Ruby Tears

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Sidestepping the whip as it was sent out took no effort at all. It was amusing to see the human trying to fight back, trying to save himself. The first step moved me out of the path. The second had me in front of him, my hand gripping his on the whip.

"Poor little human." Even as I spoke, I crushed his hand under my own. His scream was music to my ears.

Releasing his broken hand, I pulled the whip away. With a single flick of the whip, his skin split his upper thigh down to nearly his knee on the left side. He fell to the ground, blood spilling all over the floor.

"Please don't kill me!" He pleaded for his life, trying to back away from me. All that blood spilling from him excited me.

"Oh, killing you would spoil all my fun. " I sent the whip out again and cut across the chest above where the heart should rest.

The cry he let out as blood spilled down his skin held such pain. "Spare me! Please."

I stood over the human, the bleeding man at my feet. "I don't spare anyone who breaks my laws, my rules, my will."

His life was mine, and that knowledge sunk in the defeat on his face wasn't as entertaining as the fight, I wanted out of him. " Your crime was rape, wasn't it?"

He gave the nod. " I had a feeling. I will let you rape, even let you enjoy it."

He looked up at me then. "But you will only rape who I say when I say. You will be one of my tortures. Often I do all the work myself, but the monster in you will be useful for when I wish to do other things."

I struck the whip out once more, and as he cringed away, the whip only cracked in the air. "You will rape women, and you will rape men. You are not allowed to kill any of them. When you are done, you will report to me for your punishments. For no pleasure in my house comes without a price. "

I used the whip's handle and pointed to the ground at my feet. "Come pet, kneel and beg like a good mutt."

The flash of annoyance at me calling him 'Mutt' gave me a little hope I hadn't broken him just yet. He didn't crawl right away, but he did crawl to me and knelt at my feet. "Beg."

The set of his jaw told me how much he hated it. All that anger, I could smell it in the air, but there was also the fear in him, just an undertone. It was just enough to make me hungry. "Spare me, Mistress."

The tone of his voice as he said Mistress was not at all pleading, os submissive. "No"

He blinked up, but within that second, I had closed the distance between us, my fangs plunging into the side of his neck. Blood with the rich flavor of fear and anger filled my body.

I drew more and more of his blood into me, savoring it, the sounds he made, the fight he tried to give by beating on my arms as I held onto him. Some said blood had no flavor of emotions, and perhaps it was just the smell of his skin against my face that sweetened the flavor. I cared not. This was what I wanted.

It wasn't until he went limp that I withdrew and let him fall to the floor like a doll. "Now, do you see pet? You are a weak human that only lives as long as I allow."

His eyes, half-glazed, stared at me in horror. "I am the real monster. You are just a human playing pretend."

I knelt and took his limp cock in my hand, gently working it. "You don't even have the blood in you to be aroused right now."

He shifted just a fraction away, an odd look on his face. "Don't like it? Shame."

I lowered my head over his groin, my hair falling all around my face, and drew that limp, soft little cock in my mouth, sucking on it. He whimpered but wisely didn't move away from me. Perhaps it was the lack of blood, energy to escape, or maybe he was learning.

His cock tasted a little of the woman, but his scent was strong under it. I sucked and sucked until I felt his cock responding despite the lack of blood pressure. I rolled that soft little cock across my tongue as it began to get a little longer, a little thicker. It was nowhere near where it had been before. I knew it wouldn't, but I kept going, kept sucking him.

"Beg." his body spasmed on the floor, he was panting, and I let him slip from my mouth, shifting to look at him. His expression was a mix of horror, excitement, and need.

"Please, Mistress." he swallowed. A little trail of blood was still leaking from his neck. It was all over the floor from his leg.

I licked my lips, tasting him on them. "Please, what pet?"

He swallowed again. "Please let me live."

I stepped over his body and crouched down until I was straddling his hips, pushing him flat onto his back. I lined his mostly limp cock up against my pussy. "Why should I? You can't even please me the way I want right now."

I rocked my hips over him, grinding my pussy lips over his cock. "You couldn't fuck me to save your life, So why should I let you live?"

He spasmed under me as I rubbed against him. "I'll lick you, eat your juices, use my fingers on you to please you, Mistress. Would you please let me live? Please let me pleasure you."

The note of desperation in his voice is exactly what I wanted. " Hmm... Are you any good pet?"

I Shifted, so the head of his weakened cock was against my entrance but unable to push in. I was so wet from all this, the power high, the blood, the toy under me I was slowly breaking.

He shuddered, squirming under me as he whimpered. "Please let me try, Mistress. Please let me pleasure you."

I rolled off him and to the side onto my own back, spreading my legs wide. "Come eat, pet."

He managed to move between my legs, likely self-preservation kicking in. He took no time to tease me, to work up to anything. He buried his face in my pussy, rubbing, licking, trying to find any spots that pleased me.

A slight sound drew my attention to the woman he had chained. She was watching us both. I smiled at her, my hand moving to the back of the man's neck. "I'm not pleased yet, or impressed pet."

He drove his tongue inside of me. It was a bit longer than what most humans have. My hips twitched. "Better."

His hands wrapped around my legs, pulling his whole upper body closer, giving him a better angle. I could smell his arousal, and what amused me most was I could smell hers. She was watching me, my naked body, with hunger. Lifting my hands to my breasts, I cupped them, taking the nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. I pinched them.

The blond twitched slightly, the smell of her arousal grew stronger. "So that's why you hated his touch so much. You are a Lesbian."

Her eyes met mine, the truth was there. "Say it."

"I like women. Please don't make any more men fuck me." When the man between my legs started to move his head I shoved it back down.

"I didn't say Stop. You haven't pleased me enough yet." His tongue went back to working my pussy, licking any and every inch. I had been around long enough I could hide most of my good spots, but the temptation to just let go was strong. I wasn't ready to reward him yet though.

"What would you give me to prevent a man fucking that cunt of yours?" He pushed his tongue inside me again, My hips lifting slightly with how good that felt.

"What will you do to keep it from happening?" She swallowed hard.

"Anything. I don't want a Man inside me ever again." I smiled. I had her now, her weakness.

"Anything?" I laughed, though the sound at the end wasn't steady as the man between my legs had finally figured out a good way to please me.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear."

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