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Ruby Tears

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Fear from her screams thrilled me, the smell of the drying blood on my flesh an aphrodisiac that caused my fangs to ach with the desire for more. I am considered a Monster, a vampire that enjoys blood, death, violence, and cruelty to those weaker than myself. I was a monster before becoming an immortal vampire, a true-born sadist who has and always will embrace who I am. A hunter hopes to change that, be it by softer means or by killing me if he must. Who will win out? The sadistic Vampire royal? Or the Hunter who will do anything to stop me, including risking his life to awaken the softer side of my heart, if it exists.

Erotica / Horror
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Warning this book may have trigger moments and it is not for anyone under the age of 18. It does contain a lot of blood, gore, and violent scenes.

The warm red fluid slid over my skin, warming every inch of the chilled flesh it touched. The sweet copper taste flowed pasted my parted lips only to be swallowed down and treasured as the life-giving wonder that it was. My hands could not remain still as the blood fell from above to coat my naked skin.

Bodies struggled in the chains, cries, and moans muffled by the gags that kept my human shower head from being too loud and disturbing me in my moment of bliss. I opened my eyes the rich nearly forest green color shined with an inner light as I took in the expression of the woman directly above me.

The fear in her face, the pleading muffled by the gag, filled me with the thrill of power I had over these humans, I raised a hand up to trace along her exposed body. “ If only you had behaved my pet. You’d have lived longer.”

I smiled as she thrashed more in the chains, ignoring her pleas I lifted up off the floor floating slightly above the tiles until I could reach her, taking her left breast in my hand I massaged it until her nipple responded against her own will. I could feel the eyes of the eight other humans that were chained above, their blood slowly dripping into the shallow pool I called my bath.

I could taste the fear in the air, and the small bit of hope the woman had that I might save her if I found her body pleasing once more. When her nipple was rock hard within my grasp I trailed soft kisses across her chest, down her breast until I could take the nipple into my mouth sucking her flesh deeper and deeper until my fangs lightly grazed her skin. The next sound was my own, a soft moan as I could feel the warm blood-filled flesh inside my mouth, taste her heart bit just past the skin that trapped it inside.

I plunged my teeth into her flesh, tearing that thin protective layer away so her blood would flow directly into my mouth. I sucked with every beat of her heart, Drawing her essence inside of me deeper and deeper until her heart nearly stopped. I released that soft tender mound, the color of her skin now deathly pale. I licked the last drops from the mark on her chest and floated back down. “Mmm, perhaps not with how divine you taste.”

I ran my tongue around my mouth dropping back down into the pool at my feet. Another of the females mixed into the human mass on my ceiling began to scream behind her little gag. It seemed she finally realized none of them would be spared. I did not even think about stopping the chuckle that escaped my lips as I lowered myself into the pool. The warmed blood rose up over my flesh until I was submerged up to my hips. “This is living.”

A drop of blood fell onto my forehead. It was such a relaxing feeling that I closed my eyes once more, my head tilting back to let the drops fall as they wished on my face, the struggling of the humans above me sending the drops to fall randomly like rain on my skin.

Sadly my enjoyment did not last forever, the last drops fell, the sounds stopping long before then. I was nearly asleep, relaxing against the edge of my bath. The warm blood almost to chest level when the door to my bathing chamber opened. “I beg forgiveness great one.”

I sighed, sitting up against the edge, and pushing back the blood-soaked hair from my face.

“What is so urgent you dare seek me out here?”

The servant paled though not human the fear that I could smell off him was almost amusing enough to ignore the interruption. Almost.

“I.. Your new pets have arrived. You wished to be notified the moment they had been sent for your inspection.” Oh, the fear in his voice. It was delicious.

A slight pout shifted my expression. “So I did. Where have you placed them?”

I could hear the swallow from where I was resting. “The grand room.”

I sighed shifting to stand from the tub, some of the blood spilled down my legs to return to the pool, the rest already dried to my skin. One of my favored servants stepped forward to wrap me loosely in a robe as I preferred it. The gap was wide across my chest but tightly clenched at the hips. I pet her lovely face lightly, leaving smears of blood on her cheek. “Good Pet.”

She bowed and stepped back from me without a single sound. The door to my bathing chamber was opened wide by the young fearful vampire, he bowed low as I passed him. Not a single soul living or dead that I passed dared to meet my eyes, to even look at my blood-soaked form dressed in the matching silk robe. Did I care the fabric would be ruined? Of course not.

The stone hall was decorated in rich dark red fabrics, a color I tended to enjoy above all others, dark nearly black metal accents, with covered candles lighting the way. It was nearly a ten-minute walk to the grand hall from my bathing room, the weak vampire walked just behind me rushing to keep up with my elongated stride only to dash around me before I even neared the doors leading into the upper part of the grand room.

Both doors were pushed wide, my servant bowing low the moment they had been opened for me. Nothing was said, because of course why would it need to be. Light from the chandeliers above made the room glow with illumination so bright it was nearly daylight. My bare feet padded silently across the rich ruby-colored carpet that covered most of the room, the rest of the blood had dried along the walk so no trace was left as I sat down on the large black throne.

My chair held no family crest, instead, two fully sculpted female golden lions made up the arms of the chair, and above my head was the golden-maned roaring skull of a male Lion in all his glory reaching up with one muscled arm to attack the skies above, the other resting on the upper part of the black chair.

The blood on my skin had begun to flake off in small pieces as my fingertips stroked over the cold golden metal under my hands. Before me, twelve new possible pets knelt in chains, but it was the one at the far right end with a blade at his throat and a guard warning him that caught my attention. I started as the pet regardless of the threat to his life thrashed slightly. The guard was doing his best not to harm what belonged to me without permission.

“Bring me that one.”

I only had to stare at them for the guard to glance up and yank the human up. He was beautifully sculpted, each muscle so well built it looked as if his skin would burst from just them moving. He was not bodybuilder big but built in a way you knew that body was made from pure hard work. His hair was cropped short to his head but I could still make out the dusty blond color, his eyes a rich blue you could only find in rare stones. A blond Adonis that would give Apollo a run for his money with just how delightfully his skin was kissed by the sun without a tan line in sight on the nude body that was presented to me.

The anger in those blue depths held such rage, such anger, and not a single ounce of fear in him as I sat there still covered in the blood of other humans. I dragged my tongue over my lips clearing away the last traces of blood already looking forward to tasting his. My new blond pet was held in front of me, yet still, he struggled, and the fact my guard was having trouble holding him and the fact he met my gaze without fear I knew what they had found for me. “ A Hunter.”

I stood from my chair and closed the distance between us until I could touch that handsomely chiseled face. He was in no way beautiful, small scars decorated his skin, one even sliced his left eyebrow a third of the way across. He jerked his chin away from my touch, my guard grabbed his hair to force him still for me so when I ran my fingertips down the five o clock shadow that was already regrowing he could do nothing but struggle and glare at me. I could hear the beat of his heart trapped inside his chest. His did not race out of fear, but rage, it was thrilling to watch all that power, like a wild beast brought to me to break or tame however I wished. A challenge. “Place him in my room on the bed. I’ll have him tonight.”

For the first time, he spoke. “Like hell, you will, you blood-sucking leach!”

He moved to spit at me, I could tell from the way his face and jaw moved. I slapped him, the strike was hard enough his head snapped to the side. “That’s M’Lady to you, pet. But don’t worry I have eternity to teach you popper manners. “

The guard yanked my yummy new pet away and out the doors. I looked over the others, the women and men were all lovely in their own right, but my interest was already on the hunter they had taken to my room, however rushing would only show the man just how interested I was, and of course, I could not have that. So I had each of the others brought to me as I sat back down, six women and five men were left and a little game came to mind. “Hmm, how to choose which will be food and which will be entertainment.”

The humans shifted, fear coming off them. I enjoyed moments like this, the fear, the power of it. “Which one of you women would be willing to use her mouth to please me?”

I watched the body language of them, most hunched in slightly, looks passing between, but one glanced up at me. Such fear in her eyes but she stepped forward. “Please… Mistress.”

A smile flashed across my lips. “A smart one. Come here pet.”

I parted my legs the robe slipping over my thighs to expose where I wanted her to lick. “Let’s see if you are any good. As for the rest of you cowardly women, the men of the group can pick which of you they wish to fuck, any hole of your body is up for grabs. Anyone who does not participate will die right here, and right now.”

The smart girl had a simple beauty to her, and the look of a red-haired Irish girl, a dusting of freckles from the pale edge of her scalp all the way to her toes, her eyes a far softer green than my own. She could not be more than five three but was more than quick enough to close the distance between where she had stood with the others and the foot of my chair. She knelt and even with her hands chained behind her back, hair falling forward she leaned in without hesitation her cheeks brushing my thighs. She took the liberty of kissing each of my thighs with a gentle brush of lips, if the fact my skin was covered in blood bothered her she ignored it very well. It was likely her will to survive was helping her overcome any doubts about what she was doing.

The remaining of the group looked at each other. “Release the hands of the men.”

Guards stepped from the walls, moving to the five remaining males to unlock the cuffs on the hands, at their hesitation my voice took on an annoyed tone.” Do not make me give a countdown. I said now, you stupid humans.”

The fear that overtook them sent a man after each woman. Only one tried to get away screaming out. “No!”

She was a pale long-haired blond beauty who likely in the normal world would have been pampered because of her looks alone for she would have ranked with supermodels. Her body was far too thin for my normal tastes but her scream was divine.

A male whose skin was a rich dark chocolate color caught her by that long pale blond hair, they were the first to catch my attention. He didn’t seem to mind at all her wish to escape, in fact, I watched his cock stiffen at her struggles. This was a man who enjoyed an unwilling partner, he was a monster much like myself, but a very young one. He shoved the woman to the floor face first, spitting in his free hand he slicked up the length of his penis that was still growing. She screamed with all her might, squirming on the floor when he used his own knees to shove her legs apart, the hand he’d spit on grabbed her hips to lift her enough he could force himself inside of her.

The little Irish girl licked across the edge of my folds. “Mmm. Don’t tease too long pet.”

I dropped a hand to her curly carrot-colored stroking her hair gently as the scene before me excited me. He couldn’t force himself inside fully, I watched his face twist in part pain part ecstasy at how tight she was and it sent a shudder down my spine. My eyes glanced to the others, most of the men were having trouble getting fully excited, the women trying to lick or suck them into a better state, though one man was licking a woman out to ready her as he was slowly lifting to proper use.

My gaze moved back to the blond bunny as the dark rapist shoved himself fully inside her, letting her hair go he had both hands on her hips, pulling her ass slightly up off the floor as he hammered himself into her. The slap of flesh meeting flesh filled the room between her cries, her tears, music to my ears. I sat up from my chair pushing the little Irish girl to the side. I allowed the robe to fall away after tugging the cord lose to pad naked across the room to the couple that caught my full attention.

I pressed my hands to his wide shoulders, exploring the warmth of his flesh, small drops of perspiration passing from his skin to mine. He jerked at my touch, looking over his shoulder at me but he didn’t stop, I don’t think he dared. I could smell fear from them both, but he smelled strongly of desire, more so than the fear. “You enjoy this.”

I watched his tongue pass over his lips, pushing deeper inside as he hissed out. “Yes.”

I pressed my naked body to his back, curling my arms around his shoulders, and my cheek resting against his. “ Harder.”

At my order, he obeyed instantly. He yanked her ass back to him, thrusting harder to make her scream each time he impaled her. I could smell her body reacting with desire, likely against her own wishes, but that wasn’t what thrilled me. It was this man who was a monster in the making. I moved with each of his thrusts, my eyes closing to focus on the feeling, to soak up the scent of the emotions of the two people until I was drowning in them.

I could feel liquid leaking down the inside of my thighs and when his breathing changed, when I knew he was close I ripped him away from her, pushing him onto his back on the crimson carpet. His fear was a sudden sharp smell, But his cock was pointed sky high, nearly ten thick inches of it, her clear fluids smeared all over him. I straddled him rubbing my own slick core across the bulbous head, His expression was priceless, the fear but the hunger right behind them. He didn’t touch me, didn’t dare but I could see the desire to do it there behind his eyes. “Yes.”

His hands came up gripping my hips as I shoved myself down on top of him. He cried out as I squeezed him tightly inside of me, I felt him release inside of me, but I wasn’t done with him. I rode him, through his orgasm I knew a Man’s body was almost always too sensitive right after they came so I only rode him harder faster. I watched his face twist from the pain the pleasure caused, but he made the mistake of meeting my eyes. I trapped him there forcing his body to stay hard for me. He arched off the floor and somehow managed to not throw me off as I drew a second Orgasm from him. He struck so deeply inside of me it was pure pleasure and I continued, even as he began to plead for me to stop.

I would never give such mercy, some men went soft regardless of their wishes, his body under my control remained hard for me, weeping out drops of his cum. I felt him tightening for the third time, a release he begged me not to force, yet begged me not to stop now. I rolled us over so I was under him, I let him thrust down into me, Forced it as we kept eye contact just long enough for me to force him over that painful edge one more time. As he cried out, pleading for God's help I sank my fangs into his throat. His fluids filled my mouth, and my core and my own release of pleasure flowed through me. I tasted his release in every drop of blood I swallowed.

He slumped against me, his weight pinning me to the floor, I drew back listening to his heart, and I licked at my bite mark on his neck until it stopped. His pulse raced through his body, panting, still alive, I pushed him off of me, his cock sliding out of me to lay limply across his belly. I studied him and looked around the room. The little carrot top was kneeling right where I left her, the other humans had started to actually fuck each other, and much more willingly than before, some of them enjoying it. The blond bunny was laying on the floor sobbing as my new dark-skinned monster was catching his breath, he opened his eyes to look at me and I smiled at the hunger that was drowning out his fear.

I ran my fingers across his parted lips. “Good boy.”

I saw a tiny flash of anger, oh he didn’t like the pet name, my smile turned wicked. “Don’t worry you might earn a better pet name.”

I found myself leaning over to kiss his chest, a small amount of hair tickling my lips. “ Send the carrot top to my room, put my new Dark Monster in the room alongside mine.”

I stood up. “The rest of them will have to try again tomorrow or they can join the ranks of public pleasure toys. As for this one…”

I walked to the sobbing girl. “I think my new monster deserves a toy for his good behavior.”

I looked back to the man who was still soaked in my own fluids, I saw surprise then pleasure cross his face. “Keep up the good behavior.”

At his grin, I laughed. The girl didn’t even realize what was done until my Dark Monster stood up and grabbed her by the hair. He was still unsteady on his feet but quick to claim his toy before it was taken away. The little carrot top was already gone, one of my guards had taken her away, for now, the rest being escorted out. My Servant was still near the door I had entered. “Good job.”

I watched as relief took over every cell of his being. “Thank you, Mistress.”

I walked from the room headed towards my own in a much better mood than I had been when my bath was interrupted.

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