Under the Amish Sky

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Chapter 7

She was still frozen in shock. She could hear Presley's worried voice on the speaker but it's not registering. Her mind is instantly racing to how those thugs got rough when she delivered the goods. How she barely made it out of some deliveries alive. How she hid the bruises with make up. Are those the people coming for her? Or is it Tommy himself. Would Tommy ever hurt her? He’d never been violent or rough. At least not in a way that didn’t end in an orgasm. Of course, after she snitched on him, she had no reason to beleive he wouldn’t get violent, but she never really knew him that well. All she knew was that he was good in the sack.

Eli's fingers snapped in her face. She blinked and her focus is immediatly pulled from her thoughts and back to the present. "Liz!" Presley said gruffly through the phone. "Ye-yes, Presley?" She asked, timidly. "Dont worry. I'm coming to you. Eli will be with you until I can get there." Presley started saying. "How did this cover get blown? Who the fuck thinks "oh I bet she's hiding with the Amish! Let’s go get her!" She asked starting to panic. "I dont want to put any of these people at risk, Presley. Get me out of here. Put me in hiding somewhere else completely isolated! I dont want any of his people even coming near here!" She’s talking a mile a minute. Working herself up. "Hey, hey now. Breathe for just a moment now, Liz." His voice soft and gentle. She took a deep breath. "They have my location?" She asked. Presley pauses for a mement but then sighs and answers her question. "Yes. We’re not exactly sure how. Although, I have a theory." He answered. "Do they have people on the ground? Like... Does he have someone here already?" She asked. "That, were are not sure about. Which is why i'm about to board the next red eye to you. I'll be there soon. I just know they've tracked your location. But they dont know your cover name or who your with. Tommy is still in custody. Have you met any of his employees? Have they seen you in person?" Presley askes. "Only his clients have met me when I delivered the goods. His employed goonies on the other hand, his so called “co-workers”...No. He wouldn't let me be around them." She replied. "Thats good. All they should have to go by is probably pictures of your features. Which is fairly disguised. Listen, Liz. Stick with Eli, dont talk to anyone outside of the community. And even if they are Amish, if you dont already personally know them, dont speak to them." Presley instructs. "Got it, boss" she said sternly.” He chuckled. "Of course your joking in a serious situation." Presley teases, making you laugh. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Eli roll his eye. "Eli..." Presley addresses. "Yes, agent Presley?" He asked sitting straighter. "Keep her away from the public as much as possible. If you must be in town make sure she stays in the buggy our at least away from large crowds. I dont want her physically more than a stone's throw away from your grasp. Got it?" He says seriously. "Both of you act as normal as possible so you dont draw attention to yourselves but just be safe. I want her stay at your home until I get there. When you leave after this call go straight to the Gingerich's and get her belongings and move them to your home as conspicuously as possible. At the latest i'll be there late tomorrow evening. Depending on the flights. The earliest will be late tonight." He finishes. "Okay. Just be careful Presley." She said, worry creeping it’s way onto her features. "Liz, don’t worry about me. I know how to cover my tracks. I wont be followed." He says. "No, I meant, be careful as in stay safe." She corrected. He paused for a moment. As if he was surprised she cared about his safety at all. "I will." He says gruffly, then he abruptly ends the call.

She and Eli stared at the phone for a moment. "Well, bye, to you too." She said, more to herself. Eli chuckled. "He's... Something else." He says finally. She looked at Eli. "I'm sorry." She told him hernestly. "For what? We knew this is why you came here... Well not everyone knows. Just me and the gingerich's and Leigh of course. Your not the first nor will you be the last to have your cover compromised" He says, with a shrug. "Oh." She replied. He got up with a sigh. "We better get going. The early risers will be out running errands soon. We should get back to the Gingrich's for your belongings" he said as he walked to the door. She got up and followed him out.

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