Under the Amish Sky

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Chapter 8

The long buggy ride from town all the way to the Gingerich's seemed longer to her than normal. She didn’t say a word on the way. Her mind was racing with worry. Also excitement. Because Presley would be here in the flesh. But mostly she spent the ride worrying about the people she’d grown close to, and putting them in danger this way is killing her. She’d only known them for a month and a half, but she already had grown to love them as if they were her own family. Well everyone except Eli. She still really want to fuck his brains out. She spent some time thinking of both Eli and Presley. Almost comparing them. On one hand she had strong, silent, sexy, Eli. Completely devoted to his religion and his Amish heritage. He may be sexually attracted to her but he has never not even once stepped out of bounds and made any sort of advances towards her. She couldn’t help but think if he would pursue her if she made it clear to him that she had no intention of leaving the Amish community after this is all said and done. Would he ask for her hand in marriage? Would she event want to be married? Is he secretly wild in the sack after the vows are made? Something in her wanted to call that crouching animal out of him. But, as sexy as the man was, and as fiery and inviting as those bright blue eyes were, she felt more gravitational pull to the deep green soulful bedroom eyes of Presley. She got wet just thinking of his mouth. And what that mouth might could do to her. She couldn’t ignore the zing of heat she felt in her pussy when he talked on the phone in a low huskey tone. It was his tired as hell voice after a long day. Or that zap of excitement when he made a dirty joke completely at her expense. It was rare, but still happened on occasion. He hadn't come right out and admitted his attraction to her. But she sensed it when he was first dropping her off with the Amish. She felt the heat in his gaze in the bedroom. It took everything in her to restrain herself from stradling that man on that tiny bed and fucking him till he couldn't walk straight. If she thought too much about him, her pussy would ache, longing for his touch. Her skin would heat up from the inside out and she’d get all hot and bothered. This made her wonder how on earth she’d be able to keep her hands to herself when he got here.

She was suddenly pulled from her thoughts when she noticed her buggy had come to a stop outside of the Gingerich home. She a tart to get out but Eli quickly opened the window. "Stay here. We cant risk you being seen going in and out of their home. I'll have Bridgett and Lisa gather your things, and I will bring your travel cases outside and load them." He says sternly in a no backtalking way. "But Eli we're in the middle of nowhere. Who would be watching me from way out here?" She asked. "You never know. Better to proceed with caution. I'm only doing what Agent Presley said." He said with a shrug. With that he closed the window and met Abraham on the porch to explain whats going on. After a short chat Abraham looked to the buggy, gave a small nod, and then turned to go in the house. Eli right behind him.

She sighed and sat back in her seat. This is hard. She didn’t know what would happen once Presley got there. Yahweh didn’t know if she’d even get to talk to the Gingerich's again. If her location was compromised then there was a good chance that Presley would take her and run to the next safe place. Thinking of not getting to say good bye to little Lisa and sweet preggo Bridgett hurt more than she expected. Even silent but gentle Abraham had made room for himself in her heart. Tears sprung to her eyes at the thought of not getting to see them again. They were like family to her now and that, she realized, is something she hadn’t had in a very long time.

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