The Minoan Lover

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Chapter 5

“Hello Clarise...”

“Would you stop it...” Whispers Caden, hoarsely.

We’ve been invited on an expedition, an exploration of sorts, with Ariana, and Theo. Dressed up in cosplay clothing, of the ancient Greeks, we’re blindfolded.

We’ve made a game of it, driven to some unknown destination, we’re made to wait.

I don’t know where, but it smells damp, yet invitingly warm.

“Now, the game begins.” Ariana’s voice, it’s comforting. “You’re not allowed to remove your eye coverings, you can only rely on your sense of smell, touch and hearing.” She finishes.

The quietness that follows, is eerie... the sound of the wind whistling, sends a chill through my body.

“Come find me...” I hear in the distance, and automatically I do as she requests. Following the sounds of her whispered words, every few feet, I use the wall for guidance, making my way through what seems to be a tunnel.

A low growl stops me in my tracks, and her spell’s instantly broken.

“Ariana?” I inquire, removing the blindfold.

No response, I glance around the area, a tunnel dimly lit by torches. Immense, and not at all what I expected.

Beautifully painted artworks adorn the walls, nude statues, and various pottery litter the floor.

Enthralled, I keep up a steady pace, intrigued and needing to know where it all ends.

I don’t understand it, but I’m under her spell. I’d found her, she’d changed her costume.

A female Minotaur, a pregnant Minotaur, and very detailed...

Nick’s here also, I didn’t know that he was invited.

The Minotaur’s captive,although he’s not bound, and appears to be sleeping.

Beckoning me to her, I obey. Without words, I follow her to where Nick’s laid out on the floor.

I love the way that I feel, when I’m around her, almost like a drug induced state. Lovely...

A knife is produced, and she cuts away at his skin, gliding effortlessly upwards to his chin.

I don’t flinch, I don’t scream in terror, I accept it, as I accept her.

Her fingers digging deep, she produces a fist full of bloody innards, and proceeds to gobble them up hungrily.

Both hands disappear inside, and reappear with his organs. A feast of human flesh, my sister’s friend, and I don’t care.

I’m watching through a a veil it seems, and for some reason, the blood assaulting my nose, smells appetizing.

My fingers making contact with the gooey mess, I sample it, and it’s sweet.

A ruse it seems, she didn’t kill Nick, it’s an edible life-like replica.

My stomach growling, I dig in with as much gusto as Ariana, greedily eating the meat inside, which is rich and hearty.

The skin’s pulled apart as we can’t get enough of the succulent dish before us.

Abruptly she stops me, her tongue licking the blood from my face, her heady scent’s intoxicating, as i’m pulled to my feet.

Directing me towards an alter, her soft hands gently palm my balls, before stroking my dick. Quick sturdy tugs, that thickens my member.

Taking a position of leaning over the alter, her ass is fully exposed.

Entering her from behind, the tightness of her essence conforming to my staff, illicit’s a groan from me.

Holding onto the table, she grinds against my strokes. Her voice seems to be inside my head, her moans loud and titillating.

A hand on her waist, the other gripping the back of her neck, I plow into her sex mercilessly.

I’m loving the warmth of her womb, the slippery snugness of her pussy, as her grip tightens and releases.

A pulsating rhythm, that’s intensely euphoric, and heavenly.

My cum exits my body without warning, hot and fast, leaving my dick throbbing from the after effects.

Allowing my body time to recover, I know that I can’t live without her, where she goes, I go.


“Ah...!” The pain in my abdomen, hits me hard and fast. Nursing my stomach, I go to my knees, doubled over in pain.

Taking in deep breaths, to try to soothe the pain, wave after wave hits, which leaves me curled up in a fetal position.

Finally the pain’s gone, just as quickly as it started, and going to my feet, I feel funny. Bigger... rounder...

A hand going to my stomach, the mask’s removed post haste. “What. in. the. hell...”

Looking down at the ball, where my stomach’s supposed to be, I promptly lift my dress. Taking in the round mass, the room starts to teeter, and reaching out for the wall, my hand connects with skin.

My gaze going to the recipient, I’m in shock.

“Theo...” I whisper, before it’s “lights out”.

Upon awakening, there’s a metallic scent saturating the air. A room, with matching alters and a hot spring, my attention’s drawn to a body motionless in a darkened corner, and another bloodied and ripped to shreds, a few feet away.

Trying to sit up, I can’t as I’m bound, legs and hands. “Oh, my god...” I state softly, struggling against my bonds.

Deep guttural breathing accelerates my heartbeat, and sends a spike of adrenaline rushing through my body.

His hand on my leg, immediately stills me, and I close my eyes.

“Don’t be afraid.”

It’s him, his voice in my head.

“Let me go...”

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

My eyes opening, he’s in his other form, the form of the beast, well... part beast. Shirtless, I want to touch him, to feel his skin, which is hotter than ours.

His dark eyes analyzing me, I can’t stop the wave of lust that invades my entire being. His nostrils flaring, I wonder if he can smell my desire.

My leg’s are unbound, and I’m roughly pulled to the edge of the alter that i’m on. The bonds on my hands snapping like twigs, I reach out to him.

Caressing the bulging muscles of his arms, I’m turned on, and needing to be filled.

My dress is raised past my hips, as my legs open automatically for him. Unable to see past the mountain that’s become my stomach, I inhale loudly at the shock of his manhood entering my center.

Thick and wonderful, I relax into his strokes, letting his scent pervade my senses. It’s a feeling of euphoria, a heavenly stupor, as I take in deep breaths of his fragrance.

And then it hits me, it’s a shock to my senses, a bright light, and then I’m back in time.

Ancient Greece from the looks of it, beautiful dark haired, dark skinned women, in long flowing beautiful gowns.

A ceremony, an assembled crowd of hundreds, seven girls and seven boys are being led into the Labyrinth.

The crowd’s lively, and in good cheer, It’s as if i’m watching a movie. Hurrying through the crowd, I enter in after the last girl.

Taking my place in line, they don’t say anything, and guards positioned inside, they herd them further into the tunnel.

I know zero words in Greek, but I can understand the guard, as he promises the boys freedom if they are able to kill the Minotaur.

To the maidens, he tells them of the monster’s salacious appetite, for firm flesh and untouched virtues.

The group’s come to a stop, and as he says his farewell, a blade’s produced, and a male’s throat is slit.

A roar that vibrates the ground, causes a few shrieks from both male and female, before the entrance can be heard closing.

The guard has made a fast escape in the pandemonium, and rushing back towards the entry, it’s too late.

They’re sealed in...

“What do we do?”

“I don’t know...”

“You’ll wait here, I’ll kill the beast.” A voice, from inside the shadows of the Labyrinth.

Theseus, where did he come from? He looks the same, dark curls and handsome.

Another roar, and i’m back on the alter.

A flood of sensations, has me moaning in appreciation of the good deeds, that he’s bestowing upon my body.

His hands griping my hips, rough and stimulating... The steady beat of his rhythmic decree, that i’m his, and he’s mine before he once again marks his territory.

Claiming my body, and forcing me to surrender to his declaration, I seize his hand as each orgasm racks my body.

The pleasure and satisfaction flowing from my lips... there’s an understanding, a mutual agreement.

We’ll forever be joined as one, a union that not even the god’s can part.

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