One Shot (+18)

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Mia R.
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Fridays were the best days of my life. Why? Because, I can go home and can write for two straight days. Just kidding, I was making my way down the stairs, since the last bell had rang and everyone was leaving the school.

Unfortunately for me, today I had class alone, well not entirely alone but I didn’t know anyone. College, life. The only thing I loved about this school was the principal. Why? Because he was hot as shit, and he was only 34. I know, he’s so young to be a principal. I don’t know how he did that, but I could barely focus when I would see him walking around the halls.

I can guarantee that I wasn’t the only one that thought like that. But, I kept it to myself, you could say girls didn’t understand when I would tell them that he’s okay. I can promise you that, I have gotten myself off, thinking about him. He’s just so fucking sexy.

What’s worse, it that if you would see him he isn’t that hot. I mean he doesn’t have those killer abs, well maybe he does, but he isn’t large. He is tall, maybe around 6′2, I’m not sure, but I do know that I look like a child next to him. I guess what draws women to him is the way he carries himself. Maybe, his beautiful blue eyes.

Or maybe his killer jaw and have I mentioned the way he carries himself? I have, well. My bad. Anyway, not the point, I don’t even know why I’m taking about him? Why am I thinking about him?!

I turned the corner and bumped into something hard causing me to fall, I closed my eyes and prepared for the pain, but a hand sneaked around my waist and pulled me against something hard and warm. I opened my eyes and gasped when I stared into beautiful, breathtaking blue eyes that I was just thinking of.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” I squealed and pulled away, and took a thousand steps back. I could feel my cheeks heating up. I was a shy girl. I know, pathetic. Or at least that’s what I thought. I had this thing that when I found someone hot. I could barely look at them never mind talk. It’s like my tongue would get cut, and I couldn’t let out any sounds.

“It’s alright, Ms. Richards.” he spoke, his voice was so husky, it looked like it dripped with sex. Does that even make sense? Was that even a thing? Getting turned on by someone’s voice? I must be going crazy.

“Mia.” I stated, he furrowed his brow making my heart pick up its speed. Shit, I’m in trouble.

“Excuse me?” he questioned and took a step closer and leaned down.

“M-My name is Mia.” I pathetically stuttered my voice so soft it looked like I was whispering, afraid I might get killed if I spoke any louder. Once, I spoke I took a step backwards creating a distance between us since he had decided to come closer. I swiftly looked around and cursed when I found out he and I were the only ones in the hallway.

Where the hell did everyone go?

“I know who you are, Ms. Richards.” he spoke his eyes softening. I blushed, of course! He was the fucking principal of the school, of course he knew! Stupid, stupid, Mia!

“I-I should get going.” I stuttered and walked pass him. I barely made it two steps away when my wrist was grabbed and I was turned around.

“I was actually meaning to speak to you.” he spoke and let go of my wrist once he saw me stare at his hand that had been holding me. I wordlessly nodded letting him know he had my fully attention. I was in trouble, after all, wasn’t I?

“A-Am I, in trouble?” I questioned in a small tone. He chuckled and let me tell you it was the sexiest sound I have heard my whole life. He shook his head and gestured for me to walk ahead. I mindlessly walked pass him and started making my way towards his office. What could he possibly want to talk about, on a Friday? I’m supposed to be home.

I waited once we stood in front of his office door. I turned towards him and saw him already staring at me. He leaned down and grabbed the handle, his face was only inches away from mine. I don’t know why he had to lean down so much just to open the door, but I wasn’t one to complain.

He opened the door and gestured for me to enter first. I of course did what I was asked. I awkwardly stared around as he closed the door behind him and rounded the desk. When he walked pass me his hand slightly touched my behind making me gasp and turn towards him.

I saw him hide his smirk making me clench my fists. What the fuck?! I kept staring at him as he sat on his office chair and pointed towards the chair beside me. I took a seat with shaky hands and gripped the armrests.

“The reason I wanted to speak to you Ms. Richards, is because I have noticed that your grades are dropping down.” he frowned and grabbed a file from his drawer. I frowned as well. They were? I thought I was doing well?

Wait, why is he lying? I knew my grades were perfect. I narrowed my eyes at him. “Umm...” I trailed off and looked down at my lap. I’m getting a weird vibe here. Maybe, I should go and have my parents come talk with him. But, if I tell them he wants to speak with them, they’ll think my grades are really dropping. I had a strong feeling that he was to no good and would say bad things giving my parents ideas. I frowned, guess I must go through this torture.

I suddenly forgot what I was thinking and what I was doing here, when I saw his tongue lick his lower lip. I kept staring at his lips, I wondered what he tasted like? I trailed my eyes up towards his and gasped when my brown eyes contacted with his blue ones.

He was already looking at me, it looked like he had been talking and had just realized that I hadn’t been paying attention. “Is there something bothering you, Ms. Richards?” he questioned.

I hate myself. I hate my damn mouth that has a brain of its self. Because suddenly I blurted words I would’ve never had the courage off. “Your behavior.” My eyes widened when I realized what I had said. He didn’t look pleased either.

“Care to elaborate, Ms. Richards?” He questioned and put the file down and leaned against his chair. I placed my hand over my mouth stopping myself from blurting ridiculous things again. I shook my head and stared in his eyes. He chuckled and let out the angelic sound once again while shaking his head, with a side smile.

“Well, I must say your behavior isn’t appreciated either.” he stated making me remove my hand from over my mouth and narrow my eyes at him. My behavior? What the fuck is he on about? He smirked when he saw my confusion. “I can see lust swimming in your eyes, Ms. Richards.” he stated making my eyes widen. “The way your thighs clench show that you’re aroused.” he continued and pointed towards them.

I stared at them and blushed when I saw he was correct. “Don’t get me started on the way you bit those lips.” He growled and clenched his jaw. I gasped and stared at him wide eyes, what the fuck?! “Now, tell me what is about my behavior that bothers you?” He demanded, his blue eyes had darkened slightly.

I swallowed and ignored his eyes as I stared at the file on the desk. “M-My grades.” I pointed at it making him laugh and stand up.

“I don’t tolerate disobedience, Ms. Richards.” he stated. “So, I suggest you start speaking before I do something we both might regret.” he added and licked his lips as he rounded the desk. I stared at him wide eyes. Was this something normal, principals did with their students?

“I-I...” I stuttered but stopped once, I saw his noticeable bulge through his pants. Shit, what the- I should probably leave. “I should go!” I shouted and jumped from my seat and moved towards the door. I grabbed the handle and opened the door, but it was harshly slammed shut. I stayed frozen on the spot and harshly breathed as I placed my hands on the door and closed my eyes.

“That was your chance, Ms. Richards.” he stated and suddenly I felt his chest connect with my back. I stiffen and stared at the brown door wide eyed. Shit, shit, shit! His hand removed my hair behind my ear and on the other side of the shoulder. I felt his breath fan my neck, making me sharply inhale. Shit, fuck, shit?!

“You smell, delightful.” he groaned near my ear and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me against his chest. His lips softly placed themselves on my throat making me chock on air as I closed my eyes and breathed in and out. This isn’t real! I’m dreaming?!

I gasped when he turned me around and slammed my back against the door. I stared at him with wide eyes. His blue eyes were clouded with lust, and looked breathtaking. He was so damn hot, how is that possible? His hair was slightly messy and it looked like he had run his hand through them, just now.

I kept looking at him, and suddenly realization downed on me. Was he really turned on because of me? I could feel my desire and lust increase the longer I looked at him. This is one in a life time, chance. What could possibly happen if I slept with him? But, his office? I looked around.

I wasn’t dumb. I knew that I didn’t deserve to lose my damn virginity in a place like this. I frowned and returned my gaze at him. I can’t do this. What, if I get pregnant? Oh, my god?! Fuck, no! “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.” I apologized, even though I had nothing to apologize for.

He frowned and slightly pulled away and stared down at me. “Why not?” he questioned slightly offended.

“Because, I said so. What the fuck do you mean, why not?!” I snapped. What the fuck is his deal? I pushed his chest making him stumble a few steps away. I think I took him by surprise, because hell no I’m that strong.

His eyes wide, stared at me. Maybe, I won’t get pregnant, I mean what are the chances. Maybe, he even has a condom with him. But, that would be awkward or weird if he did. I mean why would he keep a condom with him? That’s just weird.

“Fuck it.” I groaned dropping my bag on the floor next to my feet and grabbed his tie pulling him down crashing my lips against his. Mint. He tasted like mint. I bite down on his lower lip making him groan. He slightly leaned down and I felt his hands land under my thighs, and hoist me up making me gasp and wrap my arms around his neck.

Am I seriously doing this? Yes, yes, I fucking am! Fuck it, this might be my only chance ever sleeping with him. I mean I do imagine him pleasuring me when I’m touching myself, now is my chance to make that real.

He turned around and started walking towards his desk. He pulled away and swiped everything off his desk and clicked something from under his desk, causing the curtains to start dropping and the door click close. Safety first. He is right.

He placed me on the desk and stepped between my legs. He pulled me near the edge, half of my ass off the desk. He neared me, and I could feel something hard poking my cunt, making me look at him with lust. Shit, this is really happening, isn’t it? I’m about to fucking give away my virginity to a 30-something years old man, who happened to be my principal. My hot principal.

He cupped my jaw and forced my eyes to look at him. “Stop overthinking everything.” He spoke making me gulp and nod. Right, stop overthinking. I nodded once again and grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him down making our lips land against one another. I won’t overthink it now, I’ll let that be my job after it happens and probably regret it for the rest of my life.

I spread my legs apart and pulled him closer letting out a soft moan when his dick pressed against my lower region. I wrapped my arms around his neck keeping him close to me as a low moan escaped my mouth. His lips attached themselves against my neck as he stared sucking making my back arch.

I pulled away and stared at him. “Are you sure?” I questioned, I don’t know why. But, I had to make sure he was serious. I mean as serious as it can get. He’s my fucking principal there’s nothing serious about anything that we’re doing right now.

Was I willingly to put myself this down just for lust? I kept staring at him. Of course, I was. I mean, it’s him. I hate myself, why do I sound like a slut? Why am I even talking to myself?! Oh my- My thoughts got cut off when his hand wrapped around my throat. “Stop.” he rasped, his breathing grows more labored as he stares down at me with hooded eyes.

I licked my lips and nodded, I was out of breath and felt like my heart was about to beat out of my chest. I swear I could feel our hearts breathing at the same speed. His chest was harshly moving up and down.

I could do this. Just take a deep breath and do it. I stared at his dress pants and trailed my eyes up. I grabbed the middle button and started undoing it. He placed his hand over mine causing my eyes to snap up at him. “No.” he shook his head and smiled. I confusedly removed my hands and awkwardly held them by my side. What does he mean no?

Did I take things too far? Of course, I did! “Today is all about you.” he rasped after a second making me stare up at him. All about me?

“Oh, I...” I trailed off not knowing what he exactly meant. I bite down on my lower lip not knowing what to say and looked at him.

“Just relax.” he spoke and pecked my lips once again. He grabbed my open jacket and started removing it from my arms. I, of course helped him. Because otherwise we’d be stuck just him undressing me. When suddenly I remembered something. Shit, what if I smelled bad?

Especially...down there? He threw my jacket over the desk on the chair I was previously sitting on. I giggled, causing him to smile at me. Maybe this was something more than just hook up. You never know.

He started removing my shirt and pulling it over my head making my arms raise once, he removed it my hands immediately landed against my covered breasts. Well, the only thing covering them was the lace white bra I had on.

“No, no.” he calmly spoke. “No, hiding.” he added and grabbed my wrists and slowly pulled my hands away from my chest. I nervously studied him as he stared at me or rather my breast. I could feel blush starting to raise on my cheeks. I didn’t quite like it.

“You’re gorgeous.” I wasn’t but I still smiled at him. It was nice to hear a compliment from someone occasionally. Especially about something you didn’t believe, but they didn’t need to know that.

“Thank you.” I replied. He started unfasten the button on my jeans as I placed my hands behind my back on the desk and leaned backwards raising my ass just a few inches from the desk so he could easily remove them. I cursed myself when I remembered I was wearing baby blue underwear. Unattractive underwear’s.

“They’re cute.” he chuckled when he saw my expression. Sure, they’re cute. More, like a turn off. Why today off all days? What made him even have these thoughts on doing this with me? Once he threw my pants near the shirt his lips attached to mine again. I gasped from surprised. And started kissing him back.

I hope I was doing well. I’ve only been kissed once or twice in my life. But the way his hunger was increasing told me I was doing well. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, I raised one leg and wrapped it around his waist pulling his lower body to me.

“I need you now.” I suddenly felt myself whisper near his lips. I could tell I took him by surprise, his movements stopped all at once. He looked at me for a few seconds and lowered his lips on my neck.

His kisses started trailing down towards my chest. My breath caught up in my throat when he placed a kiss against my covered breast. He looked up at me and smirked making my fists clench by my sides. He placed his hand against my chest and pushed me down causing me to lay on the desk.

My breath hitched when he started removing my panties. I thanked god, I had been getting Brazilian Wax, since forever so no hair down there. Thank goodness.

I felt him step away from me for a second making me place my elbows against the desk and stare at him. He stood there looking at my lady parted with hunger in his eyes as his tongue swiped over his lip.

There was something about men licking their lips. Just so damn frustrating and sexy at the same time. I watched as he kneeled and felt his breath fan my hip bone. “I’m assuming no one has ever touched you before.” He stated and satisfyingly smiled to himself.

“What?” I confusedly questioned.

“You’re dripping.” Two words. It took him two words for me to start blushing like a teenage girl. For Christ sake, I was 23-year-old woman who hadn’t been touched by any man ever before. It was embarrassing that he could notice it so quickly.

I placed my hands over my face shielding myself from his preying eyes. I’m so embarrassed. “No need to feel embarrassed love.” He chuckled and grabbed my hands pulling them away from my face.

I nodded still blushing a shade of deep red. He kneeled back down and his breath tickled my vagina making me sharply inhale. I sat up and stared at him wide eyed when his finger touched my clit. “Shush.” He shushed me, making me calm down and nodded as I laid back but still stared at him.

His finger was placed against my clit once again, this time I only deeply inhaled and stared at the grey ceiling above my head. His finger started circling it, making a moan escape my mouth. Just because no man had touched down there, didn’t mean I didn’t. I knew I was sensitive down there, especially if he continues doing what his doing.

I loudly moaned and closed my eyes in pure bliss, when his tongue swept against me. Oh, my! He continued slurping up and down making my back arch as his slurping sounds started increasing.I don’t think I will last any longer, if he goes at this speed.I yelped and went to pull away but his hands wrapped around my inner thigh and kept me in place.

His finger had already left the most sensitive part of me. But the way his tongue was doing wonders on me. I was about to cum. “I-I...” I gasped and stopped when he took my clit between his teeth and softly bite down on it. “Fuck!” I gasped.

He started sucking on it making my back arch and my fists wrapped around his hair and tightly held them. I pulled at them when the feeling deep inside me started increasing making me whimper as I felt myself clench from inside. I was close.

“P-Please...” I trailed off causing him to chuckle against me making me shudder. Suddenly his finger entered me. I widened my eyes and felt like I was going to break my back when I arched it. Holly fuck, fingering has never felt this good?! “Yes!” I screamed in a moan, he didn’t even let me breath, but harshly started moving it in and out making me moan louder.

“Oh!” I shouted when his finger curled inside me. He suddenly pulled his mouth away from me. He stood up and hovered above me, his finger still buried inside me. He added a second finger, making me sigh out in pure bliss. This felt amazing, I prayed I wouldn’t come back for more, because this is not me!

“You going to come, baby?” he rasped, and placed his lips against my collar bone and started sucking on it. I rapidly nodded. He shook his head and pulled away and stared at me with hooded eyes, his fingers not stopping their movement. “Say my name.” he demanded, I stopped breathing for a second. His name? I’ve never said his name out loud. Yes, I did know what his name was, but it’s weird. Isn’t it?

“Come on, now. I want to hear you say my name before you cum.” he rasped and neared his face only inches away from mine.

“I-Ian.” I stuttered in a whisper. He smiled at himself and placed his lips on mine, taking my breath away with the aggression he was using.

“Again.” he demanded making me close my eyes.

“Ian!” I moaned his name loudly when he curled his finger in a come’er motion. I felt my legs start to shake as my arms wrapped around his neck and held into him for dear life. Oh, my god, I could’ve sworn I saw stars in the ceiling.

Holly fucking shit, that was the best orgasm of my life!

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