Contracted to Mr Collins Pt. 2 - Commitment

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Chapter 4 – We're Golden

Shamus slaps his hand off his knee while shuttering with laughter and points his finger at Aiden. “Don’t test your Nan, boy. I’ve been itching for a reason to beat one of your asses since you got here, and you know she’ll make me do it if you go against her.”

Laughing, Max looks over at Claire and shakes his head. “Still bossing the old man around, huh Nan?”

“You better believe it, my boy. Someone has to tell him what to do. Lord knows if I didn’t, he’d be walking around in circles.” A wide grin works across her face as she stands. “Are you guys hungry? I can make some sandwiches. I have some leftover moose meat in the fridge.”

It doesn’t surprise Rebecca when Max jumps all over that offer. “Yes, please! I’ll take one of those. Have you ever had a moose meat sandwich, Becca?”

She shakes her head. “No. I can’t say I have.”

Squeezing her hand, Aiden cocks his head in her direction. “Oh, baby. You have no idea what you’re missing.” He looks back up at Claire. “You better count us in too, Nan.”

Rebecca tries to follow Claire into the kitchen, but Aiden tightens his grip on her hand and holds her in place. Her eyes dart to his. “I’m just gonna go help your Nan.”

“Oh, no. I’m fine, dear. You stay and chat with the men. It’ll only take me a minute,” Claire chimes back, disappearing down the hall.

Turning his attention to Rebecca, Shamus chucks his chin at her with a serious gaze. “So, tell me, Rebecca. Are my boys treating you well? I want you to be honest. You can tell me if they’re not.”

Feeling the heat creep across her cheeks, she gives him a sweet smile and nods. “Yes, Mr. Collins. You’ve raised some wonderful men. Although I’m sure, you already know that.”

He gives her a stern look and curls his lip with a grunt. “Mr. Collins? Oh, child. I won’t be having that now. You’ll call me Pop. You’re practically one of the family from what I can tell.” Shamus smiles. “As for my boys, well, I couldn’t be prouder of them. Now, if only we could bounce a grandchild on our knee before we die. That would make us extremely happy.”

Rebecca’s eyes grow wide.

Could he hear us in her back room?

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Aiden shifts his weight. “Okay, Pop. Really?”

Max chortles. “I’d gladly give you a grandbaby to bounce on your knee, Pop. I just haven’t had the opportunity yet.”

Shamus seems frustrated. He throws his hands up in the air. “I have no idea what the hell you boys are waiting for. You know you’re going to be thirty this year, right? It’s time to settle down, have a family. You do want children, don’t you?” Without waiting for either of them to answer, he turns his gaze to Rebecca. “How about you, Rebecca? You must want children. Don’t you?”

Oh, shit! Talk about putting me in the hot seat. It’s not something we’ve ever discussed, but an honest answer is always best.

Rebecca’s head darts from Aiden to Max then back to Shamus again. “Yes, absolutely. I’d love to have children when the time is right.”

“When the time is right?” Shamus glances between Max and Aiden then focuses back on her. “This is your time, sweetheart. There are two virile men right here that are more than willing and able to provide. I’m sure they can make it happen. Can’t you, boys? I mean, Claire and I don’t have too many good years left ahead of us to enjoy them, you know. I see no reason to wait.”

Max can only laugh as he watches Aiden’s face tense. “Jesus, Pop!”

Rebecca is sure her jaw has come unhinged, and she’s so thankful when Claire enters the room with a plateful of sandwiches in hand, bringing the discussion to an end. “Moose meat sandwiches at your service. There’s tomato and onion in this container if anyone wants it. Shamus, can you grab the tray of hot cocoa and cream from the kitchen?”

“You know it, my queen.” Shamus immediately takes to his feet and heads for the kitchen. When he returns. He places the tray on the table and looks over at Max. “Have you taken Rebecca out to see the horses yet, son? I bet she’d love to go for a ride.”

Taking a big bite of his sandwich, Max shakes his head. “Not yet, Pop, but I will. I can take her out tomorrow after breakfast if she wants.” He turns to face her. “That is if you want. It’s totally up to you, princess.”

Rebecca nods excitedly. “Are you kidding? I’d love to.”

Grabbing a sandwich, Shamus grins. “Great! Then I’ll take Aiden fishing with me. What do you say, Aiden?”

Tensing at the thought of Rebecca going riding alone with Max, he smiles as he struggles to swallow. “Sure, Pop. That sounds like fun. I haven’t been fishing in years.”

Claire smiles at Rebecca and nods. “Yes. I think it sounds like a fine day. I have some gardening to get done anyway, and Max can finally exercise his own dang horses.”

When the evening comes to a close, Aiden says goodnight to his grandparents and leads Rebecca to their room. The room is nicely decorated with natural wood accents to match the rest of the house. There’s a full en-suite with a jacuzzi tub and a huge separate shower stall. It’s not hard for Rebecca to determine that Aiden designed this place.

Aiden strolls toward the bathroom. “I brought your favourite bubble bath. I thought I might run us a bath before bed. What do you think?”

“Sure.” Looking around the room for her bag, Rebecca can’t seem to find it. “Did you happen to bring my bag in?”

Peeking his head out from the bathroom, he takes a minute to admire the woman he’s fallen in love with and prays he didn’t screw it up by leaving her with Max the night before. “Of course, I did, baby. I’ve already unpacked it for you while you were off with Nan. Your stuff is in the top three drawers.”

“Thank you. That was really sweet of you.” Looking in the top drawer, she finds her undergarments and nighties just as they would be at home. Pulling out a red satin nightie and matching panties, she lays them out on the bed and heads for the bathroom. When she walks into the dimmed room, she finds Aiden already soaking deep in bubbles. Tall pillar candles fill the air with a soft scent of vanilla while his phone plays romantic music. A smile works slowly across her face as her eyes meet his. “Now, this is a lovely surprise.”

She swears she can see a faint flush creep across his cheeks as he graces her with a crooked smile. “I thought I’d try and make it up to you for not coming to Max’s room last night. I can’t tell you how sorry I am, Rebecca. I’ve honestly never regretted anything more.”

She shrugs off his statement with a warm smile. “Aiden, there is no doubt in my mind that you love me. I’m hoping you’re not doubting my love for you because I stayed with Max last night. When you didn’t come back, I assumed that maybe you needed a night to yourself. I know being in a relationship is still a new thing for you. I thought you might have needed some space.”

Actually, Max thought you did, but I won’t be opening that can of worms.

Taking her hand, he helps her into the tub and guides her down onto his lap. “I do love you. I love you very much,” he says, placing light kisses along her neck and collarbone. “What do you say we put last night behind us?”

Sliding his hand around the nape of her neck, he pulls her close covering her mouth with his.

His kiss is so tender —

So passionate.

She easily begins to lose herself to his lips. The feeling of him swelling under her not only lets her know his immediate intentions, but it awakens her own need. She grinds her bottom against his stiff shaft with a moan. “I need to feel you, Aiden.”

Looking into his eyes, she lifts slightly to let him situate himself at her entrance. “I’m all yours, baby.”

Gripping her hips, he helps guide her down slowly until he’s buried deep inside her. “My god, Rebecca. You feel so fucking good.”

He lowers his mouth to her breast, circling her nipple with his tongue until it stands at attention. She presses her chest forward, working her hands through his hair with a moan. “Ahh, Aiden.”

When he’s satisfied he has given that side enough consideration, he eagerly kisses his way across her chest in search of the other to administer the same glorious treatment. His arms wrap around her waist, pulling her closer as he thrusts his hips upward, driving himself deep into her body. Rebecca frantically rises and falls, meeting each thrust with a groan. Her movements now solely driven by the need to quench her body’s thirst.

Grasping his shoulders, she circles her hips and lets out a deep moan. Water splashes over the side of the tub as he watches her every movement, savouring the intense pleasure etched on her face. Rebecca’s head drops back, and she can hear his voice strain. “Fuck yes, baby. I need you to kiss me.”

She lowers her lips to his. The soft warmth of his tongue glides across hers, sending goosebumps across her flesh. He sucks it into his mouth, sending a magnificent burst of excitement through to her core. A moan rolls up from the pit of her stomach, and she grinds herself against him until she can feel her legs begin to tremble. Her core heats with the anticipation of her impending orgasm.

Feeling her tense around him, he releases her tongue and guides her hips with his hands, rocking her back and forth. Aiden stares up at her, his eyes heavy with desire, his voice something of a low growl. “That’s it, Baby. Cum for me.”

When Rebecca’s eyes spring open, she’s gazing directly into his cobalt blue eyes. The first intense wave of excitement bursts through her, and she can feel her body tense as it clenches around him. “Oh — My God — Yes!”

Her lips fall back to his as he grips her hips tighter, thrusting into her one last time. His head falls back against the wall as a deep satisfying moan echoes through the room.

Dropping her head to his chest, they sit breathlessly. Their bodies are still throbbing from their release when Aiden strokes her damp hair and exhales exhaustedly. “Fuck, Rebecca. I could live inside you.” Chuckling, she tries to get up, but Aiden tightens his grip holding her in place. “Don’t move. Just sit here for a minute. I just want to hold you.” He runs his hands down her back and kisses her neck.

Resting her cheek on his shoulder, she takes a moment to calm her breathing. Her hand methodically drawing circles on his chest as she smiles up at him. “I love you.”

Turning his head to face her, he admires the fresh flush on her cheeks, loving the fact he’s the one that has brought it to the surface. Smiling, he reaches for her wandering hand. “I love you more than you can imagine, Rebecca.”

He looks down at her fingertips and kisses them. “I think we should get you out of here. You’re looking a little water-logged.”

Giggling, she shifts off his lap. “Yeah, I guess we’ve been in here a while.”

Rebecca’s eyes scan the length of Aiden’s body as he stands to grab a towel, wrapping it around his waist. Her eyes are drawn to his muscular form as he heads for the bedroom. Glancing back, he winks. “Why don’t you find us a movie while I go get us a cup of Nan’s famous cocoa and some munchies?”

“Mmm, munchies sound good.”

Pulling on her nightie, Rebecca settles onto the bed to check Netflix for a movie when she hears a knock on the door. Assuming it’s Aiden with his hands full, she tosses the remote down and runs toward the door. “Coming!”

Flinging open the door, she’s surprised to find Max on the other side. He’s leaning against the doorframe wearing nothing but a pair of pyjama pants and a mischievous grin. His eyes slowly trail along her body as he straightens. “Wow, Becca. You look fucking hot in red. Mind if I come in?”

Smiling shyly, she shakes her head. “Thanks, Max, but I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. Aiden’s just gone downstairs to get us a cup of your Nan’s famous cocoa before bed. You and I both know he wouldn’t be pleased about finding you in our room when he gets back.”

Max rests back against the door frame and gently twists a tendril of her hair around his finger. “Aww, come on, Becca. We know better than to fight here at Nan and Pop’s. Pop isn’t kidding when he says he’ll kick our asses. Besides, we’d never upset Nan like that.”

The sound of Aiden clearing his throat penetrates the air as he steps around Max and glares at him. “You just can’t seem to help yourself. Can you, Max?”

He sets the tray full of selected snacks and a couple of cups of hot cocoa down on the dresser than stands behind Rebecca. “What is it you want, Max? Besides my girlfriend, that is?”

“Come on, Aiden. Why do you have to be such a dick? I thought maybe the three of us could watch a movie together. Nan and Pop can sense the tension between us.” Max steps into the bedroom and shuts the door. “We need to drop it. There’s one thing that will never change. We’ll always be brothers, right?”

Rebecca looks up at Aiden with pleading eyes. “He has a point, Aiden. You don’t want to upset your grandparents.” She lays her hand on his arm and glances between them. “It’s killing me that you two are fighting. I can’t bear the thought of coming between you and Max. If that’s what is going to happen, then I’ll need to walk away from you both. I won’t allow myself to come between you two.”

Glancing over at Max with a scowl, Aiden settles his gaze back on Rebecca. “Baby, you’re not coming between us, and you’re not going anywhere. Max and I will sort this out.” He looks back at Max with pursed lips. “Won’t we, Max?”

Smiling confidently, Max kisses Rebecca’s forehead. “You have nothing to worry about, princess. Aiden and I are golden. Right, bro?”

Trying to conceal his scorn, Aiden nods and takes a seat on the bed. He rests his back against the headboard and forces a smile. “Yeah, right. We’re golden.”

Ignoring Max to the best of his ability, he directs his attention to Rebecca. “Outlaw King is on. Didn’t you say you wanted to watch that, baby?”

She climbs onto the bed and snuggles up next to him. “Yeah. I’ve seen the previews. It looks pretty good.”

Snuggling up against Rebecca’s bottom, Max smiles. “That sounds good to me. I’m in.”

When the movie starts, Aiden places the tray of food across his lap and drapes his arm over Rebecca’s shoulder, pulling her close. Resting her head on his chest, she reaches for some popcorn and glances up at him. “This is nice. I like having you two in the same room without you fighting.”

“I agree.” Max lays his hand on her hip and shifts closer. “This is how it’s supposed to be, princess.”

“Yeah yeah.” Leaning over, Aiden glares at Max’s hand on Rebecca’s hip. “Can you just be quiet so we can watch the movie?”

A grin stretches across Max’s face as he wraps his leg around Rebecca’s. “Sure, if you’ll share the popcorn.”

Aiden kisses Rebecca on the top of the head and feigns a smile. “If it were only the popcorn you wanted me to share, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”


Around 6 am the next morning. Shamus peeks his head in the room to collect Aiden for fishing. What he finds is the three of them snuggled up on the bed together. Rebecca is lying across Aiden’s chest with Max’s arm slung over her hip.

Shamus quickly runs to fetch Claire. “Ma, get your camera. This is the most precious sight I’ve ever seen. You’ve gotta get a picture of this.”

Claire grabs her camera and rushes back to Aiden’s room. “Aww, would you just look at them?” She clicks a couple of pictures then shuts the door quietly. “You can’t go disturbing them, Shamus. I’ll make some noise down in the kitchen. Surely, one of them will venture down on their own shortly.”

Putting his arm around her shoulder, he smiles. “Maybe we’ll get that grandbaby sooner than we thought.”

Swatting his arm, Claire shakes her head. “Oh, for goodness sakes. Don’t you go making up stories, Shamus Collins. It looks innocent enough to me.”

Perching himself at the kitchen table with his newspaper, Shamus laughs. “Oh, come on, Ma. We always taught them to share. Why should a wife be any different? Besides, it doubles our chances at a grandbaby.”

Shrugging off his comment, Claire smiles. “I have no issue with the boys sharing a wife. It’s clear they both love her, and it’s obvious that she feels the same for them.”

Shamus nods in agreement. “Well, I guess only time will tell what’s really going on with the three of them. Now, considering I have time, I suppose I’ll have some of those pancakes you offered earlier. It seems that I have to wait for loverboy to wake up anyway. I certainly don’t want to disturb the trio.” He winks over at Claire. “I may as well gain some nourishment while I wait.”

Claire purposely makes a little extra noise retrieving the pan from the cupboard and smiles over at her husband of almost 52 years. “I’m sure they won’t be sleeping too much longer, honey.”

She starts the coffee and whips up a batch of blueberry pancakes. Before the coffee has time to finish brewing, Aiden strolls into the kitchen, wiping the sleep from his eyes. “Hey, Pop. Why didn’t you come to get me? I thought we were going fishing.”

Looking up from his newspaper, Shamus adjusts his glasses and smiles. “Yeah, well, when I peeked into your room this morning and saw the three of you snuggled up together, I just couldn’t bring myself to disturb you.”

Bowing his head, Aiden runs his hand over his face. “Right. I guess we must have all fallen asleep. The last thing I remember, we were watching The Outlaw King together.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Shamus looks over at Claire as she flips another pancake onto the plate. “It’s no big deal. Nan persuaded me with her blueberry pancakes to have breakfast first anyway. You know how hard it is to resist those.”

Aiden turns to go back upstairs when Shamus halts him. “Hey! Where the hell do you think you’re going? Take a seat. We’re going to have breakfast, son.”

Running his hand through his hair, he stares back at his grandfather. “I thought I’d get dressed and wake up Rebecca and Max for breakfast.”

Shamus waves him off and kicks out the chair across from him. “Sit. They’ll come down when they’re ready.”

He watches Claire set the plate of pancakes on the table and hand Aiden a cup of coffee. “They’re not coming fishing. I could care less what time they get up. Now, eat before it gets cold so we can go.”

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