Under the Amish Sky

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Chapter 5

It's been 1 month since she’d been with the Gingerich family. By now she has settled into a routine. She spent alot of her time with Bridgett and Lisa, doing daily chores. She didn’t really see much of Abraham. He spent most of his time away from the house and in the fields. Sometimes he would take her to town to take her weekly call from agent Presley. On the days he couldn’t take her, the neighbor Eli, did. Eli didn't have much to say but sometimes she was able to work a little conversation from him. Making small jokes to see if she could make him break that stone face expression. She rarely succeed in doing so.

She did, however, notice that sometimes his eyes would roam her body. Especially when he thought she wasn't paying attention. And she could see the heat start at his cheeks and travel down to his strong neck. She had no doubt he was definitely attracted to her. At least to some degree. No matter what she tried though, he never became inappropriate with her. Which drove her nuts. She tried taking extra long in the shower. Knowing about the time he takes his bath. And she, ever so conveniently, made sure she was still in the bath house when he made his trips over.

One evening she was, of course taking a long shower, and she heard the door open ever so slightly. And then tap shut. She knew Eli would wait out side until she finished. This happens very often. He always politely waits just outside. She could tell by a few cracks in the wood that he is standing just on the other side of the wall. And that he could probably hear what is going on on the other side. Well, obviously, since it was made out of wood on top of a slab of concrete. Suddenly she got a bright idea. She started caressing her body. She started with her nipples. The scratchy bath linen, actually hightened her arousal. Scratching against her hardened nipples. She let out a long slow sigh. From the cracks in the wall she could tell that his figure is frozen in place. She allowed one of her hands to dip into her linen trousers. Sliding her finger down to her wet core. Teasing her clit, and allowing a soft moan to escape.

From the other side of the wall she can hear his sharp, barely noticable, intake of breath. She smiled to herself and continued. Allowing two fingers into her wet hole, she started moving them in and out in a steady rhythm. As her orgasm began to build, her rhythm sped up. Her breathing became labored, almost moaning gasps. She could swear she could just barely hear his breathing quicken also. When she reached her peak she couldn’t help but let out a soft moan of pleasure. Carefully making sure it wasn't too loud. She only wanted Eli to hear, not anyone else that might be nearby. Once her breathing calmed down she cut the water off. From the cracks she could see Eli's form sort of jump away from the outhouse. She quickly dried off and put her nighttime granny gown on. Dropping her wet clothes in the basket by the shower, she gathered her things and decided to walk barefoot back to the house.

When she stepped out she noticed Eli, looking a little red in the face, leaning up against a nearby tree. His breathing still kind if quick and out of sorts. His hat hiding most if his expression. His neck is actually what gives his arousal away. It's very red. He has his legs crossed in a way that hides his bulge, just barely. She could tell she had the desired affect on him. She knew her cheeks we pink from her earlier orgasm, but she didn’t care. She looked at him innocently.

"Oh, Eli! Hello! Did you have a good day in the fields with Abe?" She asked. She kept her distance, still walking slowly to the house. She watched, as Eli avoided eye contact with her, his cheeks getting even pinker. He only mumbles something along the lines of an "um-hm". She nodded. "Alright, whelp... I guess i'll head inside. I had a rather...exhausting day, myself. Goodnight Eli." She said, sweetly, walking backwards a little so that she might see a glimmer of his facial expression. He only tipped his hat, and walked briskly into the outhouse. Shutting the door, quick and firm. Smiling to herself, she turned to go inside the house, straight up to her room, and into bed. Falling asleep, as per usual with blue eyes on her mind.

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