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Surrender To Each Other (Book Two)

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The saga of Jackson and Ellie continues. Ellie strives to honor her promise to God, but Jackson battles his own demons, often unsuccessfully. Through seemingly random and unrelated events, another force reaches deeper into Jackson's and Ellie's lives in its effort to exploit Jackson's pain and bring about the end of their marriage. Ellie holds desperately to her faith as she fights overwhelming odds and darkness to salvage her relationship with her new husband. Interestingly enough, voices of reason and solidarity arise from unexpected, yet welcome, sources. Are these sources of enough help to allow Ellie the time and strength she needs to hold on and wait for God? Or, will Ellie deflect ownership of her deplorable circumstances and blame the One she claims to love, the One who warned her away from marrying Jackson in the first place? Will the faith Ellie's placed in Jackson prove justifiable or will Jackson ultimately refuse to step up and be the man for which marriage calls ?

Erotica / Drama
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