Under the Amish Sky

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Chapter 4

Rayna sat on her bed fiddling with her head cover. She sighed heavily and drew her hand away.

Well, it could be worse Rayna. You could be lying dead in the floor of Tommy's last "clients" house.

Rayna scoffed at her predicament. At least she was safe for now. She heard a soft knock on the door. Rayna stood and opened the door to reveal Abraham. "Yes sir?" She asked timidly. Abraham gave her a kind smile. "Elizabeth, dinner is finished. Would you mind coming downstairs?" He asked politely. "Of course, that was quick!" She responded in kind. She quickly followed him down the stairs and to the dining room. Dinner was already displayed on the table where Bridgett and Lisa were already seated. Rayna took a seat across from Lisa, and Abraham took the last remaining available seat across from Bridgett.

"If you dont mind, we would like to say a quick prayer before our meal." Abraham said to Rayna. "Oh... Of course. Please, do everything as you normally would. Please dont let me disrupt." She responded. Abraham nodded and continued to bow his head and start a prayer. Bridgett and Lisa also bowed their heads. Peeking around, Rayna bowed hers too. Once the prayer was finished, without another word they started to eat in complete silence. Once dinner was finished Abaraham disappeared to leave the ladies to clean. "Lisa, why dont you take Elizabeth to the outhouse and show her how we wash up for the night. I will finish the washing down here." Bridgett said to Lisa. Lisa only nodded and started to leave the room. "Follow her, she'll teach you how to wear the wash clothes and how to work the outhouse." Bridgett said softly. Rayna smiled at her. She had such a soft quiet demeanor about her. She seemed very sweet. Rayna decided that she liked her. And that maybe living with the Amish wouldnt be so bad. She turned and followed Lisa out of the kitchen.

They walked down the steps and around to the back yard, where there stood an awkward looking stall-like shack made of wood.

Well this isn't creepy at all...Is she taking me out here to slaughter me??

She arched her brow and slowed her steps as they neared the outhouse. Lisa opened the door. It was extremely small. On one side there was a plain toilet. That half of the shack was considerably shorter than the other half. You almost had to stoop when you were on that side. The other half was a good three foot taller. It had a concrete slab with a single drain. At the top was a very simple shower head, just below about midway from the ground was two knobs. She assumed were to turn on the hot or cold water. Between the two halves stood a very plain wooden standing cabinet. Lisa opened it and pulled out a linen tank top and trousers. She then turned and held them out for her.

Rayna took them with what must have been an incredibly confused look on her face, because Lisa giggled a little.

"You wear them when you wash." She said. With a small smile. "The door does not lock, so I suggest you use them. No undergarments, just these." She added.

Rayna looked from the linens to Lisa. "Are you serious right now?" She asked earnestly.

"Yes. Our neighbor Eli uses the outhouse because his plumbing is being worked on in his outhouse. Wouldn't want him to get a peek at anything unbecoming." Lisa answered.

“Nope, wouldn’t want that.” She said sarcastically. "So like...we only have to wear them because we're sharing an outhouse with Eli?" She asked.

Lisa giggled again. "No, we always wear them. I only told you about Eli having to use our outhouse so that you would follow the rules for certain." Lisa said cheekily.

Rayna raised an eyebrow at her questioningly. "Do you get many guests who dont follow the rules?" She questioned. Lisa looked her square in the eyes then. "You are not a guest, Elizabeth. You are my family. Your my cousin from out of town." She said pointedly. Rayna got what she was trying to say. "Of course, we wear the linens every time we bathe." She said seriously. Lisa nodded with satisfaction. "The water will run hot or cold. Never both at the same time. Neither one gets unbearable, though." Lisa said turning and pulling a plain off-white towel from the cabinet. "I'll bring you some sleep clothes in a few minutes. We only use handmade soap. It is safe for your hair as well. Its just there." She said pointing to a small shelf near the shower head where A small plain clear bottle with honey colored liquid sat. She nodded at Lisa in response. "I'll run up and grab your sleep clothes then." She said making her way to the door.

Rayna wondered if she really was as young as she looked. She spoke so much like a grown adult. Once the door was shut she began to remove her day time dress. Then she pulled on the itchy linen. She stepped into the shower and after a moments hesitation she cut on the cold water. Jumping a little as the cool water hit her full on the chest. Since the day was so hot and then night stayed warm she figured cold would be best. She sighed. The water felt nice. She went about her business. Using the homade soap for her body, even under the linen, and in her hair.

She was rinsing the last of the soap out of her hair when she heard the door opening. Without turning she spoke to Lisa, "Almost done, Lisa! Just rinsing!" Then she heard a weird shuffling and a gruff cough. She turned just in time to see the door slam.


She looked around the room. She didnt see her bedtime clothes anywhere. "Lisa?!" She looked around.

"Did someone else come in here then?" She wondered. She shrugged her shoulders and finished rinsing.

She was shutting off the shower when the door opened again. She grabbed the towel and wrapped it around herself quickly. Lisa came in holding a white long sleeved gown. "It's only me." She said setting down the night gown on the chair by the door. "Sorry, right. Of course." She said.

Maybe I just imagined it.

Lisa left to give her some privacy after telling her that she was off to bed and so were her parents. And that she was to put the wet linens in the basket beside the shower.

She dried herself off and slipped the gown on. She put the wet linens where she was told to. She grabbed her shoes and decided to walk barefoot to the house. When she opened the doors she ran smack into a strong broad chest. Knocking her back on her ass. "Shit! What the hell?" She said looking up. There stood the bulkiest man she'd ever seen. His muscles were the largest she'd ever set her eyes on. His hat covered most of his face so all she could see was a strong jawline with a trimmed beard. "Sorry miss. I thought maybe the bathhouse would be vacant by now." He said backing up a few steps to let her through. She sighed. She grabbed her shoes that she had dropped and stood up. "By now? So it was you earlier?" She asked trying to look him in his eyes. He had the decency to turn red in the cheeks. "Yes, my apologies. I was unaware someone was in there. I saw nothing unbecoming." He said looking away. She coughed to get his attention. "Yeah sure, listen buddy. Maybe you should knock next time?" She said crossing her arms over her braless breasts. She was sure her nipples where hard beneath her gown. He wore a light colored shirt, dark brown suspenders with dark brown pants. Dude was pure muscle. He couldnt have had an ounce of fat anywhere.

How did this dude get this ripped? What do the Amish men do around here? Jeez.

He coughed and rubbed his neck. "I apologize. I will remember that for the duration of the construction going on in my own bath house." He said.

"Ah so your the famous neighbor Eli?" She asked. "Yes, I am. And you must be Elizabeth?" He asked. "Yes. That would be me." She said making eye contact. Blue. His eye's were blue. The lightest shade she'd ever seen. They were almost grey. "Right, well I guess i'll let you get your bath in. Good night, sir." She said stepping around him to go up to the house. "It's just Eli, please, miss." He said looking back at her. "Okay, it's just Liz then." She said smiling at him. He smiled back, showing a row of perfect pearly white teeth. His smile made her stomach do somersaults. "I'm sorry but i'll have to call you Elizabeth." He said as he walked into the bathhouse. She wondered if it was just their way of culture. Did shortening a name to a nickname count as a sign of disrespect or was it just far to intament between two people? Was it somethig only spouses did? She pondered this as she went up to her room. She set her shoes down by her bedroom door, and crawled into bed. She fell asleep with blue eyes on her mind.

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