The Minoan Lover

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Chapter 7

It wasn’t a mask, it was real... They’re real...

A Minotaur, and she gave birth to my child. Half beast and half human... Liberating the child from her body, I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing.

The child’s screams were animalistic in nature, and unable to stand the noise, I promptly dropped the babe into her waiting arms.

I wanted to run, but something held me in place. Staring at me, with those dark eyes I’m mesmerized, by the hurt that I see in them.

Instead of fleeing, I go to her... lightly caressing her face. I see my Ariana, in the beast’s face.

The back of my hand making contact, with her velvety smooth skin, her tongue wet and warm incites my sexual nature.

“Thank you, for not abandoning me.” She’s communicating with me, via telepathy.

“I won’t ever leave you.”

She’d told me her story, of how she’d been heartbroken... deserted by the man, that she thought loved her. I knew the story, everyone knew the story.

Crying out to Poseidon, she’d begged him to avenge her, pay Theseus back for his treachery. He’d responded by cursing her, and tossing her into the Labyrinth with him.

They’d fought relentlessly, animosity and regret tainting her heart, she tried to kill Caden.

She knew his thoughts, knew that he’d found his mate, and elated that she could finally after many lifetimes, exact retribution, she attacked.

He’d stopped her, and then claimed Caden as his, the same way that Ariana had claimed me, as her mate.

We’d fed on Nick, the thought doesn’t repulse me, It gives me strength, knowledge that I’ve accepted her as she is.

I’ve accepted her proposal... I’ll challenge Theseus, for the right to take his place below.

To live out the rest of my days, with her and our child, to live as she lives, half beast and half human.

She’s made her petition to the god Poseidon, and he’s answered. Giving me the strength of the Minotaur, I’ll best my adversary.

My sister won’t be pleased, but she’ll forgive me. One day...


I missed my flight, and on purpose. Being followed, I’m running down an alley, with the rogues hot on my trail.

Making my way over a fence, I hit the ground hard, and take a few seconds to get my senses back together.

The body of one of the men, slamming into the gate, forces me to my feet, and i’m off again.

Running at top speed, I don’t see him, as I’m hell bent on putting as much distance between me and my would be kidnappers.

Lifted off of my feet in mid stride, a hand covering my mouth, stifles my screams.

“It’s just me.” He whispers.


Exhaling in relief, and out of breath, I cling to him. My arms tightly embracing him, I don’t want to let go.

“Come on...” Theo says, leading me to a waiting limo. Joining me in the back seat, someone else enters and I immediately go into attack mode, kicking and punching.

“It’s okay, he’s with us.” States Theo, stopping me from pummeling, the cowering Mr. Talaos.

“He didn’t give me any medicine!”

“Is that all you’re concerning about?” Talaos states, flippantly.

“And he took my child!” I yell, trying to kick him again.

“He did us a favor, If he didn’t do it, they would have killed you and the child, blood sacrifices.”

“Who is they?”

“How did Ariadne and I stay alive for so long down there? We have a long life span, but we need to feed, who do you think kept us fed?”

Shrugging at his inquiry, he motions for the driver to proceed.

“Crete’s Palace of Knossos is owned by a private sector, the Evans family.”

“So, I didn’t discover you?”

“No, they discovered you, and thought that I would enjoy you, for more than just a meal.”

“And did he ever...” Jokes, Mr. Talaos. No one but him finds humor in it.

“That day was the anniversary of my killing of the Minotaur, you were a gift.”

“Their family has kept our secret for thousands of years, catered to us, held us in high regard.”

“As gods...” Adds Talaos.

“They worship you, a cult following?” I ask, wide eyed.

“An order of sorts...” Says Talaos, serving himself a drink.

“I don’t understand...”

“Your child will want for nothing, he’ll have his heart’s desire.”

“In exchange for what?”

“There’s still the matter of the blood sacrifice.” Answers, Talaos.

An small arena an extension to the Labyrinth, is where the battle was to take place.

Theo could only transform into the beast, when he was in the Labyrinth, and the wealthy spectators paid a king’s ransom, to see this spectacle.

Stripped down to a loin cloth, he stands alone. I’m among the crowd, watching as Lucas enters, he’s robed, and I want to hit him. Throw something at him, to wake him the hell up, he’s going to die.

Theo’s already said as much...

We’re all silent, waiting and with a yell, the robe comes off, and bare chested, wearing slacks, Lucas attacks first.

A collaborative, excited murmur bounces off of the walls, from the crowd. We’re all watching as Lucas’ body hits the ground, from a hit to the face.

I’m surprised to see him rise so quickly, it’s a wonder that his head was cracked into two. He’s being beaten to death, but he keeps getting up.

Managing to finally get a hit in, it barely fazes Theo, who counters with a few more hits to his stomach, and face.

“Stop!” Trying to yell over the other enthusiastic voices in the room, serves to make me hoarse. Watching in horror, the saying “Fuck with the bull, you get horned” rings true!

The blood gushing, the crowd’s on their feet, clapping and yelling. Running onto the battleground, he’s on his knees before Theo.

Lucas is done, and there’s only one way to save him.

His back to me, I rush him, I love him, but I love my brother, also. The sword of Aegeus in my hands, I put it through his neck.

His bellow reverberates throughout the room, and the spectators go quiet.

Forcing the sword into Lucas’ hands, he immediately puts it through Theo’s heart.

A strangled intake of breath is his only response.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper, as his eyes come to rest upon me.

“I’m so sorry.” I state, as the light starts to leave his eyes, hollow and empty. He falls...

No one says anything, and i’m too distraught with numbness, at what I’d had to do, to even put up a fight, as I’m led away,

Lucas was taken away, and I was to never see him again. Mr. Talaos writes, to let me know that my child, and my brother are doing well.

As it turned out, Nick was messing around the Labyrinth on his own, and got put into the labyrinth as food.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months... I filed a missing person’s report, and after an investigation, and no body, my father and I had a funeral in Lucas’ memory.

I’ve put aside my silly hobby, and now I’m just a bored heiress who travels the world, enjoying life to the fullest.

Ending another evening in the company of a stranger, I say my farewell, and head into my room.

Collapsing onto the bed, I remove my shoes, and head into the bathroom. The water’s soothing, and I take my time, enjoying the relaxing heat.

Bora Bora is to be my final destination, before I head back home to finally settle down, and make my father a grandfather.

Little does he know, that he’s already one. I’d promised, and it’s about time anyways.

Wrapped in a towel, I close my curtains for privacy.

“I thought that Bora Bora was for lovers.”

Alone, or so I thought... I snatch up a lamp, and have it aimed at the voice.

I must be seeing things... It can’t be...

“Why not?” He asks, with that sexy smirk of his.

Oh my god... on shaky legs I make my way over to him. Lightly fingering his raven curls, I touch his face.

“You’re real...”



“The gods sometimes grow attachments, and sometimes they show favoritism.”

“What are you doing here, are you here to kill me, like I did you?” I state, fully prepared to face his wrath.

“It was my intention to be the sacrifice, If I didn’t then I would go back into the Labyrinth without you.” He states, his hands straying to my waist.

My body heats up at his touch, and I fidget.

“If I did, then I would die, and still not have you. I chose death... Talaos gave you the sword, because he knew that I couldn’t just lay down and die, it had to be done.”

“He knew that I would choose my brother.”

“I knew that you would choose him, I expected you to.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be...”

Breathing in his scent, as his lips gently graze mine, it’s has the same effect on me... intoxicating.

“I missed you.” I whisper, in between kisses.

“I’ve missed you too.” I get from him, as the towel’s being removed.

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