the appearance of listening to the others with a well-timed nod or an appropriate hand gesture. However, I perceive he’s not actively engaged with them on any genuine level. Jackson seems distracted, but it’s possible he’s simply as bored as I am. At any rate, his companions seem to be unaware and unaffected by Jackson’s actual inattentiveness.

I walk up to my husband and place my hand against the sleeve of his jacket. He takes a step back and bends over so he can hear me above the noise of the string quartet and conversing attendees. “Jackson, can you come take a walk with me?” I ask quietly.

He steps back over to the group of men and states, “I’m sorry, gentlemen. If you’ll excuse me, I’m needed elsewhere.” Jackson’s companions each give a departing nod.

I feel incredibly empowered as Jackson turns and takes my elbow. My husband just blew off the mayor and a bunch of his cronies so he can take a walk with me. I find so much pleasure in the simple things of life.

Jackson pulls me next to him and leans over to whisper in my ear, “Where are we going, Ellie?”

I’m anxious to share my reason for shanghaiing him. “Before we came to the party this evening, I discovered that the mayor has a maze on his property. They’ve always intrigued me and I’ve always wanted to walk through one, but I’ve always been scared to try on my own. Besides, I’ve never really had the opportunity until now.”

Instantly, Jackson expresses a huge smile. Intuitively, I know what he’s about to ask me. “Why are you scared of mazes, Ellie?” Jackson asks, sincerely surprised. “They’re just some shrubs and pathways.” His smile broadens and deepens in size. Now, he’s prepared to have some fun at my expense.

I utterly disregard Jackson’s condescending demeanor and say with brutal honesty, “I’m afraid I’ll get lost and never find my way out,” I answer him like it’s the most reasonable thing in the world to be scared of mazes; like a person is abnormal in their psychological makeup if they aren’t scared of mazes.

Jackson chuckles at me. “Ellie, you can’t be serious!”

“I’m quite serious, thank you very much,” I tell him as I give him my best ‘you’d better be good to me if you know what’s good for you’ look. I pause for a second then continue.
“Thanks so much for laughing at me for my insecurities,” I add as I playfully smack his arm as it hangs next to me. “I’m pretty sure you’ve got insecurities lurking somewhere within that psyche of yours. You’re simply better at hiding them than I am, that’s all,” I remind him.

I swallow my pride because this walk through the maze is something I really want for several reasons. Mr. Corporate doesn’t know he’s about to blow it. “Anyway, I’m hoping you’ll walk me through it.”

Jackson smiles sweetly and seems delighted that I’ve asked for his help. “Sure thing,” he says as he captures my hand within his own. “Let’s go.”

We set our largely ignored champagne flutes on a nearby table and Jackson escorts me from the room. We exit through a wall of French doors that head west from the house. The maze is obvious, and the entrance is easy to find. I’m as excited as a school girl who’s playing hooky for the day. I’m eager to discover the adventure that lies before me.

Jackson has my hand and leads me forward as we twist and turn our way toward the center of the puzzle. The hedges are high and impeccably maintained. There’s no way to see over them, through them or under them. The thought of getting lost among them sends a cold chill up my spine. In just a few moments, though, we arrive at the center of the maze where we find a lovely fountain with waters that shimmer under the light of the full moon. It’s an incredibly romantic setting and certainly worth the trouble of finding.

The fountain is flanked on the east and west sides by two arches that are supported by massive stone columns. The arches themselves are covered in wisteria and ooze old world charm and beauty. I walk over to the fountain, sit myself on its perimeter and slip my shoes off so I can dip my toes in the crisp water. I look at Jackson to find him watching me with a satisfied, but distant, smile upon his face.

Jackson is here, but he’s no longer with me. Once again, something has sidelined his attention. He was fine at lunch today, but now, some detail of great weight sits heavily on his mind. He’s mentioned nothing else, so I assume it’s Dawes’ business.

“Oh, Jackson, isn’t this just beautiful?” I marvel. “It has such an antiquated and romantic charm about it.”

Jackson slightly nods his agreement. “Actually, it is very, very nice. I’ve been at the mayor’s mansion many times and had no idea this was part of his estate.”

Jackson’s answer to my question is spot on with regards to the words he chooses, but the delivery of his words reveals a genuine absorption in something other than our conversation.

Jackson is so distracted that it surprises me when he continues, “I suppose it’s not in my nature to seek out the romantic spots in life.”

“That’s what you have me for,” I remind him. Jackson seems truly pleased that I’m happy with my awesome discovery.

I withdraw my toes from the water and walk over to Jackson in my bare feet. My agenda in coming to this maze is two-fold, but I had no idea I’d be swimming against the adversarial current of preoccupation. I’ve got to get Jackson’s mind off his problems and onto me.

“You know,” I say to him as I snuggle up next to his hard, virile body, “I really appreciate you bringing me here. I couldn’t have come otherwise, and I’d have missed out on what I consider a real treat for the romantic and curious sides of my nature. Another opportunity will probably never present itself.”

“I’m happy to do it for you,” he smiles, bends at the waist, and kisses me on the lips. It is a brief kiss, not meant to evoke passion, but it’s sweet and sincere by nature.

Next, Jackson makes me an offer. It’s not the offer I’m looking for, but it’s an offer just the same. “Ellie, I’d be happy to build you a maze, if you’d like one. You can make it as large as you want, configure it in any design that appeals to you, or even Ellie-ize it by making the hedges of some flowering or blooming plant. Maybe you’d like to try something that smells really nice.”

How incredibly thoughtful of him. That’s my sweet man for you. “No, Jackson,” I refuse him politely, “that’s not necessary. However, I am enjoying this one very much. Thank you.”

I take hold of Jackson’s hand and lead him over to the low wall that rims the quaint little fountain. I want to be at eye level with Jackson, so I step up on the rim of the ornate water feature. I take the lapels of his tux in my hands and pull him toward me.

“You know, there’s generally a gesture involved when I say I appreciate something. Do you know that about me, Jackson?” I ask suggestively.

Jackson furrows his brow indicating that he’s thinking very hard on my question.

After a brief pause, Jackson admits, “Well, now that you mention it, I’m not sure I was aware of that aspect of your personality. It’s good to know, though. Do you have any particular gesture have in mind?”

Jackson is talking to me, but he’s not really paying much attention.

What is it with him tonight?

In an all-out attempt to get a better hold on Jackson’s attention I pull him closer and whisper into his ear, “I’m not wearing any panties.”

I realize that, in the scheme of things, I haven’t known Jackson for very long, but this is the first time I’ve caught him off guard and rendered him speechless. He recovers quickly, though. The look of surprise is instantaneously replaced with one of fascination. Without taking his eyes off mine he places his warm gentle hands on my thighs and follows the curve of my legs up to my behind.

Instantly, I can tell he’s very pleased that he’s verified my claim. “Ellie, are you sure about this?” Jackson thinks I’m being impulsive so he’s trying to determine if my behavior is something I’ll later regret.

He’s protecting me.

I shrug and act indifferent, but I say quietly, “I’m feeling awfully grateful right now. Someone has done something especially nice for me and, personally, I think it would be a shame to waste all that gratitude. Don’t you?”

Jackson still stands with his hands on my bottom. My dress is hiked up and is resting against the tops of his hands. He looks intensely into my eyes and I feel his grip on me tighten. Suddenly, his arms move me toward him with determined urgency. He takes my lips with his and kisses me with one of those hard, searing kisses that makes me wet instantly.

By now, I’m way past my insecurities with regards to the union of our bodies. Jackson is my husband and I didn’t bring him here so I could be cheated out of our union by bashfulness. “Jackson, I want you right here, right now. Can I have you?”

I can tell by his incomplete composure Jackson’s still not sure if I’m serious. I believe him to be weighing the joy of our little tryst against the risk of getting caught. The fallout would be really embarrassing for both of us, but what’s life without some living? It’s not like we’re cheating on spouses we left at home.

“Oh, Ellie,” he moans as he nuzzles his forehead against mine. “What’s happened to my quiet, modest little wife?”

I lean close and whisper into his ear, “I left her at home tonight!” My silly, honest answer is all the encouragement he needs.

“Now,” he growls hungrily, “I’m the one who’s grateful!” My laughter rings through the night air.

Now, his hands knead my backside. His large warm fingers massage my butt cheeks and pull my body closer into his abdomen. Without looking, I’m certain his erection is straining against the front of his pants. I can’t wait to meet the full force of all that virility.

He works his hands up my back, caressing and possessing me, taking my dress with him as he goes. In no time, my dress is skyward and all of me, but for my shoulders, is bared before him. While holding my arms behind me over my head he transfers his passionate kisses from my lips to my breasts. First one, then the other, receives tender kisses, then nips that sting and then suckles that soothe the stings away.

I lean heavily against him and let the attention he lavishes on my bosom carry me to the point of short raspy breaths. He takes my nipple in his teeth and tugs on it, stretching my breast away from my body. I back away from him slightly, increasing the stress imposed upon it. His refusal to release it sends shards of electricity through my groin.

“Jackson!” I whisper breathlessly, “I’m not sure I can wait much longer!”

“Oh, that’s too bad, sweetheart because you have to wait until I’m ready to take you,” comes his steady, seemingly unaffected reply. Soon, though, the intensity of his own desire encourages concession from him. “So, you think you’re ready for me, Ellie?”

I moan into the side of his neck, “Jackson, I was born ready for you.”

“Let’s check and see, shall we?” Before his intentions can penetrate the stupor of my needy mind, his hand slides up the inside of my thigh and his fingers find the opening of my femininity. My need of him opens my legs further, allowing him full access.

“Oh, dear God!” I cry out. It’s in this instant that my legs give way beneath me and I come down hard on Jackson’s hand. The pressure is immediate, powerful and incredibly

pleasant. I can’t help but moan. His arm takes hold of me around my waist. “I’ve got you, Ellie. I won’t let you fall.” His voice is so steady, strong and honest. When he speaks to me like this, treats me like this, he coaxes more trust from me and my longing for him only increases. He picks me up and carries me to where the hedge of the maze meets the stone column which lies farthest from the residence.

Jackson carefully stands me back on my feet while I look around me in disappointment. My tone reflects my sadness as I say, “Jackson, I’m afraid we might have a problem.”

“Trust me, Ellie, there’s no problem we can’t overcome,” he says reassuringly. “Out of curiosity, though, to what problem are you referring?”

“Well,” I utter as I wander about, “I thought there would be a bench of some sort to aid us, but it looks like we’ll have to make do with the ground.”

Jackson takes a quick look around and says, “No wife of mine is going to climax on someone’s lawn.”

“That is such a sweet sentiment, but I hard…”

He puts his forefinger to my lips, indicating that he wants me quiet. I comply. I’m very curious to see what he’s going to do next.

“Ellie, I’ve got this.” Adding emphasis to his question Jackson raises his eyebrows at me, “Do you trust me, sweetheart?”

Without hesitation, I reply, “Always, Jackson.”

He pulls me to him again and I can feel the bulging manly planes of his body. His virility takes my breath away.

Jackson’s breathing is ragged, and he whispers to me hoarsely, “I want you, Ellie. I want you in the worst way. I’m afraid this is going to be messy.”

“No need for it to be,” I reply. “I came prepared. I told you we’d always have to use protection. Location doesn’t negate that. Besides, I knew we’d be in dress clothes and we’d need to keep the mess to a minimum, so I brought condoms.”

Jackson does a double take. Incredulous, he asks, “You what?”

“Yeah, I’ve planned on this for several days and I wanted to be ready.”

Jackson utters his surprise, “Oh, Ellie, you are amazing.”

“Thanks for noticing.” I giggle, but I’m still dying to find out how we’re going to make this work without lying on the ground.

Jackson’s voice takes on an even huskier edge. “Come closer to me, Ellie,” he commands. I obey and walk forward so he can take my hand. My obedience pulls forth one of his award-winning smiles. He draws me up next to him. “Now, pull your dress up over your hips.” Again, I do as he tells me, still viciously curious about how all this is going to work. His voice is hoarse with need as he says, “Now, open your legs for me, Ellie. Let me have you.”

He’s commandeered my heart, and now, he seeks to commandeer my mind and body. So, of course, I obey and spread my legs slightly. With incredible swiftness Jackson claims the back of my head with his left hand. With his right hand he reaches between my legs and grabs my bottom from behind. He forcefully pulls my groin toward him. Heat surges through me.

Jackson’s fingers find my opening so swiftly that I gasp. I try to hold onto my breath. I try to prevent it from leaving me, but I fail miserably. His fingers forge my wetness and bring lubrication forward to my clit. His contact his gentle, but incredibly firm and urgent. I’m already so aroused it takes a moment for me to rest comfortably against the pressure to which he subjects me.

I stand in front of Jackson without hope of composure or gracefulness. My squirming body is at his mercy. My eyes close as I attempt to focus on the stimulation and not my own awkwardness.

Jackson recognizes the instant my discomfort passes, and my body willingly accepts the intense pressure. He quickly produces a steady rhythm against my nub. I can no longer stand unaided. My body gives into the stimulus he provides, and I fall forward, convulsing against him. I straddle his arm as his fingers mercilessly work my clit. Faster and harder, faster and harder, he rubs. My brain can’t keep up with him, but my body is certainly in sync with his aggressive attention.

I reach out for Jackson, searching for an anchor to steady my stance. Jackson takes my right hand in his left. I finally manage to entwine the fingers of my left hand in the sleeve of his tuxedo coat. I’m literally a convulsing, gasping mess and I’m holding on to him for all I’m worth. My entire body is rigid with tension. My lungs have forgotten their purpose in life and have left me stranded without air. I’m pretty sure Jackson isn’t really lifting me off the ground, or maybe he is. At any rate, I feel like I’m flying.

Too late, I recognize what’s coming. Too long, it takes me to find my voice, but I try just the same. “Jackson…! We need to st…” Jackson recognizes the start of my climax and puts more pressure on my clit as he rubs faster and bears harder against it. He whispers into my ear “That’s it, Ellie. Come for me. Ride what I can do for you sweetheart.”

Ripples of pleasure course throughout me as my legs and back release the tension they’ve collected during Jackson’s loving assault. I hang from his arm breathless and spent waiting for the residual waves to finish. Somehow, he knows exactly when to relieve the stimulation before my orgasm returns to discomfort. He stands me up and makes sure I have my balance.

As badly as I wanted his attention, I grieve that I missed being astride Jackson as my climax hit. Jackson cradles my face and kisses me over and over. At some point, though, he realizes my face is moist beyond the sweat sheen of my come.

He pulls away from me. A look of confusion and concern fill his gaze. “Ellie, honey, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

I’m so ashamed to admit it, but I woman up and tell him just the same. “Jackson, I’m so sorry. I climaxed and I’ve messed this all up. I wanted us to come together.”

For some reason, relief pours into his eyes and he kisses me senseless.

“Ellie, you’re so hard on yourself. You came because I wanted you to. I insisted that you come on my terms. I wouldn’t have stopped if you’d asked me. It was way too important.”

Incredulity saturates my tone as I ask, “Important for what?”

“It’s important because we’re so not done here.”

Now, I’m the one who looks confused. Jackson smiles at me and shakes his head. He loves it when I lose my wits over him.

I hold on to Jackson because my legs are still shaky from my climax. Without any hint of what he’s up to, Jackson pulls me in front of him and backs me up against the stone column. He

reaches between my legs, places a hand on the inside of each thigh and spreads me wide open before him. The surprise of his motion makes me gasp. With the sheer strength of his upper

body Jackson lifts me into the air while holding me close against the stone wall with the pressure of his own torso.

Already, I can tell my body has turned the corner from discomfort to arousal. It’s a definite turn on to be handled in such a manly way.

“Jackson, please take me and put my body out of its misery.”

“No, Ellie. I’m not taking you like this. You deserve better.”

“Jackson, you are better. Please fix this. I don’t want to wait. It hurts too badly. I have to feel you inside me. I ache for you,” I say in a voice that comes close to being whiny.

He showers my face with a flurry of tender kisses. “Shhhh, Ellie, soon, very soon, I’m just giving you a chance to recover from your climax. I can’t have you all wobbly for what I have planned.”

By now, Jackson stands in front of me, each of my thighs rest in one of his hands and he’s lifted me so that our faces are level. He watches my reaction as he demonstrates that he can open and close my legs as he pleases. My eyes grow wide with surprise and no doubt reflect my fascination with what he’s accomplished. He opens me wide, short of the point of discomfort, leans into my crotch and reaches up to my lips with his. He gives me a searing inescapable kiss. I moan all the way to my toes. At this point, I know there’s no hope of ever collecting my good sense. My desire for him has grown past the point of being sated. But I still desperately want him to try.

Suddenly, without any hint of a change in altitude, Jackson lifts me higher up the wall. Now my head is high over him and my pelvis is at the same level as his mouth. He opens my legs as wide as they’ll go, uses his nose to push my dress out of his way, and brings his mouth to my flesh.

I can feel his hot breath on my delicate skin. I began to panic and my body rapidly tenses. “No, Jackson, I don’t want or….”

“I know, sweetheart, I’ll respect your wishes. I just want to play with you for a moment. May I, please?”

I’m too stunned to respond to him. My mind is reeling, trying to reach a compromise with my body.

Jackson prompts me. “Ellie, do you trust me?”

I take a deep breath. “I’m not so sure right now, Jackson.” This level of vulnerability is making my brain reconsider my choice to trust him in the first place. My sweaty, aching body, however, indicates it will gladly take whatever Jackson decides to offer it.

I’m as serious as I can be, but Jackson finds me humorous and chuckles at me. “What happened to always, Ellie?”

Now, he’s using my own words against me.

“Let me play with you, sweetheart. Let me show you something you’ll really enjoy. Please? I’ll be good. I’ll earn your trust, I promise.”

Each spoken word washes Jackson’s warm breath over my pelvic region. I’m about done for anyway, so what does it matter? I cave like the needy coward I am. “Yes, Jackson, you can have your way with me, but you also know my boundaries.”

I can hear him smile.

“I understand, Ellie.”

Playtime begins. Jackson places his head dead center of my groin and begins nipping at the front of my body with his teeth. Over and over his teeth bite and release me. There’s nothing at all painful about it. It’s a new and invigorating sensation. Then, while he bites me, he begins to flag my legs in and out. He moves them repeatedly, opening them as wide as they’ll go, testing the boundaries of my flexibility, eliciting a variety of audible responses from me, none of which, I’m ashamed to say, are very ladylike.

The sensation of being forced open before him melts my mind. With every opening I can feel the stretch of my labia. They’re developing an ache all their own. This new level of vulnerability deepens the ache in my body. It’s never occurred to me that relinquishing control like this could be so intoxicating.

Dear God, help me!

Suddenly, the nipping ceases and I suddenly feel Jackson’s warm breath directly on my labia. The effect of this direct heat is far different from the residual warmth of his earlier words. The humid air penetrates every pore of my opening and stresses my capacity for patience to the breaking point. Over and over, he widens my opening and sends humid heat up into me. I can’t help but throw my head from side to side as I moan in ecstasy. I place my hands on my own thighs and do my best to thrust towards Jackson’s steam. I have this primal urge to bear down on something, but I have nothing to fill me. Once my crotch is saturated with the humidity he offers, I tell him sternly, “Jackson, I can’t take this! Either plant yourself inside me or put me down.”

Jackson is unaffected by my bossiness. “I told you Ellie, it’s not time for you to come yet. I’m not finished playing with you. I’ve got you ready for the next step, though” comes his steady reply.

Dear God, there’s more?

True to his promise, Jackson very gently and carefully lowers me to the ground. My stupid knees won’t cooperate, so I stumble. Jackson catches me and kisses me tenderly. I find my voice, “Jackson, if your objective was to make me less shaky, then you’ve failed miserably.”

Jackson turns to face me and bends to my level so he can look me in the eye. “Ellie, when I see how you respond to me, how you can’t help but give yourself over to me, you are the sexiest, most desirable person in this world. It thrills me that I can make you dance to the desires of your own body. It thrills me that I can do this for you. I love that we connect in such a primal way. You make me feel extremely virile and sexy. I ache so badly for you I’m about to split in two.”

“Well, I guess, it’s good to know I’m not in this by myself. But if you’re so torn in two, how do you manage to stay so composed?”

Jackson says matter-of-factly, “Ellie, sweetheart, somebody has to be in charge.”

Jackson cradles my face again. Tender, loving kisses flutter across the features of my face. Jackson gets down on one knee, encourages me to kneel before him and arches my shoulders and upper back backward over his left thigh. Now, searing blinding kisses assault me. There’s nothing gentle about them. They demand a response and my body gladly obliges. The heat from my lower body reaches breast level. Jackson places his hand up under my dress and finds my aroused nipple. He kneads and tugs on it until I stifle a scream, rolling off his leg, away from him, putting distance between us. My groin is on fire and I hurt so badly I want to cry.

Jackson holds his hand out to me. “Come here, Ellie, you’ve finally convinced me that you’re at your breaking point. What do you say we take care of you?”

I stand before him a quivering mess. I’m not above begging. My need is crippling me. I’ve never wanted anything so badly in my life.

Shaking involuntarily, I fall forward onto my knees. Jackson retrieves me and sees the tears pooling in my eyes. He tries to kiss me, but I pull away from him, afraid to trust him any further. I’m at war with my own body.

My mind doesn’t like the game he’s playing, but my body can’t refuse the heat he brings, and it won’t let me ignore him. “Please, Jackson, please sate me,” I beg. “For the love of God, I hurt so badly! You’ve got to fix this.”

“Of course, sweetheart, I didn’t bring you all this way to disappoint you. Don’t fight me, Ellie. Let me take care of you. In order to sate you, though, I need the condom.”

I look up at him, surprise shining in my eyes. Mentally, I try to smack the debilitating need out of my head. Is he finally going to appease me? Is his game over? Is he finally going to let me avail myself of his masculinity?

I retrieve my purse and return to Jackson who pulls me in for another one of those kisses that makes my knees forget how to work properly. I manage to pull the condom from my purse and hand it to him. I step aside and give him room to work. I’m trembling too badly to be of assistance anyway. My groin continues to convulse, twitching of its own accord, making its demands.

Jackson has created within me an ache that has a mind of its own. It makes standing difficult. It makes cohesive thought impossible. I know nothing, but the consuming need for his virility to be planted deep within me.

Jackson removes his dinner jacket, pulls his shirt free from his pants and unbuttons it, exposing the flat bronze planes of his chest. His chest is a work of art and I love looking at him, especially when his nipples are taut and perfect. He unzips his fly and unleashes his hardened penis. It appears as if he’s been honest with me regarding his own need. Semen drips from the end of his arousal. He sheaths himself with the condom and looks at me with incredible longing in his gaze. Other than the words he said to me, the look I see in his eyes is the first indication that he’s in this with me.

Maybe, I am more than a toy? Maybe this is going to work, after all.

Jackson backs up to one of the large stone columns. He slides his body down the column until he’s squatting in what he evidently determines to be the most advantageous position. Jackson slams his heels into the ground repeatedly on each side as he moves earth to make a pocket for the heel of his shoes. He wants a solid stance from which to push.

I walk over so that I’m standing in front of him, my mouth agape in awe and wonder.

Maybe this won’t work after all.

“Jackson,” I exclaim, “this isn’t even possible, is it?”

“Sure, it is,” Jackson answers confidently. “I’ve got a three-point stance, plenty of strength and all the motivation in the world. I have to take care of my wife. She’s convinced she needs me in the worst way.” He shrugs his large shoulders and says, “It’s just simple physics.”

Really? I’m pretty sure I failed physics. I’m not sure about any of this. “Jackson, what if I break you? This isn’t worth you getting hurt.”

Jackson throws away his chuckle and laughs outright at me. “Ellie, you can’t possibly hurt me. You’re not big enough to hurt me,” comes his solid reply.

I start to back away from him, but he finds my hand and stops me. He sees my concern for him shining in my eyes. He rubs circles into the back of my hand with his thumb.

“Listen to me, Ellie. The reason I train so hard in the gym is so my body is ready to give me what I need from it. Strength and stamina are what I train for. They’re what this situation calls for. It’s a perfect fit. I can honestly say that this particular need has never entered my mind, but this is the cherry on top. This is what makes all those grueling workouts worth it.

I can do this, Ellie. I promise you.”

I shake my head at him. “I can’t, Jackson. I just can’t. I’m too heavy. If I harm you over an orgasm, I’ll never forgive myself.”

“Ellie?” The circles on the back of my hand continue, “When I want you somewhere, don’t I just pick you up and put you there? Didn’t I just prove to you that I can hold you in midair and have you at my mercy?”

Resignedly, I nod my head at him. I mean when he’s right, he’s right.

“Did I hurt myself?” I shake my head at him.

“Did I hurt you?” I shake my head at him.

“Did I drop you or make you feel unsafe?”

“No, to be honest, I was busy thinking of other things and it never even occurred to me that I could fall.”

“Ellie, my legs are 2 to 3 times the size of my arms. My abdomen is nearly the same diameter as my two legs combined. See where I’m headed with this?”

Jackson finishes with his words. He pulls me against his chest and kisses me ardently as he kneads my nipple through my dress. I am so weak and useless. In no time he has me writhing against my need. I’ve got to have him inside me. I’m ready to beg again when he stands me up and guides me into position between his legs.

Jackson commandeers my obedience by keeping eye contact with me the entire time. In an even, authoritative tone he tells me, “Pull up your dress, Ellie.”

I’m not at all sure about this, but, nervously, I obey.

Jackson’s expectation becomes audible. “Open up for me, Ellie,” Stealthily, he slides his fingers into me while I gasp and tremble. I know he simply enjoys playing with me and I know he wants to be sure assured I’m moist enough to accept him. I’m not sure how it would be possible to be dry when I’m this needy. Although, I suppose it’s possible my fear over what’s about to happen has distracted me enough to affect my lubrication. Jackson, however, seems satisfied with my readiness.

Now, another command comes to my ears. “Mount me, Ellie.”

I’m afraid to trust him in blind faith. I am afraid he might be hurt, which would be catastrophic, but I guess I’m also concerned about disappointing him. He’s done all of this for me, so I’d be ready to experience so I can experience this amazing orgasm with him. What if I let him down? What if I can’t perform the way he needs me to? What if my fear gets in the way of what Jackson and my body want from me?

Somewhere in the back of my mind comes the realization that worrying about this is getting me nowhere. Bottom line, it doesn’t really matter what my mind says because my body is screaming at me. If I don’t feel his erection inside me soon, I’m going to stroke out from sexual frustration. So, again, I concede and obey what he tells me to do.

I’m awkward and clumsy, partly out of fear and partly because I’m a klutz, but I place my bare bottom on Jackson’s left thigh and throw my left leg over his torso. The muscles in his thigh are flexed and huge, ready to accept my weight. His leg doesn’t seem to be under undue stress. Jackson helps me balance while I center myself before him. Now, my weight is equally distributed across his body. With his hands on my thighs, he holds me in place while I get my bearings.

I brace myself on Jackson’s thighs and scoot myself forward as far as possible. Jackson aligns himself with my core opening, putting the tip of his arousal at my opening. He puts his hands on my hips and forcefully pulls me forward the length of his shaft. Simultaneously, we groan in agonizing pleasure.

Finally, the presence I’ve been aching for occupies the space between my legs, the space deep inside me. Simultaneously, my entire body tingles as I sigh in pleasure. I close my eyes and squirm hard on Jackson’s arousal, fitting myself to his frame. I want to be as close to his body as possible. The pressure and firmness cause tears to seep from my eyes. Jackson belongs here and he feels so good.

Jackson is the only man who could create this kind of need in me and he’s the only man who can care for my need like this. I take a few seconds to revel in the fullness he provides. When I open my eyes, I find Jackson watching me.

“You okay, sweetheart?” I nod my head weakly, but affirmatively. Jackson grins at me and says, “See, I told you this would work.” He’s so pleased with himself. “Okay, Ellie, are you ready?”

He notices my hesitation. He pulls my chin up so that I look him in the eye. “Ellie, stop worrying, right now,” he says sternly. “I want you to concentrate on the pleasure and just enjoy me, okay? Enjoy what I can do for you. Concentrate on the pressure of me inside you.”

“Okay,” I reply weakly. Jackson’s presence inside me addresses my aching hunger, but even so, doubt about all of this and concern for his safety are trying desperately to make me sick.

While gauging my comfort level Jackson returns his hands to my hips and begins to thrust, slowly at first. In spite of my emotional and logistical misgivings, my body decides to agree with Jackson on this one. Wow, what a surprise!

With each of his thrusts my femininity opens slightly wider and I accept more of Jackson within myself. Tears seep down my cheeks. The fullness of his girth reaches and touches every pore of my need. A half dozen more efforts by Jackson and, I swear, I can feel him in my throat all the way from the opposite end of my body. The pressure is mind blowing.

My feet dangle uselessly. Jackson accepts the weight of my entire body in addition to his own. With each thrust of his groin he bears down on my hips with his hands so as to make the most of our contact. I’m sitting astride my husband riding him like the massive, sumptuous stud he is.

After several more thrusts, my head finally catches up to where Jackson and my body have been all along. Suddenly, I get the urge to feel his hard, sweaty abs. I run my hands over the washboard and feel the large tight muscles as they tackle the task Jackson’s set before them. My eyes roam up his abdomen to his flat hairless chest. It occurs to me that his nipples are in desperate need of attention.

I bend toward him so I can nip them with my teeth. Jackson surges forward into me with renewed effort and intensity. I kiss and run my tongue across his chest to the other nipple.

“Ellie!” he moans, but my attention is hijacked by the firmness of his thighs beneath my bottom. For some reason, I’m fascinated that this man, the man I love, can provide for me in this manner, simply because he didn’t want me climaxing on the grass.

He wanted better for me.

I have to experience as much of this as possible. I feel my body tensing, building toward my climax, but I have a little while yet, and I want to feel his thighs as they labor. Leaving one hand to tend to his nipples, I place the other behind me on his right thigh. As best as I can, I turn to look at his leg. My hand and eyes find massive iron bands constricting and flexing beneath me.

I know Jackson is strong, but to experience his brute force like this is fascinating and intoxicating. His sheer physical strength is like a hammer beating away my doubt and insecurities. I could never have imagined he was capable of a feat like this unencumbered, let alone with me astride him as additional weight. I now understand what he meant when he told me to enjoy him. He wants me to explore and appreciate his virility in a whole new way.

I move my other hand to his left thigh and find the same remarkable machine at work. Suddenly, the cogs in my brain click into place. This is really happening. Jackson is making good on his word. I look back to Jackson’s face and find him watching me.

“You okay, Ellie?” he asks.

“Jackson, I’m more than okay. You really are doing this, aren’t you?” I ask, breathless from surprise and awe.

“Told you I had this,” Jackson admonishes me.

I nod my head in agreement, sheepish about ever having doubted him.

“Ellie, are you ready to come for me?”

He’s been waiting for me to accept him as my provider.

“Yes, Jackson,” I reply with new appreciation for another amazing quality I’ve discovered about my husband and a lasting conviction that this is going to work. “I am ready now, Jackson. Bring me home.”

I rest my hands against Jackson’s throbbing abs, just hard enough to steady myself through the rhythmic motion of our bodies. Feeling the powerful cords of his abs wax and wane beneath my hands adds tremendously to my pleasure. I’m in awe of his sheer power. It exhilarates me. I sync my girly muscle to the rhythm of his thrusts and lean in closer to him so that my breasts are next to his lips. This changes the direction of our union and increases the pressure of his shaft against my insides. I want the contact between us as tight as possible.

Jackson’s thrusts come harder, moving me higher into the air as I ride him. The thrusts come faster as his need is about to be met. I close my eyes, simply live in the instant, and enjoy my husband as he consumes me. Far too soon, a shallow sheen of sweat erupts to cover the length of my body. My leg and back muscles constrict, and I feel my femininity tighten around Jackson’s shaft. An electrical charge originates where Jackson’s shaft meets my insides. It turns to lightning as it spreads throughout my body growing stronger and stronger, reaching throughout my extremities. I cover my mouth to stifle my scream as euphoria is breached. Now that my sexual energy is spent, I collapse against Jackson’s chest and wait for my body to recover.

Two more thrusts and Jackson’s body lifts me even higher into the air. I can feel the hilt of his penis as it assaults my pelvic bone. His orgasm is like mine, in that it is the best we’ve achieved together since we married. He screams through gritted teeth. Jackson’s verbal release is a primal sound, one that resonates within me because I played a part in his pleasure. I gave him the chance to prove his strength to me, to prove his desire for me. I know now, if I’d refused to trust him, even out of concern for his safety, I’d have caused him great pain. We’d have missed the emotional connection we’ve experienced today.

Dear God, thank you for this incredible man. Thank you that this life doesn’t get any better than what we’ve accomplished here tonight.

Jackson brings his thrusting to a halt. There’s no longer any need. The needs have all been met. When I open my eyes, he’s smiling up at me. He reminds me of a little boy who’s managed to swipe a forbidden cookie. He offers me his hand and helps me with my balance as I dismount him. Jackson slowly lowers himself to the ground, completely and understandably spent.

He’s still breathing hard, but his first concern is for me. He reaches up for my hand. When we make contact he asks, “Ellie, honey, are you ok?”

I smile at him, one of my best ever, shake my head in disbelief and tell him, “Jackson, I’ve never been more ok in my entire life.” As amazing as the orgasms have been, for me, equally amazing is learning just how strong and tender my husband is.

“Really? Best ever?” he asks sincerely hopeful.

“Bar none.” I assure him. “You are a phenomenal lover, Jackson. I’ve never known such things were possible.”

“Well, I was kind of showing off for you, Ellie. You doubted I could do this for you and I had to prove that I could.”

I shake my head as understanding takes hold. “You mean all that intermediate thrusting was your gift to me while I figured out you could make good on your promise?”

“Absolutely,” Jackson states emphatically. “I can’t have my girl doubting my sexual prowess, now, can I?”

“Well, you’ve made your point. I’ll never doubt your sexual prowess again. I promise.”

“Mission accomplished,” he says smiling as he squeezes my fingers within his own.

I sit on the ground beside him and retrieve the filled condom. He was right about the size of the mess.

“What are we going to do with that?” Jackson asks. “I don’t want to leave it in the mayor’s yard.”

“Oh, I brought a baggie with me so we can take it home and dispose of it there,” I reply like it’s what anyone would do. I retrieve the baggie and a few napkins, which I hand to Jackson.

“Are you serious?” Jackson asks, disbelievingly. He takes the napkins and cleans his body.

“Now, who’s doubting who?” I query as I deposit the condom and the soiled napkins in the baggie and slip it all back into my purse.

“You know, you’re right,” he concedes. “Sorry, about that.”

“Can you walk yet?” I ask him.

“I can do anything you need me to do,” he says as he gives me his wiliest grin and winks at me.

Amazingly, Jackson stands and pulls me to him. I can’t believe he’s recovered so quickly from his remarkable efforts. His shirt is still open, even in the moon light, the sweaty effects of his efforts shine on his bare skin. He kisses me with the kind of kiss that’s saved for only me. “Ellie you are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and anytime you want to demonstrate your gratitude, you just let me know, ok?”

Sheepishly, I smile at him.

“What exactly does that smile mean?”

“Well, when I offered to show you my gratitude, I expected a quick five-or-ten-minute romp, not a major tutorial on lovemaking.”

“Well, if you’ve got your heart set on a ten-minute romp, let’s get started.” Mischievousness shines from his eyes.

I dart away from him, out of his reach, knowing he can easily catch me if he wants. “Thanks, anyway, but I’m good.”

“You have no idea how good you are,” Jackson agrees, smiling back at me. This time, though it’s adoration that’s evident in his gaze.

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