Under the Amish Sky

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Chapter 3

"Liz? Hey Liz? Elizabeth?!" Agent Presley snapped his fingers in her face to catch her attention. "What?" She asked in annoyance, as she drew herself from the memories of the night before. "You'll have to learn how to respond to your new name faster." He said making eye contact with her. She took in his features. Agent presley was well built. No doubt he spent time in the gym. He looked to be about 5 years older than her. He had a hardened sexy look about him. That stern no bull shit face. He had dark short hair that begged to be played with, and deep sexy green bedroom eyes. His mouth, oh lord, his mouth looked like they knew exactly how to pleasure the ladies. And she was well aware of her fondness of a good mouth. Rayna coughed and focused her attention on the house that their buggy was parking in front of. "Shot! Okay, well I guess let's get the show on the road, then agent Presley, shall we?" She glanced back at him once the buggy came to a full stop in front of the awaiting family. "Language, Liz" He heatedly whispered, as the buggy's door opened from outside. She threw him a cocky wink before she got out of the car. A sighing Agent Presely followed her out. She came to a stop in front of the family. One male, she presumed to be Abraham, and two females. They must be his wife and daughter. Abraham looked to be well over ten years older than his wife. Which made Rayna a little uncomfortable. Was this some form of an arranged marriage? Was this the community that fucked each other through holes in the bed sheets? She shuttered at the thought. What the hell did she get herself into.

Agent Presley stepped around her to shake Abraham's hand. "Abe, thanks again for doin this. We know its not easy, taking in outsiders." Presley said with a friendly smile. Rayna would have found it charming in any other circumstance besides this one.

"Not a problem Agent Presely. We could really use the help around the farm, right Bridgett, Lisa." He said as he looked to his wife and daughter. The petite small mousy women smiled and silently agreed with a shake of her head. The young girl looked to be about 8, simply nodded without making eye contact.

Agent Presely laid his hand on the small of Rayna's back to push her forward a little. She felt a quick zing of heat shoot to her core at his touch.

Fuck Rayna, calm your shit. You've been without sex for two days and suddenly your revving at a simple touch from a man you barely know. How are you gonna survive living with the Amish if you don't calm the fuck down. She thought to herself.

She coughed lightly, and politely nodded her head to them.

"This is Elizabeth Stanford. You're welcome to call her Liz if you prefer." Presley said, holding his hand on her back for a split second longer. He enjoyed how she felt against his palm. He didn't miss the quick heat that crept up her back at his touch. Rayna politely muttered a "hello."

He withdrew his hand, and walked to the back of the buggy. He pulled out a simple black buckle down suit case that the agency provided for Rayna. They had filled it with what she would need for her stay. It wasn't much because, well, lets face it the Amish lived simply. They did not use electronics. They didnt have running water in their home. This particular family however, thankfully had running water in their 'bathhouse' which was a small shed type building not far from their home. They worked the day away, only to go to sleep and do it again tomorrow. He felt sorry for the girl. He knew her life was a far cry from this one. He knew she was used to living a life much like his own. He also knew she had a healthy sexual appetite, otherwise, why else would she have been with that shit head Tommy.

Presley walked back over to Rayna's side carrying the black suit case. He set aside the thoughts of her sexual appetite as he said, "I'll help her get settled in then I'll be flying back to headquarters." Indicating that they should head inside.

"Of course, where are my manners, let us give you a tour of our home, Elizabeth." The man said as he turned and started towards the house. The two women followed.

Rayna and Presley followed not far behind, walking up the 4 steps to the wrap around porch that welcomed them.

Rayna looked around. The place seemed...homey. She wasnt sure what she expected but it seemed like normal people lived here. A golden retriever laid napping on a porch chair.

Well they are not aliens Rayna. They are human beings, just like you. She thought to herself.

They followed the family through the two story home. She tried to pay close attention so that she would remember her way around. The house was a lot bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside. Finally they stopped at a door at the end of the hall upstairs.

"Elizabeth, you will have your own room. This level of the house you'll share with little Lisa, here. For now, until the baby comes anyway." He said, fondly patting Lisa's head. She smiled brightly at him. "Mine and Bridgets room is downstairs, if you need us for anything during the night." He continued.

"I like what you've done with the place, Abe. So much more room for your growing family." Presley said, as he glanced at Bridget. Rayna took a closer look at the blushing small mousy lady. She did indeed have a medium size bump.

"Oh, congratulations." Rayna said, smiling politely.

"Thank you" they both replied at the same time. Abraham gave a small friendly chuckle.

"We'll let you get settled in. You came just in time, supper will be ready in an hour." Abraham said leading his family back down the hall and towards the stairs.

Rayna turned towards her room and opened the door. Stepping in and to the side so that Presley could bring her suit case in.

"He's really updated the home alot. You should be thankful, otherwise you would have been sharing a bed with Little Lisa." Presely said with a laugh.

Rayna nodded nervously, as she took in her surroundings. There was a simple bed in the corner, and a dresser. One window with plain curtains hung on the far wall.

"We'll this is..." She paused. "Cute" she said. She decided that she was lucky that this family was even doing this. She would be thankfull and take what she could get. Until she could request a transfer anyway.

Presley chuckled as he walked over to her twin sized bed in the corner. Setting her suitcase down on the bed, he sat on the other end to take a look around.

"Its not that bad, Ray." He said smiling at her. Trying to be supportive.

"Don't you mean Liz?" She said with a cocky smirk, as she leaned against the dresser on the other side of the room.

He smiled brightly at her as he flicked her the bird. "Liiiiiz. Now your getting the hang of it." He said.

She let her eyes trail down his body. Over his broad shoulders down to his trim waste, further down to his admirable bulge. What a nice size bulge. She wondered how much it would grow once He got aroused. Then she continued the descent to his muscular legs, that filled out his pants quite nicely. God she wanted nothing more than to straddle him and ride his cock to oblivion.

Presley could feel the sexual tension rising as she looked at him. He didnt think that she had gotten, a good look at him until just now. Judging by how her cheeks reddened as her eyes slowly fell down the length of his body, she wanted him about as much as he wanted her.

He cleared his thoughts and stood to full height. Knocking her out of her day dream.

Damn he's tall too. Fuck. She thought.

"Time to go?" She questioned.

"Yep, it’a that time. Walk me down to the buggy, Liz." He instructed as he headed for the door.

She followed him down the hall, down the steps, and straight out the front door. None of the Gingerich family were anywhere to be seen.

"They'll give you your space mostly but they do expect you to help with the chores. I'll be wiring them a weekly sum of money, for taking you in and sheltering you. I will also be calling once a week to update you. The only phone they have is a distant neighbor outside of the community all together. This neighbor is trustworthy. She is the one that takes them out of town for their doctor appointments and for other things. Abraham will take you to her. So every Friday at 4pm, your ass better be by that phone to wait for my call." He said.

Rayna smirked at him. "Why Agent Presley, language!" She feigned surprise, with a hand to her chest. That solicited a deep chuckle from him. She giggled.

"Will I see you again?" She asked.

"I'm supposed to fly in and check on you every two months." He replied.

"What if I request a transfer after two months?" She asked.

"Then if it's safe, I'll fly down to get you and take you to the next undercover site. But I have a feeling this place might grow on you, Liz. Just give it some time." He said, gripping her arm to reassure her. His touch sent electric heat up her arm. She couldn't help it, she lunged at him. Wrapping her arms around his waste, and breathing in his scent. He smelled faintly of cologne and clothes softener.

After a split second of surprise, his arms wrapped around her petite frame. He patted her back, comfortingly. Trying to ignore the way her body felt pressed against his, he coughed a little to clear his throat.

"Thank you, agent Presley." She whispered. Tears springining to her eyes. “Please just call me Presley.” He said.

They pulled apart after a brief moment, and made eye contact. He slowly whipped the tears from her eyes. "Your welcome, Ray" he said with a small smile. He lightly pinched her cheek and then turned to get into the buggy. She liked his nickname for her. It made it seem like he cared about what happened to her. If she stayed safe, she wondered if eventually he might develop feelings for her. Did she even want him to?

She sat on the porch and watched until his horse and buggy was out of view.

"He's a very kind and handsome man." A soft voice said beside her. Rayna jumped at the sound and looked up. Bridget stood holding some dark clothing.

"Y-yes, ma'am, he's very kind." Rayna said cautiously.

"Come, dear. I'll teach you how to wear these." She said as she lifted the clothing in her hand, then turned to walk into the house. Rayna followed her all the way up to the room. Bridget had her suit case open and empty on the bed.

"I went ahead and put your clothes and things in the dresser." She said, setting the clothes on the bed. She grabbed the suit case, folded it closed, and then slid it under the bed. Then she straightened, and reached for the clothing again.

"Thank you, Bridgett. I appreciate it, but I could of handled that myself." She said slightly.

"It's quite alright, dear. Abe doesn't let me do much around her since I started showing. So it's not like I had other things to do. You really came at the right time. Now we have someone to help carry some of the household chore duties, since Abe wont let me do anything. Now, lets get you dressed." She said.

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