Under the Amish Sky

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Chapter 6

Two weeks later. It was still early, one morning. She woke to light knocking on her door. She peeped outside of the covers, confused. It was barley light out. That meant that she still had about an hour and a half of sleep before she had to be up. She'd gotten pretty good at getting up without Lisa or bridgett having to wake her. "Liz?" A small voice said from the other side of the door. Rayna sat up in bed. "Come in Lisa". She coaxed. She'd become quite close to Lisa and Bridgett. So much so that they started calling her Liz. Abraham, even though she'd grown to know him as family, still called her Elizabeth. Lisa poked her head in the room. "Father needs you downstairs. He says it's urgent." Lisa said, her face showing mild concern. "I think your agent fellow has called our helper. I heard mother and father saying something about it when I went to the kitchen to grab water." She said looking sheepish that she heard a part of a conversation that wasn't meant for her ears. Fear immediately rose within her. She didnt take calls from agent Presley in the middle of the week. "Thank you Lisa, i'll get changed and head right down." She said jumping out of bed and immediatly started to change. Lisa nodded and shut the door to give her privacy. With her heart racing, she changed into her daytime dress, threw her hair in a low bun, and covered her head with the bonnet. She slipped on her shoes at the door and quickly made her way down the stairs. Abraham was waiting at the bottom at the landing. "Abraham? What's happened?" She asked concerned. "I dont know child. Our helper just came asking for me to take you to the phones. Agent Presley needs to reach you immediatly. He requested for Eli to take you." Abraham said, trying to hide his worried expression. "Eli, but why? Can't you take me to the phones right now?" She asked. Eli was a ten minute walk away. She wished she had her cell phone to call Presley.

"Fuck. This might be serious if he's calling me this early." She thought.

"I'm sorry, I offered to, but the helper said that he specified for Eli to take you. I'll walk with you. She has already gone ahead in her buggy to wake him. He should be ready by the time we make it to his home." Abraham said gesturing towards the front door, and taking a step in that direction. Rayna nodded in understanding. Abraham grabbed a lantern by the door, it was still fairly dark outside, with just a bit of light on the horizon. They stepped out of the house and started their trek to Eli's, in silence. Along the way the sunlight continued to rise. It would have been a peaceful morning walk had she not been so worried about what Presley might have to say. "Perhaps it is nothing too serious, maybe agent Presley just missed you." Abraham offered, trying to ease her worry. She snorted then did a double take at him. "Abe.. Did you just...crack a joke?" She asked completely stunned. "We Amish are allowed a joke or two every now and then." He said with a shrug of his shoulder. Rayna laughed. "Yes, I reckon you are." She said. A little embarrased that he had picked up on her attraction to Presley. Over the last month and a half she had gotten very close to agent Presley as well. As promised, they spoke once a week. He kept her updated on Tommy's case. She kept him updated on her life with the Amish. But they also sometimes and very carefully spoke about personal things. Recently their conversations have turned a little heated. With sexual innuendos, jokes, and inclinations. Building some sort of sexual tension between them. Affectively making her confused as to wether she had stronger affections toward him or Eli. Nothing had really progressed on the Eli front. He was still keeping his distance. Still turning red sometimes when he looked at her. They did however bond in a different way. She could tell they were still attracted to each other, but they connected more intellectually through random conversations when he took her to the phones, or to town for errands for the Gingerich's.

"I do hope his news isn't too serious. Maybe they made a break in your case and you might be free to return home." Abraham suggested quietly. She thought about that for a minute. Did she want to leave the Amish. Was she ready? She had gotten close to Abraham and his family. Even to some of the lady's in the community in town. Even to strong, silent, sexy Eli. Furthermore was she ready to go back to the fast pace life in the city. Cell phones, traffic, donuts, coffee, normal people, sex... God the sex. She missed that so much she ached. Often times she pleasured herself in the shower, even when she knew Eli wasn't just outside of the outhouse. Sometimes, she even pleasured herself to the thoughts of Presley. Thinking of how his voice sounded when he spoke to her over the phone. She’d really gotten familiar with his voice. She pictured his strong hands on her. Taking her roughly, hard and fast. That’s how she imagined he took his women. His personality seemed a little rough around the edges. But still gentle and safe at the same time. Surely he fucked much the same way. She shook herself from those thoughts. Ordering herself to cool down.

She looked to Abe, "Maybe. But I doubt it. He said that most people never return to their old life. It's something else Abe. I have a real bad gut feeling about this." She said, giving him a worried look. They were quickly approaching Eli's house. As expected, he had his horse and buggy ready. And he was seated at the front of the buggy ready to go. Abraham helped her into the back. Giving her a nod of encouragment before shutting the door. He tapped the side of the buggy and began to back away to start his walk back home. Eli snapped his reigns, urging his horse forward and they started their ride into to town to the phones.

Rayna slid the small window open so she could talk to Eli. "Top of the mornin to ya, Eli." She said in her best Irish accent. Trying to keep the mood light. Eli gave a tip if his hat, but otherwise didnt say a word. "What's gotten into you today? Missed out on some beauty sleep?" She asked, jokingly. Eli said nothing only snapped the reigns to urge the horse to speed up. "Look, I really..." She started but was interrupted. "This is serious Elizabeth, please. Just be silent." He said tersly. "Scuse me?" She said, appalled. He'd never spoken to her in that tone. "Don't you think I know how serious this is? This is my life on the line, Eli. I’m fully aware that me being here is putting the people I care about at risk. Excuse the hell outta me for trying to relieve some stress!" She said, rudely. She cursed, and slammed the window shut making him flinch. The rest of the ride was spent in silence.

When they arrived, she went straight inside the helper's shop while Eli tied his horse up and making sure the buggy was secure.

"Leigh, whats happening?" She asked as she came through the door. A tall blond, slender, women in her mid forties, dressed in jeans and a plain Carhartt shirt, and cowgirl boots greeted her with a strong hug.

"Oh, come here honey." She said holding her a moment. When she pulled back she said "Dont you worry your pretty little head. Presley will fill you in. Go on in and he should ring you..." She glanced at her wrist watch. "Should be here in the next few moments." She said, gesturing to the room where she kept three business type phones. Each seperated by three separate cubicles for privacy. Not sound proof, of course. But if you slip a little bit of saucy gossip her way, Leigh would make sure the room was empty and locked for some sound proof privacy. Leigh was another kind soul she had the pleasure of bonding with. One who worked frequently with the agents as well. Also the only "normal" person she had to talk to. She saw her several times a week. And was easily one of her favorite people she'd gotten the chance to know. She of course, Leigh understood that they couldn't act "normal" towards each other when other Amish people were around. "Thanks, Leigh" she said. Leigh squeezed her shoulders and unlocked the phone room for her. Shutting the door behind her, Rayna took a seat at her usual booth that she used everytime, Presley called. Tapping her fingers on the table she waited for the phone to ring. Just as she was beginning to worry, the phone rang. Immediatley, barely finishing the first ring, she answered. "Presley?" She breathed, worry leaking out in her voice."She gripped the phone hard. Just then she heard the door open behind her just as Presley started to speak. "Ray..." Glancing back she saw that Eli was coming in. "Hang on, Presley." She said then covered the phone speaker eyeing Eli questioningly. Eli shrugged, and continued into the room taking the seat beside her. She arched one of her eye brows at him in question. "If that's Eli, then its fine. I need him in here. Click the phone to speaker." Presley said. She pushed the speaker button, then set the phone down. "Liz?" Presley asked, his voice clear over the speaker. "Presley." She said sitting back in her chair, relaxing at the sound of his voice. "Eli?" Presly asked. Eli scooted closer. "Agent Presley." Presley sighed. "Alright here's the news... Liz...for the next day or two. You are not to leave Eli's sight." She instantly tenses back up, and Eli's eyes widened momentarily. "Wh-what? Presley...why?" She asked, fear building in her chest. "Eli..." Presley said. "Sir?" Eli answered. Rayna narrowed her eye's at Eli. "She stays in your eye sight until I can get there. Could be tomorrow, or the next day. We're working on flights now." For the first time her brain registered the background noise coming from Presley's surroundings. He's moving quickly. Shuffling bags, closing doors, he's breathing labored. Like he's moving around or moving stuff fast. Like he's rushing. "Presley... What the fuck is happeneing?" She asked alarmed. Eli narrowed his eyes at her, but she ignored him. "Liz... Your cover is blown. I'm coming to you." She froze at his news, feeling the color drain from her face leaving her momentarily paralyzed. Panick set in.

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