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Ruby Tears

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The doors of my bed-chamber were opened for me by two of my guards, servants lingered around my room, some like statues along the walls, others as decorative furniture or statues, and only one dared to move about the room freely. He had been with me long enough to be given a name. “Jullian.”

The still-youthful man turned as I spoke his name and bowed low at the hips. He unlike almost all of my other servants and slaves was dressed in a simple yet flattering black pants suit and a blood-red shirt. The jacket, however, was tossed on the chair beside my bed, his sleeves were rolled up past the elbow exposing the warm skin. Julian was of Arab descent with something else mixed in, his eyes were far too colorful not to be, an ever-changing array of light from green to blue. “M’Lady”

I made a small motion with my hand and he stood up straight. He had a wet sponge in one hand and a towel in the other. On the bed was the blonde hunter, gagged and struggling, parts of his skin still glittering with water droplets. “He did not enjoy the sponge bath I take it?”

At my amused tone, Julian replied with humor. “It seems your newest animal is not fond of water in the least.”

I chuckled softly. Julian had been with me since he was a child, his village had been torn apart by a war between shifters and vampires, the humans were only cannon fodder. Julian, however, was far more than human, his family a rare line of magic users that had tried to protect their people. I had stopped a wolf shifter from killing the small boy before even realizing what he was. His terrified eyes had called me when even as a wolf was ripping apart his leg he fought with anything he could get his hands on. He’d seen me and called for me to help him that day on the battlefield. A child hardly ten years of age, fighting for his life than calling a monster like me for aid. I stopped the wolf but I hadn’t killed it, I knocked it to the side, helped Julian stand, and gave him my sword. He’d killed the wolf that had killed his family, nearly killed him, and had stood by me every day after, even with all the ‘evil’ I did he stood beside a monster like me.

“Perhaps he will enjoy other things more.”

Julian bowed his head slightly before stepping back. I walked up to the bed to look at the Hunter chained spread eagle atop the sheets, the blankets were pulled from the bed to give me total access, his golden hair curling against one of the many pillows that decorated my favored place for sleep. My body was reacting to the sight of the man on my bed, his naked body marked with scars, yet still holding such power was delightful.

Hunters were mixed-bloods, humans mixed with something not so human, in this case, with the way he tanned, the strong sense of life to him I was guessing shifter. I stepped to the bottom of the bed, my hand curling just above the cuff on his right ankle. He jerked under my touch, growling. A shudder passed down my spine. “I can almost read the thoughts behind that growl. If only you were free to rip out my throat hmm?”

The growl got louder, part of me wanted him free, the fight, the risk of death. A sigh passed through my parted lips. “Shame.”

I would never let him know how much I wished for the death he could give me, but I couldn’t not yet. “Not tonight Hunter.”

I lowered my mouth to the hair-covered flesh of his thigh, the light hairs tickling my lips as I drew in his scent. This was no wolf, this was something far wilder, something with more power, more dominance. I allowed my lashes to flutter closed as I drew in more of his scent, of the feeling of his skin, my lips trailing higher and higher up his leg, my nose pressing into the soft skin behind the knee. “What are you..”

The words were only a breath my free hand found his other leg and both slid up at the same time, just behind my seeking lips. I didn’t find what I needed until I was near his groin, my cheek grazing the tender flesh of his penis. At that moment my nose and lips pressed to the soft hollow between hip and thigh with the flash of arousal that stirred in him the image of what he was flared in my mind. “Lion.”

The growl he gave confirmed my words, my eyes flashing open to meet his eyes. If he had not been bound by chains to hold shifters, witches, vampires, and humans all without any weakness I knew I’d be dead at that moment. Young lion's eyes start blue and turn to the golden color but his eyes held the blue color, but in no way were they human right now. I kissed the flesh under my lips. “I see death in your eyes.”

Even I could hear the excited tone in my voice. Julian pulled my attention away from the lion for only a moment as he set the tray down beside the bed on the table. Upon the tray were a few universal toys I used most, a few cock rings of different materials and styles, dildos, anal toys, small clamps, feathers, a riding crop, and a flogger. “Hand me the leather dual ring with the vibe.”

Julian did as I asked, handing it over to me, it was a black leather dual cock ring with a small vibrator built in between the rings. Oh, the growling got so much worse as I collected the Hunter’s balls in my hand and slid the ring around it, closing the snaps so it was tight. He was not in the least bit happy, not yet, but I’d work on that. Even while he was small, I was able to take the second ring and secure it around his penis.

As the vibrator was activated his reaction was delicious, he jerked for me, hips coming up off the bed, slipping from my hold in hope of removing it. The growling had stopped in his frantic state of wanting my toys off him. “Mmmm.”

Oh, the glare I got made me want to laugh, I was enjoying just how much my body was reacting to the sight of this powerful man trapped and totally helpless to anything I wanted to do to him. “A vibrating plug.”

I held out my hand, not even looking away from the Hunter. Julian gave me what I asked for. “You all may go.”

The room emptied leaving me alone with my lion. “Now you can enjoy it more since no one is watching.”

He growled at me, I could hear his heartbeat racing in his chest as he fought his own body. I took the anal plug and began to lick it, spilling as much saliva on it as possible. “Should this go in you or me?”

He growled again, glaring at me. I could see the pulse pounding in his throat, his blonde brows drawn together as he still fought the chains that bound him. “You then.”

He yanked hard on the chains, the frame of the bed protesting. That sound gave him hope and he began to fight harder. I smirked grabbing a thigh I shoved one leg up high enough I could see his ass. I pushed the small anal plug inside of his protesting body and flicked it on. All the fight left him for a moment as he jerked again from the shock of vibration in that part of his body. “A new experience for you?”

He didn’t even look at me, his head was pressing back hard into the pillows, eyes closed, jaw clenched tightly on the gag as he shuddered. He was fighting the reactions of his body so hard and I found it so erotic to watch. His penis was slowly reacting against his will, so of course, I had to help him along. I drew my tongue over the head of his penis, tasting the small slit, when he jerked this time I had been waiting for it, opening up my mouth I sucked him inside of the warm wet depths.

He groaned for me, growing thicker in my mouth as I locked my lips around him and sucked. He tasted rich, wild, the hint of copper just under that skin made my fangs ache, but I focused my hunger on breaking the strong will of the man under me.

I sucked, licked, and tormented him until he was trapped in an aroused state. Finally when I tasted the first pearl of precum removed my mouth from his rock-hard cock and looked at him. He was shuddering against the bed, his face turned away from me, he was still so angry, that rage just under the skin, mixed with so many other emotions it sent my senses into overload so only the scent of his arousal kept me grounded. “ Delicious.”

I was rewarded with a sight of those angry eyes, that low growl. “ Don’t worry, I’m not done.”

I climbed up his body, trailing kisses along his belly, chest, those lovely abs, too tempting not to taste, to touch. It wasn’t until I was straddling his hips that I stopped lifting up to meet those angry eyes as my naked pussy rubbed against that raging cock that was gift-wrapped for me. “I’ll have all of you, one way or another Hunter.”

I lifted myself up, using a hand I pointed the tip of him to where I wanted most and drove myself down over the length of iron hard velvet even as he did his best to stop me. With the angle and the size of him, he spread me open wide, pushing deeper and deeper until the head of him struck my cervix. I stopped caring about his reactions at that point, stopped watching or caring about anything other than the thick hard mass that was filling me. I rode him, driving myself up and down that penis until I reached my own climax, throwing my head back to cry out the pleasure I was enjoying.

A small sound dragged me back from the afterglow, I’d stopped moving after my climax and opened my eyes to see the man under me shaking, gripping the chains that bound him as he fought so hard not to move. He was still hard inside me, trying everything to keep himself from giving in to his own desires. A smile slowly curled my lips. “Such fight in you.”

I leaned down and over him, sliding along his rocking hard length only a fraction but it was enough to make him shudder for me. I kissed his skin to the side of his gag and he jerked away from me, but in doing so he exposed his throat to me. I was mesmerized by the sight of his pulse drumming just under the tight flesh. I took hold of his jaw, causing him to tense, but that was all the warning I gave him before I plunged my fangs into his throat. He came up off the bed under me, thrusting up inside of me. I was drowning in the scent of his arousal, the taste of it burning in his blood as it filled my body. I tore the gag from his mouth, the strap an annoyance as it caught in my hair, and threw it away.

He continued to move under me, thrusting up into my soaked core as I drank down the sweet and spicy copper blood. His heart racing to give me more, his breathing ragged, I felt him tightening under me, every single muscle tightening as he grew close to release. I waited until that moment he reached that edge and began to go over and sank my fangs in deeper. He exploded under me, inside me, I could feel the warmth of his sperm hitting my insides. All that power bent to my will, and with his blood in my mouth, his seed inside me, every bit of him mine for a moment I leaped over the edge of release myself and drowned in it.

Both of us lay there, panting, gaining back a sense of reason, I was smiling, my lips inches from his still bleeding neck, I could feel him drawing away, trying to shut back down after I’d ripped apart every defense. I ran my tongue over his neck and he growled. “Aww back to rejecting me so soon?”

He turned his head trying to block me and I shoved his head away pressing it hard into the bed with one hand as I continued to lick the blood, stopping the flow with my saliva. He was fighting me, cursing, but I was freshly fed off his charged blood and stronger than ever. When I was done I released his head and looked down at him. The ring was still on him, the vibrators still going, and he’d yet to be able to go completely soft inside of me. “Does the kitty not like his present?”

I could taste his anger in the air as he glared at me. “Get off me you leach.”

I rose up, rocking my hips so he moved inside of me. He fought off the shudder, but I could still feel his cock reacting by growing harder inside of me. “You don’t want me to.”

He growled low. “I want nothing from you besides your death.”

I laughed and climbed off of him and the bed so I could stand by the table looking over the toys. “You are a poor liar... But then again perhaps I need to teach you more pleasures before you admit what you want.”

I heard the bed complain as he yanked hard on the chains again. “You are a Monster. You should burn for what you’ve done.”

I glanced over my shoulder at him. Studied him. “Which thing have I done that you want me dead for? Hmm?”

“Murder, rape, kidnapping, ruining lives.” The self-righteous tone of his voice had me laughing.

“Why were you captured, Hunter? Hm? Tell me.” He glared at me.

“The only people brought to me today from the list offered were all criminals, the least of all was theft of a grand nature. Which were you the thief? The Rapist? The kidnapper? Or the Murderer?” Surprise flickered in his eyes.

“I don’t take you for a rapist... A thief perhaps, but more likely a Murderer.” His jaw clenched.

“As if killing Monsters like you can be considered murder.” I laughed then.

“Ahh, I thought so. You killed the vampire family leading over the southern wall.”

Oh, his expression said he didn’t like that at all. “Why? Did they do something bad?”

His jaw clenched. “They stole children and ate them.”

I stilled a moment at that. “Hmm.”

I waved it away. “Little matter.”

He growled at me. “Monster.”

I laughed. “ Of course I am.” I picked up the crop and ran the supple leather over the head of his penis. “ But I enjoy being me.”

He licked his lips, those animal eyes watching me. “Aren’t you done?”

I smirked. “Never. I’m going to enjoy turning you into my personal toy for the rest of eternity, I’m so glad Hunters are as immortal as we vampires. I’ll have forever to torment you.”

It was so amusing to watch him pale.

“I think next we will take away all of your senses but for touch.” I lightly tapped the crop against the head of his penis, the flesh growing before my very eyes. “At Least for tonight.”

That strong jaw clenched tightly. “No.”

I laughed. “ Oh yes. Julian!”

I called out loud enough it would pass through the walls and he stepped inside a moment later. “ That little carrot top, have her join us and dress up my new Lion so only his sense of touch remains. I think I will wash up for the next round.”

“Of course M’Lady.” I felt the room to hear the Lion shouting at me, laughing softly.

“Get back here you leach! Release me!” I heard the sound of a punch landing, a smirk decorating my lips. I knew Julian had just punched the daylights out of the Hunter for calling me that. The fact the words cut off meant Julian might have just knocked him out cold. Now that was a pretty idea, that my wolf had the upper hand over the lion, but then again the Lion was at a disadvantage. I wondered in a real fight, who’d win, perhaps one day I’d find out.

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