Ruby Tears

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"So our little blond bunny has grown a spine." I climbed up off the only man in the room.

"New game pets. You will fuck him. " Neither one seemed at all please by my words.

"Please, Mistress, I never want this Monster inside me again." I laughed.

"You misunderstood me, Bunny... Yes, I do like Bunny for you. You will fuck him. I'm sure you will find something in here suitable to rip into his ass."

She blinked, looking a little horrified. I shifted my attention to the man. "You will not fight it. If I find you have anyway, I will strip the skin from your penis before I remove it and feed it to you raw bite, by bite. Do you understand?"

He nodded. "Good boy. You two have fun now."

Leaving the room, I sent two guards inside to watch, ordering to feed when all the fun was over. A servant came out of the wings bringing me a robe, and I wandered down the hall to a large meeting room, taking a seat at an empty table.

"Summon my council." The servants that shadowed the room slipped away to do my bidding. One stepped forward, offering his throat.

"No, bring me the world map. " I waved a hand and sent him off.

Within moments he and another servant brought out a large map and rolled it out across the table. The first of my council arrived. Zelda was the name she had taken on some years past, just one name, as most of my council did, abandoning the words they had been given at birth. She was only one hundred years younger, but her power was a good deal lower.

The woman was what many would describe as an amazon, taller than me at six-five, slender but all lean muscle of an African warrior that she was, but her skin had been bleached at birth. Her tribe has thought to kill her and see her as a curse as a person with albinism. Likely the fact I had been feeding on the tribe for the past few weeks had not helped the situation.

Her mother had on her birthing bed killed the midwife that wanted her child dead, fleeing with the child. The screams of a newborn, the blood of the mother, had drawn me. She offered her life to me to spare the child. I had taken neither. Instead, I killed all who hunted them that night.

My act of kindness had gained me a most loyal servant and, when the child grew up, an even more loyal commander for my armies. Her mother, Zen, was still within my ranks as well. She handled the staff and my household for me.

The next to enter was Tor, a Viking, a mountain of a man who had married Zelda so long ago I had even forgotten how long it had been. A redhead, with a beard to match that went down to his well-muscled abdomen.

Zelda took the seat to my left, Tor to my right. The rest filed in not long after Cain, once a prince of Persa, now my third in command. Beca, my fourth, was a tiny wee Irish female and took to jokes about the little people of that land poorly.

Fea, my fifth, had never been human to start with though adding her to our ranks had been interesting, and her blood was an addiction I fought hard to break. Will was my sixth one of the youngest. The cowboy was still wise beyond his years and a trained killer long before I came across him.

When Will took his seat last, they all looked at me. "A Hunter was brought to me after killing one of our ruling families. It seems they thought eating children was something that would be overlooked forever."

No one spoke but waited as I paused after that statement. "I want a review of all my lands. The last thing I want is Hunter's bringing yet another war to my doorstep. "

I motioned to the map where I had taken over the whole territory of the United States. "It took us years to settle the silent wars behind the eyes of humans. I had to make many deals with the government to bring us this far. How many of our people died for this."

Still, the group was silent, but nodding did pass around the table. "I want you to check personally. Now, updates, concerns?"

Will spoke up first. "Do we know which clan the Hunter came from?"

Shifting in the chair to gain a more comfortable angle and rested my chin on a hand propped up on the chair's arm. "He has yet to break, no visible markings. He is a lion, but that is all I can say for sure at the moment."

Beca added in next. "Should we see about sending spies into the Hunter clans?"

My empty hand tapped on the other arm of the chair. "I do not seek war with them yet. if a spy is caught, it could lead to that. "

"What outcome of this do you want? "Cain's questions were good ones. "They did not speak with us first, or have us police our issue. Could he be working alone?"

" I do not want a war. Not yet. Something has been bothering me about this. A single hunter could be a test to see how we react. Or he could have gone rogue." I paused, but they waited, all of them knowing me far too well.

"Send human messengers, not even sixteen, with the details for a video conference at week's end. One to each known clan, let them know one of their people has broken the truce and is in my care. This will be the only chance for them to avoid war."

The table nodded. "How many of the current candidates are ready to be turned?"

Tor answered. " All five thousand can be transitioned within the week."

I looked to Zelda before she even spoke. She nodded. "I have the housing. With the current food supply, we can transition them smoothly, but I would ask some of the decorations be added to the rations."

Rubbing my fingers over my lips, I considered the options. "The drawback of converting them all now if we do not go to war?"

Fae spoke. "We will have to transition all of them out into the outer territories within three months and have a much larger food chain to maintain them."

I sighed. "Do it. I want notices sent to all that a way may be brewing, and all candidates for local offices need to have their resumes sent in by tomorrow. I want all our legitimate Blood banks to double intake, and Fae handles the funds for staffing the supply needs of the current banks. Beca, you will find one more location in every major city for each."

I shifted my gaze to Will." You will handle the Messengers, details of the meeting, and security." I moved my gaze between Zelda and Tor. "You have two weeks to have them battlefield ready, four for those you think are worth the extra time."

I sat back. "I still have the reviews done, travel light, travel safe, Take turns, I want only one of you away from home at a time."

My council nodded in agreement. "Yes, M'Lady." was spoken simultaneously, and the group filtered out. I looked at the map, my fingers lightly brushing over it, the servant who had brought it returned to my side.

"If I may, Mistress. it would be an honor to serve and aid you in anything you need." I glanced up at the man. He was likely in his forties, age starting to show, and I knew what he wanted. So many sought to gain more time.

"Submit your name as a candidate. Once reviewed, it will be decided whether you may or may not. If anyone else here wishes to do the same, you may as well. For now, you are all dismissed." They all bowed and slipped from the room.

I ran my hand over the map once more. War, I could admit to myself while alone, was indeed appealing. A loss could cost me all, but a win would give me the world. "The possibilities are endless..."

I let the smile move freely against my lips. A new game was in play, the only thing worth living for anymore.

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