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Some clever smut for you horny adults. Taking his hands he hovers over my pussy and before he touches it he says. “Actually, I want you to touch yourself. In front of me,” he smirks. I roll my eyes. So he wants to tease me. Well two can play that game. I start circling my clit and making sounds. He watches me very intently, his hazel eyes darkening by the second. “Oh yes.” I rub my clit faster and enter my pussy, picking up the pace. As I do this I look at him straight in the eye. My oragsm takes longer to unfold but when it finally does I am a shaking mess. I cum all over my fingers. “Want a taste?” Xavier steps towards me and grabs my hand, sucking on my finger and rolling his tongue around it. Taking out my finger he says “Delicious.” I blush and look down.

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Walk In By My Crush

Hannah’s POV

It was a harsh day at University and I was trudging back to my room. Days like these were meant to end with some self satisfaction. So I took some clean underwear, white panties and a plain white bra and my towel, and padded to the bathroom for a nice warm bath.

The warm water rushed from the tap and filled the bath tub. I stripped off my skirt and T shirt to be left in my naked state and plopped in a bath bomb. The blue colour oozed and mixed in with the water exotically and I jumped in.

I cleaned myself up and let myself relax in the water for a while. I jumped out and put on my underwear and walked to my bed. My roommate, Macy was not here. She’s never here anyway, might as well have some fun with myself.

I sat on the back of my bed and placed a pillow behind me for support. Rubbing my bra clad breasts, I cupped them in my small hands. My breasts were a size D and I guess they attracted most of the male species attention but they could never catch Xavier’s attention. No matter how hard I tried, I guess he would never see me in that way. He was a tall guy with a muscular physique. He was at University on a sports scholarship and nothing can beat a guy good at sport. He has full lips and exquisite green eyes that are so intense, it’s hard to look away.

Imagining Xavier in front of me I unclasp my bra and squeeze my nipples hard. I jiggle my boobs and lick my nipples. I guess you could say I was flexible. I slowly spread my legs out wide, bending them at the knees and teased my clit over my white panties. A whimper escapes my lips and I look straight at my imaginary Xavier. I circle my pussy and roll my hips. I couldn’t take any more of the teasing so I slipped my fingers under my panties and touched the lining of my pussy. I was wet. So wet for him.

I wanted him so bad. I wanted him to kiss me, tease me and finally take me. Take me anywhere, anytime. I just wanted him inside me. He probably had a huge cock. Huge enough to satisfy the both of us with my tight little pussy.

I touch my clit and rub it clockwise then anticlockwise, slowly. I am killing myself with the anticipation but I don’t want to orgasm that quickly. Taking no more I buck my hips from the bed and arch my back as I moan. I go faster this time and enter my pussy with one finger, pulsing in and out at quick motions.


“Oh. Ah. Yes. Xavier.”

I orgasm. I cum all over my finger, smiling wickedly.

Xavier’s POV

A hard day at University once again. Coach was going hard on us and I really needed some time for myself. I was walking to Macy’s room to drop off her book that she gave me for literature, when I heard some moaning from the opposite side of the door. Smirking I open the door to be surprised by a semi naked body on a bed. Her black hair covered the side of her face. Her body however was beautiful. Long tanned legs, round breasts perfect for my size. She was in the middle of masturbating when I hear.


“Oh. Ah. Yes. Xavier.”

I am so turned on. This girl is screaming MY name. MY name. What even. Who is she?

I clear my throat but she’s busy doing herself. I step inside the room and lock the door.

She finally orgasms as seen by her shaking legs and dreamy smile. She is on cloud nine but I can make her feel even better. I wondered what her reaction would be. She turned to face me and her face turns red. She starts screaming at the top of her lungs. I quickly go over to her and cover her mouth. She bites down on my hand and I yelp.

“What are you doing here?” She tries covering herself up with the sheets but nothing can make me forget her body.

“Making your dream into reality, baby.”

I climb on top of her and slowly peel the sheet off her petite body. She is utterly speechless and her frames really give an effect to her almond shaped brown eyes. I imagine the way her eyes would look up at me while she would suck on my cock. Oh god.

“Get out of my room you pervert.”

“You’re the one moaning my name, baby girl.”

At this she flushed red making her cheeks rosy red.

“Let me make you feel even more better.” I cup her cheek and pull her closer and smash my lips against her pink ones. With my free hands I trailed my fingers down her neck, over her collarbone and she gasped. I took that opportunity and involved my tongue in the kiss. Our tongues danced with so much passion. She pushed me away but before she could take a word out of her useful mouth, I crashed my lips on hers. Our lips moulded together in the perfect way and she moaned into the kiss. Her moan makes me groan and I could feel my dick harden. I needed her. I have only just met this girl and I want to make love. I don’t even know her name.

I pull apart and ask her, “What’s your name, beautiful?”

She blushed and looked down, “Hannah.” Pretty name for a pretty girl.

At that I made her lie down on the bed so she’s more comfortable and kissed her on the neck, collarbone, down the valley between her breasts. I cupped her breasts and rubbed them, pinching her nipples. She moaned and I took that as a cue to take one of her breasts into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around her nipple and she pulled on my curly brown hair, earning a groan from me.

My dick was so hard, I wanted her pretty lips sucking and blowing on me, but I knew that a girl needs to be pleasured first, and slowly. Foreplay is so important.

Hannah’s POV

Oh my. I couldn't believe Xavier Rivers is in my room, on my bed, seeing me naked and doing the most dirtiest things in my imagination. Every flick of his tongue on my nipple made me arch my back and pull at his hair. This would be the first time somebody has touched me other than myself. My pussy clenched so bad. I want him inside me so bad.

He placed butterfly kisses on my stomach and moves south and grazed the skin over my hip bones. He pulled my legs to the edge of the bed and spreads them apart. Stepping between them, he kneeled down and massaged my thighs. He looked at me with those beautiful hazel eyes in attempt to ask for my permission. I nodded hastily and he chuckled. He took off my white panties and blowed on my pussy. Taking his hands he hovered over my pussy and before he touched it he said, “Actually, I want you to touch yourself. In front of me,” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes. So he wants to tease me. Well two can play that game. I circled my clit and made sounds. He watched me very intently, his hazel eyes darkening by the second.

“Oh yes.”

I rubbed my clit faster and enter my pussy, picking up the pace. As I do this I look at him straight in the eye. My orgasm takes longer to unfold but when it finally does I am a shaking mess. I cum all over my fingers.

“Want a taste?” Xavier steps towards me and grabs my hand, sucking on my finger and rolling his tongue around it. Taking out my finger he says “Delicious.” I blush and look down.

“Let’s go for another round.”

He circled my pussy and pressed on my clit. I bit my lip. I couldn't believe Xavier Rivers is fingering me.

“You’re so wet. So wet for me. You have no idea what I want to do with you.”

He started to pump into me and I arched my back.

“Yes Xavier. Faster. I’m nearly there. Fuck.”

“Yes baby. Call out my name.”

Before I can even orgasm he took his finger out of me and I was left with emptiness. I whimpered. He laughed and in response his lips meet my clit. I moaned so loud, I am sure the walls are not soundproof. His tongue flicked at my clit and he sucked on my juices. I pulled on his hair and positioned him against my pussy so that he hits the right angle.

He groaned and I too moaned out his name.

“Yes I am nearly there.”

He flicks faster and I orgasmed, my legs shaking more than ever before. He stands up and I quickly kneel down. I unzip his jeans and his boxers, letting his manhood be free. I grab onto his dick, and let me tell you, it was huge. He took a breath in when I squeezed and pulled at his cock. To be honest I didn't know what I was doing but based on his facial expression I thought I was doing it correctly.

In an up and down motion I brought his dick to my mouth, pulled up and down on it batting my eyelashes underneath my thick frames.

Xavier’s POV

She took in my huge cock and batted her eyelashes at me. She’s so hot. I need to be inside her. I grab a fistful of her hair and guide her down the length of my cock. She’s too good. She might even be a professional. How many cocks has she sucked on?

“Baby, you need to take my cock out of your sweet mouth before I cum into your mouth.”

She followed though my instructions and I let myself cum all over her body. She takes the cum and spreads it over her nipples and cups her boobs. Oh my, her boobs are the perfect size. God I am so excited.

I push her back and she gasps. I grab a hold of my cock and position it so that it is between her legs, close to her pussy. I rub my cock over her womanhood. Up and down. She moans but puts a hand on my chest.

“This might be a good time to tell you. I am a virgin.” Shit Sherlock. Now I am beyond turned on. I would be her first. I feel so elated and special.

“Then this might hurt but it will be the best sex you will ever have.” She giggles and bites her lip.

“You ready?” Parting her lips in anticipation she nods feverishly.

I slowly moved my cock inside her pussy and I felt her tightness. She was so tight. My cock. I looked up and see that she has shut her eyes.

“Baby, you okay?”

She opened her eyes and gave me a small smile. At this I moved more into her, delving deep into her juices. Her mouth formed an O and she arched her back towards me. I moved in more and my cock was fully in her.


“Yes, baby?”

“Aren’t you going to move?”

“Eager, are we?” She blushed but continues to look straight at me. Her tongue licks her bottom lip and I take her mouth in mine, giving her a passionate kiss. I move in and out at a faster pace and we are both wanting more. We are panting and she’s moaning my name.

“Oh Xavier. Please.” “Yes, more, more.” "Oh YESSSS”

She orgasmed and I orgasmed later on. I give her a quick peck on her lips and bite down on her lower lip. She lets out another moan and I groaned.

“Do you normally finger yourself and call out my name?”

“Yes, often.”

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