Under the Amish Sky

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Chapter 10

They sat out on the porch and talked for awhile longer. When the sun started to fade they made their way into the house.

“I can start dinner of you’d like?” She asked. “No thank you, I’m quite tired. I think I’ll just head on to sleep.” He answered, closing the front door behind him. She nodded. “I was hoping you’d say that. I’m not hungry either.” She said with a sad smile. He smiled back at her as he started to climb the stairs
up to his room. “Good night then, Elizabeth” he said without stopping. “Good night, Eli” she answered.

* Two days later *

It had already been a day later than when Presley said he’d be there. Rayna paced the living room floor in her sleep gown. Eli sat at the bottom of the stairs. Watching her worriedly. They had stayed cooped up at his house. They barely rode into town except for some supplies for supper. Agent Presley was supposed to have been there by now. Yesterday at the latest, in fact. “What if something happened to him. What if one of his goons got him?” She gasped. “What if they have him tied up somewhere and they are torturing him. Oh, why else would he be so late getting here? If he were okay he would have sent word of his whereabouts. Something’s got to be wrong.” She said, her steps picking up pace. “Elizabeth, you’ll wear a hole into my floors if you keep pacing about. I’m sure we would have heard something from another agent by now if something had happened to him.” Eli said gently. Rayna sighed, and hefted herself onto the sofa. She took a deep breath and held it. A moment went by. Then two. Then three. “What on earth are you doing?” Eli asked worriedly, as he stood up and walked to the side of the sofa to check on her. Suddenly she let out a gust of air slowly. “Trying to calm my breathing” she said carefully. Worry was still on her face. “It’s supposed to help calm my well-being.” She said taking another breath and closing her eyes. Eli stared at her. “Is it working?” He asked taking a seat on the arm of the sofa near her bare feet. She quickly blew the air out of her mouth. “No” she said, frustrated. She sat up. “I hope Presley is okay.” She said quietly. “I’m sure he can handle himself. Remember? He said he knew how to cover his tracks.” He reminded her. “Yes, but he’s also never late. Not when he first picked me up, not when he dropped me off, and not when he calls me once a week. He’s always on time or early. He’s a whole day late, in a state of emergency nonetheless!” She said as she threw her self back into a laying position on the sofa. She pulled her cover over herself. “Have you tried praying for his safety?” Eli suggested. Rayna sighed. “I’ve never prayed before Eli. I don’t intend to now. No offense.” She said from under the covers. Eli sighed. “Doesn’t hurt to try.” He said as he stood up and started to walk up the stairs to his bedroom. She popped her head back out. “Hey Eli?” She asked. “Yes?” He responded, pausing on the staircase. “What happens if he doesn’t come at all? Has anyone ever been left here unintentionally before?” She asked. Eli thought a moment. “No, no one has ever been left here. And we will deal with that if the situation arises. Let’s give him a few more days before we begin a new plan.” He said, and then disappeared upstairs.

* The next evening *

Still no sign of agent Presley. Rayna was internally in full blown panic mode. Although she was trying to keep calm outwardly for Eli’s benefit. They had gone to bed a couple hours ago, but she was of course unable to sleep. The house was dark, and quiet. She could faintly hear Eli snoring in one of the rooms upstairs. She shifted uncomfortably on the sofa cushions. Finally she forced her eyes shut and kept them closed until she drifted off to sleep.

Some time later she was woken up by a strange noise. A noise that she was not familiar with in Eli’s home. She committed most of the nighttime noises to memory so that she could sense unusual noises in the night in case someone were to come for her. And this, this noise was unfamiliar, indeed. She quietly sat up. The sun was barely shining. Which meant that it was still very early in the morning. She quietly slipped off the sofa and searched for something she could use as a weapon. There was literally nothing in the living room besides a sofa and a coffee table. She quietly cursed and tiptoed towards the noise with raised fists. Stepping lightly and making little to no sound. The noise seemed to have come from the kitchen.

Strange... maybe whoever, or whatever, was making that noise came through the back door?She thought to herself.

She crept along down the hall. She was about to peep around the corner when a figure suddenly stepped around it. On instinct she punched the figure square in the nose. She heard a satisfying crack as the figure flew backwards. “Who the hell are you?!” She yelled. The person had his face covered by both hands. And only responded with a painful grunt. Whoever he was snapped his nose back in place and looked at her incredulously. “What the hell Liz? What are you doing up?” He asked. Rayna looked at the figure closer. He was still sprawled on the floor. “Agent Presley?!” She squeaked. “In the flesh” he said with a wink. Without thinking about it she threw herself at him. Caught off guard he caught her but not before they both flopped to the ground. She was momentarily distracted by the feel of him under her. She couldn’t help but relish the sensation. Heat coursed through her body almost instantly. Then she remembered herself and pulled away some. “What the hell happened? You were supposed to be here days ago!?” She asked. Agent Presley started to answer but was interrupted by a cough at the bottom of the stairs. They both looked up to find Eli staring at them. His gaze drifting between the two of them. “Agent Presley. Elizabeth.” He said sternly. They both looked down at their promiscuous position on the floor. Rayna was still draped on top of him. Immediately they both scrambled to stand up. In the process she accidentally kneed him in the groin. “Ouch!” He grunted as he fell back down clutching his waste. “Oops! I’m so sorry!” She said helping him stand. He stood but stayed bent over, trying to breathe through the pain. She could feel her cheeks burning red. “Eli! Look who finally made it!” She said, embarrassed. Despite being doubled over in pain agent Presley watched her amused. Eli cleared his throat as he walked toward them. “Yes. Agent Presley. Glad to see you are safe” he said stiffly, reaching his hand out to shake Presley’s hand. “Sort of.” He said glancing at her. Agent Presley returned the handshake firmly. Forcing himself to stand up straight, despite the pain. “Yes, sorry I had to come a few days later. We caught wind that someone was tailing some of the agents on Elizabeth’s case. I had to wait until the coast was clear.” He responded. “Why didn’t you call or send word?” She asked punching his arm. “Would you stop punching me? I already had to crack my nose back into place.” He complained. Eli raised an eyebrow at Rayna. She shrugged. “I thought he was an intruder. And you had nothing down here I could defend myself with. So I had to bring out the fists of fury” she said. Eli stared at her, momentarily dumbfounded. Agent Presley laughed. “And your knee of no mercy as well, I see. At least I know you can handle yourself” he said with a chuckle.

“Why don’t we take this into the kitchen, and discuss the rest of our day over breakfast?” Eli suggested.

The two men sat at the table as Rayna prepared breakfast. “We won’t be staying too late today. I bought us a train tickets out of here. We have a new cover story. So far we have seen no evidence of any of Tommy’s men in town. Have you two noticed anything?” He asked. “Not that I would know, but no? I haven’t noticed anything. Have you Eli?” She asked. “No sir. Not out of the ordinary anyway. But we have tried to stay out of town. So even if there were strange men in town we weren’t there to notice them.” He said. She made the plates and brought them over to the table, joining them, she sat down next to agent Presley. Which was directly across from Eli. “Good, that’s exactly the right thing to do. We’ll head out this afternoon. Leigh will take us to the train station in the next town over.” He said. “We’re taking a train! I’ve never been on one before. This is sort of exciting. Where are we going?” She asked. “I can’t tell you until we’re safely in our cabin on the train. We’ll have more privacy.” He said, taking a bite of eggs and glancing sideways at Eli. “So if there has been nothing unusual around town, maybe they haven’t sent anyone for you yet. This could work to our advantage. We will likely be out of here by the time someone were to come looking.” Eli shrugged. “Like I said, we haven’t been in town much to notice.” Agent Presley nodded his head. “Alright Liz, I’ll help you clean up, then we’ll gather your things, find Leigh, and head to the train station.” He said starting to stand. “No you sit, you gotta be jet lagged from traveling. I’ll clean up and pack my things. You try to rest and have a chat with Eli.” Liz said, rising from her chair and starting to gather the dishes from the table. Agent Presley nodded in agreement and sat back down. “So Eli, how are the renovations for the new outhouse coming along?” He asked? Rayna didn’t hear Eli’s response. She set to work on cleaning the breakfast dishes. Once finished with that, she made her way to the living room to pack up her things and tidy up the sofa.
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