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Under the Amish Sky

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Chapter 2

Flash Back

She knew she shouldn't do it. She knew that one last "favor" for Tommy always turned into a few more. "Angel, just one last run. I'll make it worth it!" Tommy said as he licked her naked nipple with his talented tongue. They had been lounging in bed for a few extra hours, and indulging in what was her absolute favorite past time. Sex. The things Tommy did to her in bed was enough to make her wet just thinking of it. Now she lay flat on her back. Tommy had her hands held up above her head with his left hand, as his right hand pleasured her clit. She knew he strategically asked her for things while he pleasured her. She was such a sucker for his touch. "God! Tommy, dont stop! Please!" She begged. Her breathing had quickened. Tommy increased his speed and pressure of his right thumb as he slid his middle and ring finger into her hot core. His perfect teeth lightly scraping her hardened aroused nipple.

"Angel, tell me you'll do this last favor for me. Ricky has no one else to send, and you know tonight is my night to make rounds with the distributors. All you have to do is drop it off. The client has already paid for the stash. Tell me you'll do it." He whispered hotly in her ear. Tommy's fingers had become rough. Plunging in and out of her hot hole with increasing speed. Rayna loved when he finger fucked her. Really, she loved anything he did to her. The man was pure talent when it came to sexual favors. The best lay she's ever had, thus far anyway. Her hips moved in time with his fingers. As the ball of need and heat grew within her core, Rayna rode his fingers, faster. Rayna couldn't help it, she released a moan as she was losing herself to the pleasure. Tommy slowed his fingers. "Tell me you'll do it." He said. He sucked her whole nipple into his sexy mouth, allowing his teeth to apply just the right amount of pressure into her rounded mound.

"Fuck, Tommy! Fine! But this is the last time. I swear, dont ask me to do this shit again. You know the last client really-" she was stopped mid sentence. As soon as she had agreed, Tommy had jumped between her legs. He kept her arms pressed above her head but now instead of his talented fingers at her soaked entrance his hardened cock took its place. His right hand gripped her hip bone as he plunged his long hard dick into her, filling her almost competely. "Oh fuck." She moaned. "Yeah, baby, right there. Fuuuck." She was losing her mind in extocy.

He withdrew himself only to plunge back into her at a deeper level. She whimpered with need. Tommy picked up his speed, using more force. His eyes following her bouncing tits. "Oh, God. I'm coming. Fuck me harder, Tom, please!" And so he did. Plunging hard and deep into her until she she shook with orgasmic pleasure, she reached her pique with explosive force. She coated his dick in her warm creamy juices.

"Fuck baby, I'm almost there, suck me off." Tommy growled as he removed himself from her, pumping his cock with his hand until she replaced it with her delicious mouth. Fuck he loved it when her sexy plump lips circled his big cock. Her beautiful ash grey eyes looking up at him with a sexy hooded look. She gripped his hips, lightly digging her nails into his butt muscles. He growled, in pleasure. She took his full length in her mouth, as she started to work her magic. Usually he didn’t get attached to women that he used, but this one, she had a real talented mouth and an eager appetite. He had to admit, she was one hell of of a fuck. He found that he craved the things she could do with her mouth. However, he still wouldn’t allow himself to feel anything. In his line of business, its best just to fuck em’ and dump em’. He’d have to find a way to ditch this one soon, but for now, he’d enjoy it while she ran a few last errands for him. He lightly pumped his cock in and out of her mouth as she sucked hard every time he withdrew, flicking the tip just a little. As he reached his climax he gripped her head burrying himself to the hilt in her warm throat. She moaned her sexy little moan creating vibrations on his dick, which caused him to release his load down the back of her throat with a loud moan. "Fuck, angel, your mouth is magic" he groaned out as he pulled himself out of her mouth. She swalloweded his cum and he stepped down to become level with her, one hand gripped one of her ass cheeks while his other hand cupped her chin. He traced her plump bottom lip with his thumb. "Thank you, angel." He said as she sucked on the tip of his thumb. "The client will expect you at 7pm sharp. I'll shoot you the address later. Dont be late this time." He said with a slap of her ass cheek. Then he was up, and grabbing for his clothes that they had strown throughout her appartment. She looked at him with a frown. "I thought rounds weren't till later." She said as she reached over to pull his shirt on to cover some of her nakedness. Tommy pulled his jeans on then strode over to where she was perched on the edge of the bed. He picked her up allowing her legs to lock in a straddle hold around his waste. "Have I not satisfied you enough, angel?" He murmered as his hands slid down her back. One hand pinched a butt cheek while the other slid further under her bottom. He inserted two fingers into her pussy from behind.

Rayna let out a surprised squeak. Which quickly gave way to a needy moan. "You always satisfy me baby, but do you always have to leave right after?" She asked sucking his earlobe into her mouth to give it a little nibble. Enjoying the feel of gripping him between her legs, she let her hands roam through his dark shoulder length hair. Tommy sighed, removing his fingers and started tugging up his shirt that she was wearing. "You know I'm a busy man, angel. I have things I need to get done before rounds. But you'll be on time tonight for our client yes? 7pm sharp, angel. I mean it. They won’t have to get rough with you as long as you show up on time. You know better than to make them wait for their goods." He pulled his shirt off of her, then he set her down, letting her bounce a little on the bed. She pouted which elicited a chuckle from him as he pulled his shirt on. He leaned down, and as he gave her lips a quick kiss, pinched one of her perky nipples. Rayna playfully smacked his hand away. "When will I see you next?" She asked as he sauntered over to his shoes that he left just past the door of her bedroom. She watched as his muscular figured bent to pick each one up to put them on his feet. "I'll let you know later, angel. Do this last favor for me, and I'll let you know." He winked, and with that he was out of her doorway headed towards her front door. Once she heard the door slam shut, she laid back on her bed with a sigh.

Rayna wasn't stupid. She knew what she was delivering. She wasn't sure why she continued doing these 'favors' for Tommy. Even after she found out exactly what it was she was delivering. She'd never tried the stuff herself. It just wasn't her thing. Now, sex. That was her thing. It didn't used to be, until she actually met Tommy. She had met him one night in a club. She wasnt even supposed to be there, but her friend from work begged her to go. So she agreed to at least make an appearance, and that seemed to satisfy her friend, even if it meant she might leave early. Tommy was in the middle of the dance floor, of course, surrounded by women with bits and pieces of their body hanging seductively out of their clothing. Rayna had picked at her clothes. They certainly weren't prudish. But they were still decent. Her warm chocolate brown hair was curled in a high pony, her mid drift white top showed a hint of cleavage, and just enough of her flat muscular tummy. Her high waisted distressed ripped black skinnies came down to just below mid-calf. Leaving her ankles exposed to show off her sunflower tattoo. She wore light grey suade boots that had cost her half of her paycheck, but there was just enough lift in the heels to give her legs a nice muscular shape. No, she was no prude. She knew she was sexy, even with all of her body parts still safely tucked away in her clothes. Growing up she was into nearly all the sports high school could offer. Since graduation, she had never given up her normal workouts in the gym. Even now, living in New York City, which is far from Seattle where she grew up, the first thing she found after an apartment, of course, was a within walking or a quick jogging distance gym. Now, standing in the pulsing club, music blaring so loudly that she could hardly think, she chose to stay behind the scenes at a table near the back corner to wait for her friend. That's when she saw him. He had made eye contact with her while he was grinding his pelvis up against another woman who was wearing a dress that was very nearly hiked up above her hips by now. He turned from her, nearly making the poor girl fall on her face. He ignored his falling partner and started to make his way over to her. The girl he left behind merely picked herself up, righted her skirts, and contunued grinding on some other poor soul on the dance floor. Rayna chuckled, as the man made his way over to her. "Dance with me" He stated offering his hand to her. She gave him a dead panned expression. "No." She said, simply. He raised an eyebrow at her. The man was sex on legs. He wreaked of dominance and sexual appeal. She could feel her core moisten. He slipped his arm around her waste and slamed her body against his. Then proceeded the short distance to the wall to lightly pin her in place. Normally she would never go for someone so appealingly forward. She placed her small hands against his muscalar chest to push him off when she paused. His mouth went straight to her ear, immediately heat coursed through her body. "You looked like such an angel, standing at your table all alone. Tell me, what is your name?" He had a small accent, but she couldnt place where he was from. Damn it, why was her body betraying her like this? "Ray-Rayna" she stuttered. Suddenly she wasnt concerned with pushing him off of her. No, she wanted every inch of his heated body on her. She had never reacted to her ex boyfriends touch this way. Hell, she'd never reacted this way to any guy's touch. Not that she had the privilege of having that many. Sports kept her way too busy to pursue many relationships.
She knew she was a gonner. He pressed his hips into her, letting her feel his arroused member. She let out an involuntary moan. He grazed her cheek with his nose. "Tell me, angel, when was the last time you were fucked? Your mind tells you no, but your sexy body is all but screaming yes." He said, as he dipped his hands down to cup both of her rounded ass cheeks. One hand dipped further into the curve, softly rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Yep, a gonner, indeed. That evening he convinced her to let him give her a ride home. From there he sweet talked his way into her apartment. And he had been sweet talking her into doing things for him for the better part of this last year. He knew she couldnt resist him. Always asking for favors from her while she was about to cum all over his mouth, or his fingers, or his dick. Damn the man.

Rayna sighed, standing up to stretch and then make her way over to her shower to get ready for the day. As the hot water cascaded down her soapy body she thought of Tommy. She knew he fucked other girls on the side. She knew that what she had with him would never turn into something serious. But Damn him and his talented tongue. She couldnt help but crave his hot mouth on her body. And she knew that one day, he might get her into something she might not make it back from. She had been telling him for the past month that she was done with his 'favors' but he had started to withdraw himself from her. Enough to make her want his touch so badly that she would contact him to set something up. As soon as she would return from a job, he would ravish her body in pleasure.

Little did she know that the one job that she may never return from was coming for her, quicker than she thought. That night her world changed, and she could never go back to her old way of living.

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