Contracted to Mr Collins Pt. 2 - Commitment

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Chapter 5 – A Day to Remember

Rebecca wakes to a hard body pressing against her backside. Lifting her head, she checks the bottom of the bed for Aiden’s pyjama bottoms. It’s customary for him to drape them across the bed when he dresses. When she doesn’t see them, she takes hold of the hand on her hip and slides it into the front of her panties. A throaty moan flutters across her neck as his hips push forward, and he lifts her leg. Moving her panties to the side, she invites him in.

Without hesitation, he slides through her wetness and enters her from behind. His hand slips back into the front of her panties. Toying with her delicate bud, he nips playfully at her shoulder. She presses her bottom against him, and their hips begin moving in perfect time as they strive for that mutual satisfaction. When a charge of pleasure ripples from the depths of her core, she gasps. It’s a rush that’s similar to sitting on top of a roller coaster waiting for that ultimate plunge.

She swings her hand back and grasps his hip. His lips press against her ear, sending stray strands of her hair fluttering across her face with every breath. He reaches up to rest his hand on her throat, and Rebecca’s body tenses, her inner muscles squeeze around him. Her legs begin to tremble, and she lets out a moan. The hand on her throat tightens, and he drives himself deeper with a groan. One last thrust and she can feel the heat of his release pulsating into her. They lay perfectly still, panting as their bodies vibrate shamelessly against one another.

Still reluctant to move, he nuzzles her neck. “Good morning, beautiful. Did I mention how much I love it when you wake me up with this body of yours?”

Rebecca’s heart slams against her chest. Pulling away, she spins around to face Max. “Fuck!”

Reaching for her robe, she scurries from the bed. “God damn it, Max! I thought you were Aiden.”

Propping himself up on his elbow, he feigns a frown. “Now, princess. That’s not very nice. In fact, that kind of hurt.”

“You can’t say anything to him, Max. I mean it. Your feud will start all over again.”

Chuckling, he watches her grab a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, then head for the bathroom. “Relax, Becca. I won’t say anything.” Seemingly unaware of his nudity, he walks over to the bathroom and leans against the doorframe with his arms folded. “Although you have to admit, he does keep leaving us alone in bed. This type of thing is inevitable. I swear it’s almost as if he wants us to make love.”

Letting out a huff, she glares back at him. “Yeah. I highly doubt that. He was supposed to go fishing this morning, but his pyjama pants aren’t here. Which means he’s still in the house.” She pulls her hair back into a ponytail and strides for the door.

Max grabs her hand and pulls her into his arms, placing a light kiss on her forehead. “Seriously, you need to relax. Everything will be fine. I have no need to say anything.”

Pursing her lips, she forces a smile and nods. “I’m going to go downstairs. I need a coffee, and I’d like to see him before he leaves.”

Grabbing his pyjama pants from the floor, Max pulls them on and waves her forward. “Coffee sounds great. I’ll come with you. We can have some breakfast before I take you out to meet the horses.”

Rebecca heads downstairs, with Max trailing only a few steps behind her. As she nears the kitchen, she can hear Aiden’s voice and glances back nervously. He swipes his hand across his lips, suggesting he’s zipped them closed and follows her into the kitchen with a grin.

Shamus looks up from his half-eaten pancakes. “See! There they are. I told you no one could resist the smell of your Nan’s blueberry pancakes.” Winking at Rebecca, he smiles. “Good morning, young lady.”

Heading over to stand next to Aiden, she can feel her cheeks burn as she returns his smile. “Good morning.”

He chucks his chin at Max. “Morning, Son. How’d you two sleep?”

Aiden pulls out the chair beside him for Rebecca and motions for her to sit. “Good morning, baby.” Giving her a kiss, he places a plate down in front of her. His gaze narrowing in on Max as he takes his seat across from them. “What’s with the shit-eating grin, Max?”

Laughing, Max shakes his head. He glances over at Rebecca and winks before glaring back at Aiden. “I woke up beside this beautiful lady this morning. Why wouldn’t I be grinning?” Leaning back in his chair, he looks over at Shamus. “I slept great, Pop. Thanks for asking.”

Shamus empties his coffee mug and knocks his knuckles on the table. “Finish up, boy. I want to get going.” He gives Max a serious look. “You two be careful out riding today. There’s been a cougar and bear sighting in the area again. Take one of my rifles with you. Just in case.”

Max nods then looks over at Aiden. “Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to her.”

Setting a plate of fresh blueberry pancakes down on the table, Claire pours each of them a cup of coffee. “Good morning, you two. Are you still going riding this morning?”

Rebecca smiles up at her with a nod taking the cup of coffee from her hand. “Good morning, Mrs. Collins. Thank you.”

Claire places her hand on Rebecca’s shoulder. “No need to be so formal, hun. Just call me Nan. If you’re special enough for Aiden and Max to bring home, then you’re family to us.”

Shamus stands and places a kiss on Claire’s cheek. “I love you. We’ll be home for supper.” He walks over to Rebecca and puts his hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. “You stay close to Max out there today, sweetie. No going off on your own.”

He smacks Aiden on the back. “Go get dressed, son. I want to go.”

“Okay, Pop.” Aiden drains his coffee cup and leans into Rebecca, giving her a kiss. “I love you. You heard Pop. No wandering off on your own today, and be careful.” Smiling down at her, he kisses her again. “Have a good time. I’ll see you later.”

Pointing at Max, his eyes narrow. “She’s never been riding before, so take it easy with her.”

Folding his arms across his chest, Max looks up at Aiden with a grin. “Will you relax, bro. If I have any doubts about her riding capabilities, I’ll double her in my saddle.”

Aiden rolls his eyes, his voice steeped with sarcasm. “Of course, you will.” He gives Rebecca one last kiss and heads upstairs to change.

Claire pats Rebecca’s hand. “Don’t worry, honey. Pop will talk to Aiden today about this jealous streak of his. He should come home with a better attitude.”

Glancing up at her, Max winks. “Yeah, don’t worry about it, princess. Pop has a way of putting things into perspective.”

Standing, Claire wipes her hands down her apron. “I’m going to go pack up the lunches I made for your travels today.”

Max jams half a pancake into his mouth and washes it down with the remainder of his coffee. Leaning over the table, he kisses Rebecca on the top of her head. “Well, that’s my cue. I’m going to get dressed and bring up the horses. Finish your breakfast, and I’ll come and get you when I’m ready.”


Finishing off the last couple bites of her pancakes, Rebecca picks up her and Max’s plates and places them into the dishwasher. As she’s about to turn around, Aiden slips his arms around her waist and playfully kisses her neck. Giggling, she spins to face him. “I thought you already left.”

“I just needed one last kiss first.”

She throws her arms around his neck and kisses him. The horn blows outside, and Aiden smiles against her lips. “Guess I better get out there before Pop pulls me out by my ear.”

Smiling, she watches as he steps back toward the door. “I love you. Be sure to catch me a big one.”

As Rebecca watches Aiden climb into Shamus’s truck, she sees Max walking up with two huge horses. Claire stands next to her, gazing out the window. “They’re beautiful horses, aren’t they? Max named them Throne and Jewel. Throne has a broader stance, he’s the black and white shire horse, and Jewel is the golden gypsy. She’s the calmer of the two.”

Rebecca can’t seem to pull her eyes from them. “They’re massive. They look like workhorses.”

“Well, technically they are,” Claire says, “but they’re gentle enough to ride. Max rides them every time he’s here. Come, let’s go meet them.” Taking Rebecca’s arm, she leads her outside.

Max looks over as he runs his hand down Jewel’s neck. “This is Jewel. Beautiful, isn’t she?”

Rebecca nods, reaching her hand out to let Jewel give her a sniff. “Mmhm. They both are.”

He smiles, interlocking his fingers together as he bends down. “Here, let me help you up. Just grab the saddle and step into my hands. I’ll boost you up so you can throw your leg over.”

Once Rebecca is seated in the saddle, Max hands her the reins. “Well? How do you feel up there? Do you think you can handle her? Or do you want to ride out with me, and you can try riding her back home?”

Watching them nervously, Claire quickly steps in. “You had better let her ride with you for a bit before she rides alone, Maxwell. I know Jewel is calm, but she’s never ridden before.”

Knowing better than to defy Nan, and not overly against the idea of having her to rub up against the entire ride, he reaches up to retrieve the reins from Rebecca. He ties Jewel’s reins to the back of Throne’s saddle then helps Rebecca down. “Looks like you’ll be riding with me for the first bit, princess.” He helps her up onto Throne’s back and flicks his hand. “Scoot forward so I can slide in behind you.”

She can feel her cheeks flush as Max tucks himself in tight to her behind. “You good?” he asks, wrapping his arms around her to grab the reins.


Max smiles against the side of her neck. “Mmm, me too. This position brings back memories of this morning. I’m glad Nan suggested you ride with me.”

Claire’s voice rings out, grabbing their attention. “Your lunch is in the bag strapped to Jewel. You made sure Pop’s rifle was loaded, right?”

“Yes, Nan. I even brought blankets and extra ammo, just in case.” Smiling at her, he clicks his tongue and nudges Throne forward. “We’ll be home for supper.”

Watching them disappear through the trees, Claire hollers out, “Be careful and enjoy your day!”


Tossing the gear into the boat, Aiden can’t help but think about Max alone in the wild with Rebecca. It’s never bothered him before to know Max is pursuing one of his women, but then again, he’s never loved anyone before.

Shamus hands him a life jacket. “Put it on, and don’t give me no shit about how good of a swimmer you are. No one is a good swimmer when they’re knocked unconscious.”

Aiden shakes his head with a smile. “You read me too well, Pop.”

Glancing back, Shamus starts the engine. “Yeah, and I can tell that right now, you’re worried about Rebecca being alone with Max.”

Speechless, Aiden lowers his head. “Son, I need to tell you something. I’m an old man, and I’ve seen a lot during my years. That girl loves you, but she loves Max just as much. I can also see you and Max feel just as strongly for her.”

Aiden starts to say something, but Shamus puts his hand up to stop him. “No, let me finish. I’m not a stupid man, Aiden. I know you and your brother have been sharing your women since you were teens. Just because you both love this one shouldn’t change that. She obviously has enough love for both of you. Making her choose wouldn’t just rip out one of your hearts, but it would destroy her too. Max doesn’t seem to have a problem, and his feelings are just as strong for the girl. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be?”

Running his hand through his hair, Aiden nods. “Rebecca told us last night she’d walk away from us both if she thought she was coming between us as brothers.”

Shaking his finger in the air with a smile, Shamus nods. “She’s not just beautiful, but she’s wise beyond her years.”

Aiden’s eyes soften as his gaze fixes on his Pop. “I want to settle down and have a family with her, though Pop. How can I be sure it will be my child if she’s still sleeping with Max?”

Shamus stops the boat and turns to face Aiden. “Is that what you’re concerned about?” Aiden nods with a shrug. “What does that even matter? You and Max are identical twins. You carry the same DNA for Christ’s sake. You may be my grandsons, but Nan and I raised you. To us, you are our sons, and I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Your Nan had an affair around the time she got pregnant for your mother. I honestly have no idea if your mother carries my DNA or not, and I truly don’t care. She is my daughter. I was in the delivery room when she took her first breath, and I stayed up at night when she was sick. I scolded her when she was bad, I kissed her skinned knees, and I hugged her as often as I could. I am her father. Do you understand?”

Feeling the heat rush through his body, Aiden’s suddenly embarrassed that he’s even questioned such a thing. “You’re right. I never thought of it like that.” He shakes his head with a smile. “Who am I kidding? I’ve never thought of having a child before now, but when Rebecca’s phone went off while we were in Jamaica, and it was a reminder for her birth control shot. That was when I realized I didn’t want her to get it. I like the idea of possibly being a father.”

“Did she get the shot?”

Aiden shrugs. “I’m not honestly sure. We had a problem with her ex-boyfriend, and she flew back to Victoria. I forgot to tell her about the reminder.”

Shamus’s eyes grow wide. “So, she very well may be unprotected right now? Hell, she could already be pregnant!”

Sitting back in his seat, Aiden takes a deep breath and runs his hands through his hair. “Yeah, I mean, I guess. I don’t know. I’m not exactly sure how the shot works.”

Laughing, Shamus slaps him on the back. “Oh son, you and Max could be fathers very soon after all. That’s the best news I’ve heard all day!” Pulling a couple of beers from the cooler, he hands one to Aiden and lifts his in the air. “Cheers!”


Max sticks to the trail along the lake, knowing they’ll run into the Muchalat Lake campground. There they can rest the horses, take a swim and eat their lunch before heading back. “I’ve always loved it out here. We should talk to Aiden about moving out this way. The three of us could live in peace in this area.”

Rebecca turns her head slightly with a sympathetic glance. “I think the days of the three of us together like that are over, Max.”

Kissing her shoulder, he snickers. “Nah. Aiden just needs a day out with Pop. You’ll see. He’ll be fine when they get home.”

Rebecca shakes her head. “And what do you think your Nan and Pop would think of the three of us together? Wouldn’t it upset them?”

He shrugs. “They’re not as closed-minded as you may think. I know they already love you. That’s enough for me. Besides, like anyone else, they’ll simply have to adjust.”

Tugging Throne to a halt, Max points toward two bear cubs strolling beside the water. “Shh, they’re cute, but they mean momma bear isn’t far away. We’ll need to move slowly a little further into the bush.”

“Wait. I want to take a picture.” Rebecca pulls out her phone and snaps a couple of photos. “God, they’re so adorable.”

Moving deeper into the bush to avoid running into momma bear, Max spots a couple of elk grazing lazily on a patch of fresh grass. “Look over there, princess. See the elk?”

She quickly pulls her phone back out and takes a couple of pictures. “Such a beautiful animal.”

Max brushes a light kiss on her cheek. “Yeah, they sure are, but they’re no comparison to you.”

Heat settles on her cheeks, and looks at him through the corner of her eye. “Aww. Thanks, Max.” Suddenly, something darting toward the elk at a rapid speed catches her eye. She spins her head and points. “Max, look!”

“Shit!” Max halts Throne and grabs the rifle from the pack behind him. “Stay very still. That’s the cougar Pop was talking about.”

They watch in silence as the cougar swiftly takes down one of the elks.

Horrified, Rebecca leans into Max’s chest and covers her face. “Oh, my god! That’s horrible.”

Max slides his rifle back into his pack and wraps his arms around her. “That’s part of the circle of life out here, princess. I’m thankful the elk were there, or he probably would have been hunting us instead.” With a click of his tongue, Max nudges Throne’s side with his heel to signal him forward. “It’s only a few more minutes before we reach the campground. Nan and Pop keep a trailer out here. We can let the horses rest while we have a swim and eat our lunch before we head back.”

Rebecca shakes her head. “I didn’t bring a bathing suit with me.”

Nuzzling her neck, Max chuckles. “Good, me neither.”

When they arrive at the trailer, Max jumps off his horse and reaches up to help Rebecca down. Leaning forward, she lets herself fall into his outstretched arms and slides down the front of his body. Max’s lips fall to hers as he sets her on her feet in front of him. “Mmm. I love having you all to myself.”

“Mmhm, I bet you do.”

Wrapping his arms around her, he spins her playfully. “Oh, I do, princess. You bet I do.” Setting her back on her feet, he holds her at arm’s length and brushes a stray strand of hair back from her face. “I can’t deny that having you rub up against me the whole way here made me crave the feeling of you from the inside.”

Rebecca gasps, spinning away from him. “Max!”

His head falls back as he breaks into laughter, reaching out to pull her back into his arms. “Aww, come on, princess. I’m only being honest with you. I love being inside you. Is that a crime?”

Shaking her head, she bounces onto her toes to kiss him. “I’m not saying it’s a crime. I enjoy the feeling of your body too.”

“Mmm. You have no idea how happy I am to hear that.” Max opens the trailer door and lifts her into his arms. He strides for the bedroom at the back of the trailer and flops her down on the bed. “I need to feel that beautiful body of yours clench around me.”

Kicking off his shoes, he pulls his t-shirt over his head then quickly undoes his pants, letting them fall to the floor. “I’ve never wanted anyone like I want you. I swear my heart beats only to make you happy.”

Reaching for the hem of her shirt, he pulls it over her head and undoes her bra. Sliding the straps down her arms, he tosses it to the floor. As he starts to undo her jeans, his eyes meet hers. “Fuck, I’m so in love with you, Becca.” Shimmying her jeans and panties down her thighs, he kisses the path her jeans leave bare.

Her back arches, and she lets out a moan. “I love you too, Max.”

“Damn, I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.” He tosses her jeans to the floor behind him. “You know I’m gonna make you scream my name before I let you leave this trailer, right?”

She roars with laughter as he grabs her legs, flipping her onto her stomach. With her arms stretched out before her, she grasps for the bedsheet as he drags her back toward him. He grabs her hips, pulling her onto her knees. His heart pounds as he holds his hard shaft in his hand and runs the tip through her wetness. Leaning forward, he rests it against her opening. “Princess, tell me you want me as bad as I want you.”

Rebecca’s eyes are heavy with desire as she turns her head to the side to face him. “Max, I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t want to feel you inside me right now.”

“Fuck yeah, baby. That’s exactly what I needed to hear.” With a forward thrust, Max sinks himself deep inside her. He leans over and kisses her shoulder. “You have no idea what you do to me.”

Grinding himself into her, he pulls out ever so slightly only to ram himself back in repeatedly with a pleasurable grunt. His hand wraps around her hip, cupping her mound, and he slides a finger through her folds. Stroking her with exceptional precision, he uses the perfect amount of pressure. Shockwaves travel through her body with each stroke, and she drops her head. Her voice thick with pleasure. “Oh, yes – Max.”

“Oh, no. Not yet, princess.” He pulls his hand away, flipping her onto her back. “I want to see that beautiful face when you cum.”

Resting back on his hunches, he pulls her onto his lap and watches her slide him back inside her. His hands grip her bottom, and his head falls against her chest. “Holy fuck, baby.”

Guiding her along his shaft, he grinds her swollen bud against him with each stroke. Her hands fly to his shoulders, and she steadies herself as the first wave of her orgasm rips through her. “Oh — My God— Max!”

Every muscle in his body tightens simultaneously as her inner walls spasm around him. A deep moan crawls from the depths of his chest. “Fuck, yes! There is nothing like the look of pleasure on your face.”

Releasing her bottom, Max lets her ride out her orgasm. Watching each stroke as if he’s taking notes. Testing her tolerance, he slaps her bottom and is quite pleased when he feels her muscles clench around him once more. Their eyes meet, and suddenly he’s completely absorbed by her not just in this moment, but by this woman. He can literally see her passion unfolding before him.

It’s amazing –

She’s amazing.

Releasing a deep moan, she drops her head to his chest, rocking her hips back and forth slowly. “Jesus, Max. I think I just died.”

Kissing her shoulder, he grips her hips and thrusts upward. The sound of flesh slapping together echoes between them. “Ahh! Trust me, Becca. I’d never let you die.”

He slams himself into her one more time and stills. Holding himself in place as his seed spills into her. His words come out as a growl against the crevice of her neck. “Holy — fuck!”


Aiden jumps as the tip of his rod bends. “Oh, shit, son! Slow and steady when you reel it in. I’ll get the net. It looks like you’ve got a monster on the other end of that line!”

Shamus grabs the net and waits for him to reel it in close enough to scoop up.

Keeping tension on the line, Aiden carefully continues to reel it in. He turns to his grandfather with a wide grin. “Shit, Pop! It’s got a lot of fight!”

Shamus slaps him on the back. “You got this boy. Now, bring it in.”

They can see the shimmer as the fish gets closer. Dipping the net into the water, Shamus scoops it up with a hearty laugh. “Yes! You done caught yourself a steelhead, my boy!”

Aiden takes the hook from its mouth, holding it up with pride so Shamus can take a photo. “Do you have your scale, Pop?”

“Are you kidding? I wouldn’t come fishing without it.” He pulls it out of the tackle box and hooks it through the fish’s gills. “Damn, son! You have yourself an 18-pound steelhead. That’s only a couple pounds short of the record.”

He places the fish into their cooler. “What lure are you using? You’ve caught four fish today.”

Chuckling, Aiden shows him. “It’s just a plain silver kastmaster. I think you have another one in your tackle box.” He puts his rod down and leans over the edge of the boat to wash his hands. “Or, you can use my rod. I’m going to eat a couple of those sandwiches Nan packed us.”

Shamus slaps his hands off his thighs and nods. “Yep, good idea. You grab the sandwiches, and I’ll grab us a beer.”

Biting into his sandwich, Aiden leans back in his seat. “Hey, Pop? When’s the last time you and Nan heard from mom and dad?”

Taking a big slug of his beer, Shamus looks at him and exhales slowly. “Well, your mom calls now and again to ask for money. Apparently, they’re out in Las Vegas somewhere.” He hangs his head, busying himself with opening his sandwich. “They have a serious substance and gambling problem, son. We send them a couple of grand each time they call, and we won’t hear from them again until the next time they’re down on their luck.”

Aiden shakes his head. “I’m sorry I asked, Pop.”

“Nonsense.” Shamus smiles over at him. “You can ask me anything, son. That’s what I’m here for.”

Taking a drink of his beer, Aiden grabs another sandwich. “I’m thinking about asking to Rebecca to move out here. There’s a nice piece of land for sale just up a ways from yours. I can have the land cleared and a livable house built in less than a year if I have a couple of crews working on it. We can always add on and renovate once we’re in it.”

Shamus stares at him for a brief moment trying to decide whether he can believe his own ears. “Are you serious? What about your business?”

Nodding, Aiden says, “I’m very serious. I see how Rebecca’s eyes light up with wonderment out here. She loves the country. As for the business, I have an amazing director slash gatekeeper slash receptionist. Shit, she could single-handedly run that company. I mean, I may still have to pop in for the odd meeting, but she can certainly run it. Natasha has been taking care of it for the past month already.” Squinting through the sun, he looks up at his Pop. “I just feel like it’s time to concentrate on building a home. You know, making time for a family. I can’t dedicate my time to a family if I’m tied to my office twenty-four-seven.”

“Well, don’t say anything to your Nan until you’re sure. You’ll get her hopes up, and it’ll break her heart if you decide not to.”

Aiden nods. “I’ll talk to Rebecca tonight. If she’s willing to move out here, then I am one hundred percent certain.”

Shamus looks up at him from under his brow. “And what about your brother?”

He smirks, giving him a slight shrug. “I already know he’ll follow Rebecca.”

Chuckling, Shamus slaps Aiden on the back with a nod. “Yeah, I tend to believe that too. How do you feel about that?”

“If you had asked me that question twenty-four hours ago, I would have had a different answer, but now? I like the idea. He’s my brother. We’ve always done everything together, and Rebecca is the love of our lives.” Aiden shakes his head and takes a deep breath. “As long as we have you and Nan’s approval — that’s all I care about.”

“Son, as long as you both treat her with respect and love her. You have my blessing. That girl is definitely one of a kind.”

“Thanks, Pop. She really is.”

Shamus smiles and nods. “I love you, son. Now, what do you say we head back?” He points to the cooler of fish and laughs. “It looks like you have some fish to clean before dinner.”


Max stands at the trailer door buck naked, staring out at the lake. “Let’s just run for it. I didn’t see anyone around when we came in.”

Rebecca looks at him with her brows drawn together. “Pfft. You can’t be serious. What if someone comes? It’s broad daylight.”

Laughing, Max lifts her into his arms. “We’re doing it. You ready?”

She squirms, trying to break loose of his grasp. “Max, no! What if someone sees us?”

He kicks the trailer door open and darts for the water, laughing. “I’ll cover your body with mine. Quiet now. Don’t draw attention to us, and no one will even know we’re here.”

Tossing her into the lake, he dives in beside her. When he surfaces, she wraps herself around him with a giggle. “I can’t believe you just threw me in!”

Wiping the hair from her face, he kisses her cheek. “We needed to cool down before we eat and head back to Nan and Pops. You made us hot and sticky.”

“I made us hot and sticky, huh?” She attempts to dunk his head under the water as he laughs.

Max lifts her into his arms and starts for the shore. “Okay, it may have been a joint adventure. You can call it whatever you want. Either way, it was nice, and we’re rinsed off now.”

Placing her on her feet, he shakes the water from his hair and kisses her forehead. “Let’s get something to eat and head back home. I told Nan we’d be back for dinner.”

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