Ruby Tears

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I took slow steps leading me higher in the pool until the water lapped at the skin just above the swell of my breasts. I stared at Julian as I moved and when I stopped he snapped his fingers four naked women who had been standing at the sidelines slipped into the pool and came quickly to me standing on the sides, two went behind me standing slightly to each side, the first gently lifted my hair as another began to soap it, the other two stood in front of me each with a bar of soap and sea sponges. They soaped the sponges and started to wash my body starting at my hairline with the softest touch possible. I could see the fear in their expression as they did their very best not to harm or displease me in any way.

Julian waited silently at the end of the pool as I was washed from head to toe, the women tending to me diving under the water surface to get the rest of me. Did I care that every time they came up from the water their eyes burned from the soap and bits of dried blood? Not in the least. Every single inch of me was washed, then rinsed off until I was squeaky clean. Walking out of the pool I heard the soft sobs of one of the girls as she climbed out to my right and I turned to look at her. I could smell the relief on her, another of the girls was patting her back speaking ever so softly. “ have to stop.”

“Why do you cry?”

At the icy tone in my voice, everyone in the room froze. I was only standing in the water now at knee length, but the chill in the room was already seeping into my skin. When I was not responded to right away I spoke again my tone annoyed now. “I said why do you cry?”

The girl who had been trying turned to me, a look of sheer terror etched in every line of her face. “I… I was happy M’Lady…”

A single brow lifted above my left eye. “Explain.”

I watched her swallow, the beat of her heart so loud I could hear it across the room. “You did not seem displeased. It made me so happy.”

I laughed, the sound cold. “And why would me not being displeased be a reason for you to be happy?”

She looked panicked at this point, and a small bit of amusement snuck into the back of my mind. “Because I wish to live, when you are not displeased we all have a better chance of living.”

I smiled then, a wide smile that took over my entire lips. “Wise indeed. Try not to cry next time however, happy tears are not as tasty as ones of pain.”

Fear returned to her eyes and she nodded quickly. “Yes, M’Lady.”

Turning away from her once more I noticed Julian now held a new robe for me, this one black as night and fluffy. A smile curled his lips and amusement danced in his eyes. I almost rolled my own at the young man but left it alone as we were not alone. He placed the robe on my body, belting it at my hips exactly as I preferred and once again we ended up in my bedroom.

The little Irish girl that had been brought in with my new lion stood by the bed, her eyes were locked on his body, I could smell her desire from here as she watched him.

My Lion was wrapped up even more like a present for me, Julian had put a new gag in his mouth, a blindfold over his eyes, and plugs in his ears, and a clamp on his nose. The gag in his mouth had small holes to allow him to breathe, the blindfold was leather pulled tightly over his eyes to prevent any light to enter the space. His penis and balls were still trapped, already hard again as the small vibrator on the dual ring continued, and the one in his ass continued as well. I knew he could feel the girl’s eyes on him, and likely could mine now as well, his body was so stiff, unhappiness was screaming from his every locked muscle. “He looks yummy.”

Julian chuckled softly standing behind me as he picked my hair up off my back and began to brush the long strands. I never bothered to even wonder when he’d gotten the brush. “If you think so M’Lady.”

I turned my head slightly to glance back at him. “Jealous?”

Those beautiful eyes met mine a hunger dancing in their depths. “Yes.”

I turned fully to him tilting my head back slightly as I pressed the front of my body up against him. His mouth lowered to hover a whisper above my own lips, his eyes blazing as that hunger grew, the smell of his desire growing as he was so close to having just a simple kiss from me. “You should be.”

A flash of anger danced in those eyes, the animal in him wanting so badly to just take me. I made a soft sound as I watched him fighting that wild nature, that need, a twitch worked its way along his jawline. “Please.”

My lips curved in a smile as he begged me with just one word, his eyes holding all that need, that wanting, yet he asked for my permission as he fought his own nature. “Again.”

Another darker light of anger entered his eyes, this one stayed, he hated that he had to ask my permission, that I’d make him beg for a kiss alone. It went against every fiber of his nature, his being, but he knew I’d have it no other way. “Please M’Lady, please allow me to kiss you.”

I licked his lower lip slowly before whispering. “Good boy, yes.”

He was stiff until he heard the softly whispered yes and the moment that word left my lips he devoured my mouth. Julian didn’t just kiss me, he kissed me as if it would be the last thing he ever did, the last pleasure he’d ever be given as if I was the last breath he’d ever draw. I fed at the starved kiss he gave me, met it with the same passion he gave me, and swallowed down every bit of need he gave me. He didn’t touch me in any other way but from the stiff way he held his body, he wanted to. I opened my mouth for him and his tongue pushed into mine taking every single liberty I allowed him until I pulled back from the kiss, from him. He took a step as if he’d follow me, his eyes no longer human but the bright glow of his inner beast.

I stared into those eyes as he stopped dead in his tracks. Julian was breathing heavily, his wolf demanding to be let out, to take me as he wanted most. I licked my lips and a soft groan left his mouth. “Good boy.”

Julian swallowed hard and watched me. “Please.”

His words were spoken with an edge of growl to them, his need so raw as I had denied him for a week now. I let my gaze wander down that well-defined body until I could see the firm outline of his penis in his pants. “Not yet.”

His eyes closed head tilting back as he swallowed again, fighting for some sort of control. “Yes, M’Lady.”

The agony in those words was exactly what I wanted. I turned back towards the bed to see the little Irish girl watching us with wonder in her eyes. I smiled at her. “Why don’t you climb up onto that lovely man on the bed and taste him? Julian swap out that gag for one with an attachment she can enjoy.”

I’d thought of a wicked idea and walked to the bed as everyone else began to do as I asked. Carrot top climbed up onto the side of the bed and began to lick Hunter’s penis like it was dripping ice cream cone. I watched his body react, his cock twitching against her tongue and I pulled a plug from his ear. “Hello, again my lion.”

He jerked at the sound of my voice and I watched confusion take his expression over when he realized it couldn’t be my mouth that was teasing his length. “That’s right. We have another here to use you but don’t worry, I think you’d like her. I’m going to give you back your sense of taste and smell for a little while, only because I don’t need you suffocating with what we have planned.”

Julian climbed onto the bed across from me and pulled the clamp from Hunter’s nose, then twisted the middle attachment of the gag and slid it out of the hole. I was rather fond of the gags where you could swap the toys that went into the mouth without removing the gag. The small cork with air holes slid out only to be replaced with a double dildo where one side was longer than the other. The side that Julina slid into the gad and locked into place was only two inches long and thick. The other side was nearly six inches long ribbed, with small holes to allow any fluids to leak down into the dildo and pour out the tip of the smaller end that was inside Hunter’s mouth. Hunter choked and gagged on it trying to jerk his head out of Julian’s hold as he was fixing it just right. “Aww have you never had a thick little penis shoved in your mouth?”

The growl that answered me caused me to laugh. “Be happy it’s not a real one, yet.”

Hunter stilled as I apparently scared him a little it seemed our Lion didn’t swing both ways. “Ahh, you don’t like that at all.”

The last thing my new lion heard was my laughter as I slid the earplug back into place. “Carrot top.”

The little Irish girl turned her head to look at me, her mouth was wrapped around the head of Hunter’s cock as she had been sucking on it gently. “Come and ride this pretty man’s mouth with the toy inside.”

She shivered and popped that thick head out of her slightly swollen lips. “Yes, M’Lady.”

I moved back as she crawled up the length of the bed I moved back to watch Julian was even kind enough to help her by grabbing Hunter’s hair tightly and his chin, holding him in place while Carrot stood up on the bed and stepped over Hunter’s head. I could see a little bit of dampness on the inside of her thighs as she lowered herself down to her knees and over the dildo, her hands gripping the headboard. She made the softest little sound as the toy sunk inside of her. “Good girl. Now you enjoy him as long as you like.”

I moved around the bed until I stood at the foot of it and peeled off my robe, to let it pool on the floor. Julian got up from the bed and went to fetch the robe for me only to be stopped before he could touch it. “Strip.”

The dark hunger flared in his eyes once more. He jerked the shirt off, tearing it in his haste, the pants seconds after, both of them joining my robe on the floor, his underwear and everything else was gone seconds after that so he was nude next to me. He was still hard from what we had done before and growing harder. I smiled licking my lips. “Good boy.”

I climbed onto the bed between Hunter’s legs, the hard muscles of his thighs locking up as he wondered just who it was that was here, was it me? Or did he fear it was Julian? Or perhaps yet another person. The thought amused me as I knelt between his legs, hovering my mouth over his cock. “Please me, Julian.”

I lowered my head and sucked Hunter’s penis into my mouth in one smooth motion. Julian wasted no time in stepping up behind me and like a good boy, his hands pressed to the back of my thighs near my knees, sliding up slowly until his thumbs brushed the still swollen lips of my sex. He pushed both of his thumbs between those folds only to pull them aside. I closed my eyes as his warm breath tickled across the wet flesh, the only warning before his tongue pressed against that sensitive skin. I moaned around the rock-hard mass in my mouth as Julian tasted me, he took his time, savoring every small drop of my juices he could gather, every small reaction he could pull from me. The tip of his tongue danced over my clit then slide up to my entrance and plunged inside of me. I let my mind go and just enjoyed the bodies of both men, the pleasure of having the attention of one as the other was trapped to my will. Julian worked his tongue over me, into me, again and again until I climaxed. When it struck me I had to keep myself from biting down on Hunter.

The bed shifted as Julian climbed up behind me both of us kneeling between the lion’s legs I had the brainpower left to pull my mouth off of Hunter before I felt Julian’s penis against me then shove inside not even a breath later. I cried out, my cheek pressed against Hunter’s groin my mouth brushing against the side of his shaft. I stayed like that as Julian fucked me hard and fast, pounding himself inside of me so hard he crashed against my cervix over, and over, and over again until I was shaking from the multiple orgasms he ripped from my body. My new Lion was large, but Julian was long and so thick he stretched out my insides every time, pushing my limits to the point of pain. Drops of precum leaked down onto my lips the salty flavor tickling my taste buds, Julian wrapped his hand in my hair jerking my head up to shove my mouth down over Hunter’s cock as he continued to fuck me senseless. I swallowed down the shaft of the man trapped under us, my head pushed down until I was choking on him, the head of him pushed all the way into my throat. I couldn’t breathe as Julian held me locked into place, his penis fucking me without mercy, the soft sounds of the other girl crying out her own orgasm, and finally Julian came with such force shouted as he shot his cum inside of me. Hunter’s own orgasm got mixed into the rest of ours and all I could do was try not to gag as his sperm was spilled down my throat. Julina quickly released my hair after he finished to allow me to let go of Hunter.

I coughed on the way up but before I could complain Julian slipped from inside of me, pushed me over to the side so I was spilled onto my back laying next to Hunter one leg still over the thick thighs of the Lion. I caught a glimpse of Julian’s eyes before his still semi-hard cock found its way inside of me again. My insides were still pulsing with the aftershocks of my orgasms and the pleasure of being filled while I was still so sensitive had my back arching up off the bed. I felt his warm mouth pressing kisses across my chest and up my neck. I no longer cared about Hunter or the other girl but focused on the man inside of me, his need clear with every single action. The slow way he moved inside of me, the tenderness of his touch as his hands explored my body, the gentle lingering kisses across my flesh. When his mouth met mine he licked away the taste of anyone else and made sure all I could taste was him.

This time Julian made love to me, treating me as if I was the only woman in the world he ever wanted to touch, to treasure, to give pleasure to. I have no sense of time of how long he gently teased and touched my body, of how long he stroked himself inside of me, of how many kisses he drew from my mouth but by the time he finally spilled himself inside of me once more and collapsed alongside me, pulling me against him as if I was his security blanket I was boneless. Both of us laid there catching our breath, eyes closed until a soft voice had my eyes fluttering. “M’lady?”

I blinked at the Irish girl. Her body lay across Hunter’s chest as she looked overly satisfied herself. “Hmm?”

Julian kissed the side of my neck gently. “ I um…. Really need to use the bathroom..”

She looked a bit frightened for having to disturb me but at my laughter, she smiled sheepishly. I raised a limp hand towards my bathroom. “You will find servants in there, ask them then have them return you to your room. “

She nodded and scampered off soon after. My gaze wandered over the Lion trapped next to us. “Get him ready for bed. But leave the toys.”

Julian reluctantly moved from beside me and moved around to Hunter. He removed the gag, the nose clamp, earplugs, and the blindfold but left the cock ring and anal plug. Lastly, he loosened the chains at both the foot of the bed so Hunter could bend his legs but not enough to run away, and at the headboard so he could move his arms. My Lion tested the limits of his new movement. It wasn’t much but it would let him relax a little. I curled up against the front of the strong man who stiffened against me. “Get off me you leach.”

I laughed. “You should be grateful little Lion I didn’t have a man with an even larger penis than my Julian fuck your virgin ass.”

Hunter stiffened. “Get these things off and out of me.”

Julian came around the bed and moved in behind me, pressing his still naked body against my back. “No. You are still being bad. You get to sleep with them on.”

Hunter stiffened. “No one can sleep with this.”

I chuckled. “Then beg.”

I heard the growl as my eyes drifted closed. “Never.”

I yawned. “Then don’t complain.”

Hunter said nothing more as I was snuggled against his chest, he shifted as if trying to move away. “If you disturb her sleep I’ll change out that plug for something larger and more painful.”

I smirked at Julian’s words, the soft growls passed between both men as I dozed off, the feeling of the sun rising outside my home dragging me into the sleep of the undead.

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