The Minoan Lover

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Chapter 2

In the darkness of the labyrinth, I awaken to the steady rhythm of his body, bouncing off of mine. My body involuntarily moving, with every energetic plunge of his staff into my essence.

My eyes adjusting in the darkness, it’s him... the beast. I receive a low growl, but his strokes never cease. Should I play dead?

A rogue wave of gratification, sweeps through my core and reverberates throughout my body. Well... that idea goes right out the window, as I’m starting to like what he’s doing to me.

The position of my legs spread wide, to accommodate his massive body, are starting to become uncomfortable. But, the sensations of pleasure, trump the dull ache.

Although beastly in appearance, the human part of him is magnificent. I take my chances, and run my hands up the length of his arms.

Watching me with those black eyes of his, I return my attention to his body. Lightly exploring the solid hardness of his chest, my fingers roam lower, and a hand on mine stops my inspection.

The coarseness of his hands, is a turn on, and when they return to my body, a delightful quiver forces a moan from my lips.

My eyes close, and I give in to the wonders of his spell, the sexual lust building, into a tightly coiled knot. I clench my thighs together tightly, a weak attempt, at keeping my orgasm at bay.

An act, which impels him to give in to his release, filling my sex with his seed. My body contracts with each wave of rapture, as his cum runs down my thighs.

If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.

“Caden, are you okay?”

My eyes open to my brother kneeling before me. “I went to go get help, and you were gone.”

Nick, and faces that I don’t know are gathered around me. “Are you all right?” Asks Nick, as Lucas helps me to a sitting position.

“I had sex, with a Minotaur.”

“She’s okay.” States Nick, pulling me to my feet.

“Well, we won’t press charges, but if you come back onto this property, we’ll have you arrested.” Says, a suit.

Two guards escort us back to Lucas’ car, and we’re a few miles out, before anyone says anything.

“What happened to you?” Inquires Nick.

“I found the Labyrinth.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.” I reply.

“Oh... enough of this shit! I’m taking you back home, and you’re going to get your life together!” Exclaims, Lucas.

The silence that follows his outburst, is solemn. But, he should know better than that.

“No, I’m in love...” I state, hands politely clasped together in my lap.

Nick bursts out in a fit of laughter, and I have to smile at his joviality, at least he thinks that I’m funny.


I love my sister, but she’s officially pissed me the hell off. Mermen, Centaurs, and now Minotaur’s, when she was younger, it was fairies, unicorns, and Leprechauns! It has got to stop...

I’d left her and Nick at the hotel, with strict instructions for him to keep an eye on her. She doesn’t need to be venturing back to Knossos, to get herself locked up.

I’m enjoying a drink at a local bar, contemplating my life, running from country to country, behind my sister. We’ve had fun times, but now it’s time to settle down.

“I’ll have, what he’s having.”

This comes from a moderately brown, skin toned woman, with a sensually shaped figure, long dark tresses, and a beautiful face. Wearing a long gown, with an opening in the front, that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, she looks out of place in this dive.

“And, I’ll pick up her tab.” I state, awed at the small smile that she offers. It lights up her face, enhancing her beauty.

“That’s generous of you.”

“Beautiful women, deserve to be indulged.”

“I’m Ariana.” She says, offering her hand.

“Lucas.” I state, applying a kiss.

How she ended up in my bed, after one drink, I don’t care. She’s perfect, watching as she removes her clothing, enticingly putting on a show.

The gown’s lowered past her hips, her knowing gaze on me, as her bra and panties are discarded.

I love her scent, a heady seductive fragrance, that has me captivated. Her kiss is aggressive, her teeth breaking through my skin, I barely feel it. Licking the blood, her hips are slowly lowered, hovering above my cock.

My hand on her ass, the opening to her entrance brushes the tip of my dick, wet and tempting. Thrusting into her cunt, It’s almost my undoing, our bodies were made for each other. Her sheath, fits my package like a glove.

With the slow gyration of her hips, the moisture from her flower trickles down my balls. Deep slow pulls of her hips, her walls clench and relax, seeking to drain my sack dry.

Direct eye contact, her dark eyed stare is erotic, as she keeps a firm grip on my member. She’s leading this show, and i’m just along for the ride.

“Wake up!” I shout, throwing open the window shades.

“What...” Says Caden, throwing a pillow at me.

Catching it, I throw it back at her, hitting her in the head.


“Come on, get up... it’s a beautiful day outside, and...”

“What is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you?” I echo back.

“Get out!” She screams.

“I can’t... not until you agree, to have dinner with me and my fiancee.”

That wakes her up.

“What fiancee?”

“I met her last night.”

“Look, the black sheep’s role in this family, is already filled, and i’m not giving it up.”

“I want you to meet her.”

“Take Nick...”

“He’s already invited. Please...”


“Thank you!” I state excitedly, raining kisses all over her face.

“Get out!”

Dinner’s a formal affair, at her home, a mansion in Heraklion. Gorgeous in a champagne colored gown, I’m at her beck and call, hanging on to every word that Ariana says.

It’s literally like music to my ears, every time that she speaks. “How long will you be staying?”

“I don’t know, until I find what I’m looking for.” Says Caden, toying with her food.

“And what is that?”

“The Minotaur.” She responds, tartly.

Giving her a pointed look, she rolls her eyes in agitation. Caden’s been quiet the entire night, leaving Nick and I to carry the conversation.

“An archaeologist?”

“A hunter.”

“And what do you hunt?”

“Mythical creatures.”

“And you believe that the Minotaur was real?”

“Of course, it’s your history, don’t you?”

“Of course, just because it hasn’t been proven, doesn’t mean that it’s not real.”

“Don’t indulge her.” I state, flippantly.

“Why not, beautiful women deserve to be indulged.” She says, coquettishly. A private joke, we share a warm laugh.

“Well, if you all would excuse my poor manners, I’m afraid that I have to leave early. Nick and I have a long day tomorrow.” Says Caden, the angry bird.

“We do?” Says, NiCK.

“Yes, we do... hunting to do.”

Reluctantly guzzling the last of his champagne, he takes another bite of his steak. Clearing her throat, he gives her the evil eye, before rising.

“Hello, I’m sorry that I’m late, traffic.” Ariana’s brother says, entering the dining room.

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