The Minoan Lover

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Chapter 3

OMG... Dark curly hair, toned body, sexy! His voice has me enthralled, and I love the way that he smells, a distinct aroma, that has me leaning into his space, trying to get an even deeper whiff of his scent.

Theo... Mmm... I wonder what he tastes like. We’re having drinks by the pool, when I catch his dark eyed stare.

The music playing softly in the background, for some reason I feel like I’m on cloud nine. I feel happy, good...

“Let’s go for a swim.” Offers Nick.

“In what, my bra and panties?”

“In the nude...” He responds, his fingers lightly touching my stomach.

A light growl alarms me, and I search the area for the source. “What?” Inquires, Nick.

“Nothing, I thought that I heard something.”

“There’s suits in the cabana.” Says, Ariana.

“Come on.” He says, leading the way.

Stripping down to our skivvies, I let him remove my bra, and panties. He’s watching me with lust in his eyes, and I like it.

I’ve never looked at Nick, like that. But tonight, I can definitely see his appeal, attractive, dark blond. I wonder why I never noticed this before.

Another growl, and I quickly sober up, putting on my swimsuit. “Caden, are you okay?”

“I wish y’all would stop asking me that.”

“No, I ’m really concerned, you’re jumpy, and acting all weird like.”

“Like letting you undress me, weird?”

“Now that’s a good weird.”

“See you in the pool.”

Nick and I have made another excursion to Knossos, I couldn’t stay away. Something happened to me, and I know it, it wasn’t a dream.

We’re digging in the spot where, i’d fell in, we’ve been at it for two hours. “Are we going to talk about, what happened last night?”

“No, not if we want to get caught.” I state, still digging hard.

“Well something happened between us, and...”

I’d kissed him, in the pool. I needed to know, that I wasn’t going crazy. When I’d kissed him, I heard it again, a snarl. He’s real, and he doesn’t like me being with anyone else.

“It was a test.”

“A test of what?” He’s stopped digging, and is waiting expectantly.

“When you touched me, I heard a growl, and when I kissed you, it happened again.”

“Their home is surrounded by a forest, those growls could have come from anywhere.”

“Except, that you didn’t hear it.”

“I wasn’t listening for it.”

“And neither was I, the first time.”


“What are you doing here, if you don’t believe me, besides the pay.”

“The unlimited alcohol, and awesome accommodations... all expenses paid, free travel... and I would think, that you would have figured it out by now, the last and most important reason.”

His humorous revelation, that he’s into me, cools my agitation. “So, you like me?”

His small laugh, forces a smile from me. “I’m crazy about you.”

“And these feelings, have nothing to do with my money?”

“Well, it’s a plus... but you know...”

“Shut up...” I state, with a laugh.

There’s an awkward moment of silence, and moving closer to me, I know that he’s going to kiss me. I want him to kiss me.

I don’t know what happened, but the ground’s opened up, and I’m falling. “Nick!” he’s latched onto my arm, and we both go down.

Rolling off of him, the tunnel’s back, and taking my offered hand, he comes to his feet.

We’re both staring down the torch lit tunnel. “Do you see this?” I ask.

“Yeah... I do.”

We’re both quiet, and I let the tears fall. “It’s okay.” He says, my whimpering alerting him to my pain.

A snarl greets us, and the memory of what happened the last time, that I wandered into this tunnel, excites and awakens my sexual desire.

“Maybe, I should go in alone.”

“You’re ready for round two, huh? You’re like a man, you’re so disgusting...” He says.

“He didn’t like you touching me, what’s going to happen, if I bring you in there?”

“Let’s find out.”

A torch in each hand, we’re slowly making our way down the tunnel, I know what’s down there. The two, but someone besides me has to see them.


“What did you see?”

“Not a damn thing, but it was tunnel, and it just opened up out of nowhere.” Says, Nick.

“We climbed out, and it closed back up.” Caden adds.

“Well, what does this mean?” I ask.

“I don’t know, but they were there the last time, a male and female.”

“Well, what now?”

“I’m going back.”

“No, look... father wants you back home, and I promised that I would bring you back this time.”


“You’re going to have to go back alone.”

“Oh my god... you’re not serious, you barely know her.”

“I know that I love her.”


“Just give her a chance, and you need to find someone, and settle down also.” I scold.

Nodding his head in agreeance, she rolls her eyes at Nick.

“And speaking of, we have a date with them tonight.”

“Lucas, you can’t make me like her.”

“I’m not trying to, but I think that you do need to be more supportive of me.”


“I’m not invited?”

“It’s a family thing...”

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