Under the Amish Sky

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Rayna Nicole aka Elizabeth or Liz for short is forced to go into hiding in the Amish community. Authors note: First story ever. Please be kind. Also I dont know a whole lot about the Amish world, and this story is completely fictional and has no reflection to the real world Amish value. This was just a simple story idea that I just sort of ran with. Pointers and constructive criticism welcome.

Erotica / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Rayna woke from her nap with a start. The horse and buggy had stopped abruptly. The next thing she knew the door flew open beside her. She jumped to a seated position as agent Presley entered the buggy and sat across from her pulling the door shut behind him. He had been riding up front with the driver for the majority of the trip. The buggy proceeded on its journey forward. "Alright Ms. Nicole, I have your details from my superior. You are to be addressed as Elizabeth. Elizabeth Stanford. For your protection please do not give anyone your birth name. We can not guarantee your safety if you do so. We are unaware of any connections Mr Ryder may have to this community, but it is better safe than sorry. This community is a group of Mennonites. So they have adapted some to our way of living. This community especially has helped us before in a case completely unrelated to yours. They have proven themselves reliable and safe. They know the rules. They will accept you as part of their community until the coast is clear for you to return to a normal life. Now, I need to make you aware that the coast may never be clear, and if you are unhappy with this cover then you may contact me, and we will uproot you to another location and cover. Do you have any questions so far?" Agent Presley asked.

Rayna looked him dead in the eyes. "You said until the coast is clear to return to a normal life, but what about my old one? If I keep my birth name, and move back home with some family or friends, cant I just return to my old life?" She asked.

"No, Rayna. I'm sorry. I dont know if you realize that you just helped us take down the largest drug mobs in the city. Tommy Ryder most likely has given your name to the whole mob by now. And I'm sorry but I had it on record that the only family member you had left was your aunt who passed just before you moved to the city. Who would you even stay with?" Presley asked.

Rayna scoffed at his inability to be sensitive to her past trauma. "Are you telling me that I can never go back to being Rayna Nicole? Even if I choose to go back to my home city? You expect me to adapt to a world of religious views? Who the fuck chose this community for me? Get them on the damn phone. I have never even been to church a day in life! How am I meant to fit into this holier than thou community, agent Presely? I dont know the first thing about being Amish." She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest and looking out the buggy window. All she could see for miles and miles was farm land.

"Well I can tell you are used to the city life, but out here it's different. You can't use foul language. You cant go out to the clubs with your friends, and you cant sure as hell sleep with a stranger when you get sexually frustrated, Rayna. I mean, Elizabeth." He sighed and rubbed a hand down across his face, then proceeded to rub his temples. She cocked an eyebrow at him. He had a whole file on her. With her complete past in it. Surely he knew that this sort of life just wasn't gonna work for someone like her. "Agent Presley, I'm sorry but I wont last more than a week here. Might as well prepare for a transfer. I have no idea how to live a simple religious country life. Like, do they even have running water?" She asked. Agent presely snorted. "Of course they do... in the outhouse." He said. She watched him for a moment. He looked tired, worn out. Much like what she must look like. After being up for two days taking flights and relocating to Nevada, they both were worn out. Agent Presley was the one that saved her two nights ago when her 'favor' for Tommy went belly up.

His team had been planning the bust for awhile, she just happened to be at the wrong time and place, carrying the goods. When things spiraled out of control she was taken captive by Presley and his other agents, they thought she was part of Tommy's team. The truth was, she had no idea Tommy was involved with the big guys. She knew he delt drugs. But she never imagined he was the second in command to the largest drug mob in her city.

Agent Presely offered her a deal. All the info on Tommy Ryder and his gang, in exchange for putting her in some sort of witness protection program. To her surprise she was able to provide them several tid bits of valuable information. She hadn't realized just how much info Tommy had unknowingly given her. He often confided in her about his day. Even gave her names of some of his "co-workers". She was just a good fuck to him. Why should he worry about her selling him out. And until recently she hadn't intended to. She was used to doing little 'favors' for Tommy. Until one night, she was delivering to his friend who got extremely rough with her. She left the goods with him and then barely made it out of there. That was when she started telling Tommy she didnt want anything to do with his 'bussiness'. Of course he coerced her into doing more ‘favors’ and they all eventually started going awry. All of Tommy’s ‘clients’ got rough with her. She knew she had to find a way out of doing ‘favors’ for him. They ended up busting him, and his co-workers, shortly after taking her into custody. They hadn't given Tommy the name of his betrayer, but it surely wouldnt take him long to put it together.

"Look, Ray- Elizabeth..." He started. She rolled her eyes. "Shit, Presely just call me Liz." She said with a smirk. His mouth twitched with an almost smile. "Liz... Language, okay? Go ahead and start weeding out the foul language. And just give this cover two months. Thats All I ask. If in two months, you still can't adapt. I'll transfer you. Deal?" He asked.

Rayna thought about it for a minute. "Okay, you've got yourself a deal, Presley." She said earnestly, making eye contact with him. He nodded in response, seemingly satisfied with her answer. "So what's my job in this New life of mine. What do i do for a living?" She asked him. "Your the visiting cousin of Abraham Gingrich. You will be a guest in his home. You will help his wife and daughter with house and community chores. If anyone asks, you are related to his cousin Hannah's side of the family. This particular family has a rather large amount of family members, so the rest of the community wont give you any trouble." He explained. He glanced out the window. "We're almost there. Are you ready?" He asked. She hadnt realized that they had entered someone's property. "There's almost nothing out here? Are there even any nearby neighbors?" She asked glancing at the rows and rows of corn fields. "We passed your only neighbor, Eli, a few minutes ago. He has helped us in the past also. We like to use him or Abraham because their homes are the furthest from the community. Eli knows of your circumstance. He will help you, along with Abraham." Presely said.

She looked back out the window to see a cute country house in the distance. She'd never lived in a country home like that. She's always lived in city apartments. She thought of the one she left behind, with all of her belongings, and some of Tommy's as well. The more she thought of it, the more she missed it already. She settled back in her seat, and let her mind drift back to longing thoughts of her old life, and yes, damn him, she thought of Tommy as well.

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