Sexcapades 3 (SNEAK PEEK)

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5-story teaser Prepare for a wet and wild adventure throughout this 5-story teaser of the latest installment of the Sexcapades Collection. College coeds, curious teens, uncouth warriors, and horny admirers. This sneak peek of Sexcapades 3 will surely whet your appetite for the return of the sizzling original series.

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Open Me Up ;)

To my incredible readers,

I thank you all sincerely for your views, likes, comments, and messages of support. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting the publishing of Sexcapades Book 3, and I assure you I am working on putting together stories that are fresh, raunchy and more out-of-the-box than anything I’ve done previously. I am happy to provide a free sneak peek of five randomly selected chapters from the collection, right here on Inkitt! Stay tuned for further notice on how you can access remaining chapters once I have completed the book; though more free chapters will be released as well.

In other news- I’ve just discovered that a combined 1.5 million users on Inkitt have read Sexcapades 1 and 2!!! I am so humbled to know that so many of you are interested in my writing and what I put out there. It has always been a joy of mine to bring erotic fiction to life and elevate the reading process to a more heavily involved experience for my readers. I have been writing and putting out stories for years, all the way back to my Wattpad days in the mid-2000s, from which I still have amazingly retained some fans.

If you enjoy this teaser and would like to own a copy of the complete book, you can find it at this link:

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for reading this message! Your dedication warms my heart and motivates me to continue creating erotic fiction! Thank you again <3 <3 <3

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