The Fallen Angel 2

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Angel of Masochist's Bitch sold to a human group of bastards by Goddess Blair for unknown reasons to the Angel. Chelsey is back in this darker hellish story. There is no peace for her, just pain. Taken from her goddess protection by a group of humans calling themselves 'Sadistic Savers of Chelsey'. After being sold to them by her Goddess. Blair sold Chelsey after she filled with hellish anger toward her for an unknown reason. Will Blair regrets selling her sinful angel to a group of bastards? Or is this a test of faith for the masochist Angel of hell? Did Blair truly sell her masochist bitch?

Erotica / Fantasy
Chris W
Age Rating:


This book is about Chelsey and her Goddess Blair. In the first book, you learn about how she fell to earth and became Blair masochist dog to hunt forever for pleasure.

Chelsey is owned by Lord Lucifer and his family. There is no law on earth except for Lucifer’s law since the holy father had already passed his judgment over humankind, his Angels, the demons, she-devil, and Lord Lucifer.

The Earth is run by Blair while Hell is controlled by Blair’s sister, Bella while Lucifer ran the universe as a god to his followers.

Once a year, humans would sacrifice Chelsey to Lucifer and his two sadistic Bitches of daughters in a blood feast.

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