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The Way He Likes

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Nina has always been shy. She lived in her own shell till she was eighteen. But something changed after she lost her virginity to Evan. Nina was a virgin when she came to college. Evan was a famous guy that everybody knew except for Nina. He was mostly famous for his skills in bed and the kind of parties he threw. Nina heard too many rumor regarding his sexual preferences but she never paid attention to any of it.. One night when a friend of Nina introduced her to Evan, She ended up having a one night stand with him. Nina wants to dwell further into the world of pleasure but she can't find anyone upto the mark. She wants Evan. But she could not as the night they hooked up was a night before his graduation. She tried finding him but she couldn't as he left for another country for further studies. Now, few years later their paths cross again and Nina is all set to get what she wants. Even if she hsa to break her own boundaries.

Erotica / Romance
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Losing Virginity Part 1

Nina's POV

"Only Evan can throw such parties. Oh my God! This is beyond amazing." Kate shouts at the top of her lungs so that I can hear her over this ridiculously loud music.

I admit that I have not been to many parties in my life, but still, I went to enough to understand that this one is completely and outrageously different from the others. This party tops them all.

"Come on lets grab something to drink." Kate drags me to what looks like a kitchen and we get beer for both of us. It is just for the starters. Kate and I planned to get drunk tonight. She just had a bad breakup so she is here nursing her wounded heart and I'm playing the part of her wing woman.

I say the party is different because it's like I just entered a strip club, or more like a sex club instead of a house. Everyone here is almost naked and people are shamelessly having sex in every corner. Like actually having hardcore sex right in front of every one.

Like right now I can see a girl bent over the kitchen counter, where I was just a few minutes ago. She is totally naked and the guy is banging her from behind. Her tits bounce with his every thrust and it seems to me that if he thrust just a little bit harder, her tits might just fall off her body.

What amazes and embarrasses me at the same time is, that I am getting aroused by the scene. I never thought I would like a live porn. I have never had sex before. I'm still a virgin. But seeing the pleasure on the girl's face, I think I have been missing out on the fun part till now.

The guy thrusts for one last time and pulls his cock out shooting thick ropes of cum on her ass. With his palm he spread the cum all over her buttocks then moves his palm towards her mouth. She takes his fingers in her mouth and lick every part of his palm, then he takes off to probably find another girl.

The girl tries standing straight on her unsteady legs then go to lay on the sofa in the living room where the party is in full swing. And she is lying there just like that, totally naked. Soon after she laid down, another guy comes over and cover her body with his. He is only in his boxers, but not for long.

He kisses the girl hard and spread her thighs to which the girl willingly complies not even a little bit fazed about the stranger. The guy raise his hips just a bit to remove his boxers completely.

I chock on my bear when I see the size of his cock. My goodness! He is a giant down there. I immediately turn my face the other way to avoid the scene which only had me going warm and wet in my southern region.

I couldn't resist though, so I give up the pretense of not liking it and turn back to see him pushing deep inside her in one thrust. Then he fucks her fast and hard without any thoughts of their surroundings. I see him tense and I know he is about to cum. He pulls out and shoot his cum all over her stomach. Which I, oddly enough, find arousing and not gross. I don't know what is wrong with me.

"You like what you see ahh? I think it's high time you loose your virginity Nina. We are in college after all. You can't miss the opportunity of exploring the pleasure of sex." Kate brings me back to senses and I turn towards her while my cheeks turn red in shame being caught seeing what I just saw and from what she just said.

"Aww.. come on babe. No need to be shy. It's just me and every other person who saw what just went through there on the sofa. I must say, it was hot." Kate said while fanning her face with her hand. I don't say anything as I am too embarrassed.

"You know, I have known Evan for a year now and I think he is the perfect guy to bring you out of your shell. You can say that by the type of parties he throw." She doesn't even wait for my answer and drags me to the pool side where I see similar scenes like the one in the living room.

These people have no shame at all. I think to myself. I can never be like that.

Before my mind can register what's happening, I am thrown in the pool and a startled cry leaves my mouth. Just before hitting the surface of the water I hear Kate shouting, "Evan, meet my friend Nina." Then I soon hit the surface of the water.

When I resurface, I cough loudly while laughter spills from everyone surrounding the pool. Can someone please drown me? Now.

"Hey.. you alright?" A deep manly voice asks me close to my ear. That's when I realize that there are arms around me. Arms that belongs to a guy. I feel their roughness through the light material of my clothes, but they feel so good on my waist and I shudder.

I follow the length of his arm to his neck and finally upto his face to find his blue eyes looking at me with concern. I can't think of a single sentence so I just nod in response.

Keeping his grip firm on my waist, he takes us to the side of the pool and pulls both of us out effortlessly. I suddenly realize that I am wearing a white crop top and find it now sticking to my body like second skin and my bra is very much visible to everyone. Even to this guy, but he doesn't make any move to look away. Infact, he looks down at my breasts like a pervert and smirks when I glare at him.

I should have been offended by his gaze. But I am not. I am actually getting turned on and my nipples harden with his continuous staring. I turn my back to him in order to hide my obvious arousal.

He laughs at my attempt for modesty. "I suggest you take off your top or you might catch cold. Would be a bonus to have a good view of those heavy tits."

I turn back glaring at him, "Stop checking me out. And I'm not taking off my top here, you pervert."

It seems my words have no effect on him because he simply lets out a chuckle in response.

"Ohh please. It's not me who is getting aroused just because some guy is checking out those tits." His voice holds so much arrogance that I felt like punching him in the face.

I throw him another glare since I don't have anything else to say.

"Come with me, I'll give you something to change into." Saying that he starts walking, expecting me to follow him. Which I do ofcourse because I need dry clothes so that I can find Kate, then kill her and go back to my dorm room and hide for eternity.

"Oh! By the way, I'm Evan. This is my place." He turns giving me a smile then continue walking. That smile does something to my core.

Ohho. So this is the guy Kate was talking about. He isn't bad in shape. Infact, he has that perfect body of a model which could get any girl on her knees. If he would have been a little less arrogant, maybe then I would have thought of making a move. But seeing that it's his party, he has plenty of girls falling for him. Why would he go for a virgin like me?

He leads me to a bedroom and I stop short at the door while he proceeds to go ahead and take out clothes from the closet, completely ignoring the fact that there are three naked bodies right on top of the bed.

There is a threesome going on right in front of my eyes. It's like they don't even care who walks in on them.

It is a sandwich to be more precise. A guy on his back while a girl ride his dick and another one on top of the girl's back that fucks her ass. You get the point.

The guy whose dick is in the girl's asshole is also playing with the other guy's asshole. The girl looks ready to pass out anytime. Their moans are way too loud. This time I don't even pretend to not like it.

Before I can see any further, Evan comes out with a long t-shirt and hand it over to me. Ignoring the people on the bed like it is everyday business he asks me to follow him. He guides me to another room and thankfully there is no one there. I can finally change in peace.

"You can change here." He says before turning around and walking out of the room without any backward glance. I just shrug at his abrupt departure. I thought he would make another remark about showing him my breasts.

I remove all of my wet clothes except for my thong and put them aside.

So what if I'm a virgin? I like to spend some good money on my lingerie. I also prefer thongs. They make me feel sexy. And I have a great ass. Not that I'm bragging or anything.

As I'm about to put the t-shirt on, the gate to the bedroom bursts open. On reflex I cover my breasts with my hands but in doing so, the t-shirt falls on the ground. I look up with wide eyes and find Evan standing at the door. He looks like he is trying to hide his amusement and his lust for me at the same time.

"What are you doing here? Get out. Now." I snap at him when he won't budge from his position.

"Why should I? I like the view. Love your ass by the way. Enough meat for me to grab and play with." His smirk doesn't leave his face as he walk towards me, leaving the door open for anyone to see. I feel my throat dry and I gulp as he nears me. I wasn't anticipating this. Not at all.

"Don't come near me. And close the damn door. What if someone sees me like this?" I take several steps back but just my luck, I hit the foot of the bed. He stops right in front of me, just a breath away.

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