Ruby Tears

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I woke long before the sun would slip away and the night would thrive once more. I never minded waking when the sun still risked my life by being up. Some would feel trapped inside their homes for such, but I rarely left my home anymore. I had built an empire, built an image that had to be maintained at all costs.

My body was still warm thanks to the men that were wrapped around me. The vampire sleep caused by the rising of the sun would steal the warmth, the life from most of us. It would be impossible to become chilled between these men.

Hunter was still partly under me as I was curled up so nearly atop him. His body was tense, unable to relax, and I could feel the soft panting of his breath. The toys were still torturing him. I smiled slowly and finally moved slightly to kiss his chest. “Unable to rest my pet?”

His growl set vibrations through me. “Take them out.”

The strain in his voice was so delicious. “Now why would I want to do that pet?”

Shifting slightly I ran a hand down his body to find his cock hard, wet from precum. He jerked so hard as my fingers only brushed his cock, a pained sound escaped him. “I’ve not been asleep long but look at you. Your cock weeping, so sensitive.”

He was so tense under me if as if he would break his own bones before begging me to stop. Such strong will. “Remove them.”

His tone had changed slightly. I moved my mouth near his ear, whispering so softly. “Say please.”

He jerked hard on the chains, pulling as hard as he could in his already weakened state. “You bitch.”

I laughed softly and slid down his body. I laid kisses down his skin. “Stop.”

His voice held pain, a pleading tone. But it wasn’t what I wanted yet. “Beg. Kitty, beg for me to stop.”

Julian was still sleeping but as I moved he rolled away from us both. I slid down between Hunter’s legs and licked across his cock. The sound he bit back sent a shiver down my spine. “Stop.”

The word was weaker, his resolve fading. I turned my head only to strike like a snake and bite into the femoral artery. Hunter cried out and only my hands on his thigh kept him from ripping his leg out of my mouth and spraying all that blood everywhere.

I felt Julian's eyes on me, knew he'd woken from the cry Hunter gave out. I drank down the blood that filled my mouth, sucking as if i would drink every drop. "Stop, Get your hand off me!"

I glanced over at the shout from my now very angry Lion. Julian was stroking Hunter's cock, cum leaking out over Julian's hand with every stroke. Julian was watching me, however, timing his strokes with each time I swallowed.

It is any wonder I kept the boy around for so long? He was a wicked man who knew what I liked far too well. "Stop, gods, help me, Please stop!"

At the one word I had been waiting to hear I pulled my fangs from Hunter's leg. But kept my tongue pressed to the puncture marks until it stopped bleeding. Julian had stopped mid-stroke but hadn't let go.

"You don't want release?" Julian asked. Hunter shook his head.

"Get off me, get these off. Let me go. Please." His tone was weak, the man was clearly shaken at just how far he had fallen.

I gave a small nod to Julian and he release Hunter's cock, removed the toys slowly while I sat up licking my lips. Hunter refused to look at anyone. "Bathroom... Please."

"Shame to let all that cum be washed away..." Hunter shifted away from me. "Have him cleaned up Julian, I want him back here in a little while, take him outside for some sun and a walk."

I slipped from the bed. "Yes, M'Lady." Followed me as I left the room. I didn't go far, the room next to me held another new toy. The dark-skinned rapist was happily playing with his toy as I walked in. Both of them were still naked, her hands were now in leather cuffs, clipped together behind her back, a collar around her neck to match.

Her cuffs and collar were attached to a single long chain that fangled from the center of the room. She didn't dangle from it but it kept her from getting too far away. Her skin was bright red all over, her breasts had been bruised slightly from what looked like his hands. She had a bite mark where her throat met her shoulder, which was bright and just a little bloody.

"You have been having fun my pet." The man looked over to me. His cock was wet, from the girl likely. She was a mess, fluids painting the inside of her legs, tears had trailed down her face so much you could see the tracks.

"Do you like it?" I heard his question and stepped inside to look closer to the woman. Her eyes were glazed slightly.

"If she wasn't a criminal I'd kill you for what you've done." He stiffened and looked at me.

"You didn't know that? You are a criminal under my laws, so is she, or I'd never have allowed you to do this. I think it's your turn to be punished." My voice was amused. I saw what I wanted. That flash of fear, defiance, but it was when he grabbed for a whip on the nice little toy wall that thrilled me.

As the leather of the bullwhip flashed out at me a simple sidestep and a jump forward at a speed no human could match was all I needed.

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