A Wife's Fantasy

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Natalie had just turned forty. She was married to Richard who was a couple of years older than her, and they had two beautiful daughters. Rebecca or Becky as she was known, was twenty, and in final year at university, and Eleanor, or Ellie to her friends and family, who was eighteen and was in her first year at uni.

She had everything that she had ever dreamed of as a girl. She’d been married to Richard for nineteen years and they lived in a lovely part of town, in a beautiful house which was now mortgage-free thanks to the success of her husband’s business. He was an electrician and had started his business just after they got married and it grew way beyond both of their expectations.

She really did have everything. She was married to a man that she loved with all of her heart, she had the perfect family, great friends, good social life, yet, something was missing.

She was fourteen when she met Richard, he was sixteen and she had always felt so lucky that he had asked her out after they’d met at a local ice-skating rink. He was a very good looking boy, and very popular with the girls. Almost from that day they had almost been inseparable.

She was a virgin when they’d met and remained so until her sixteenth birthday, when they had sex for the first time in her bedroom while her parents were downstairs watching TV. She had been surprised that he hung around until her sixteenth birthday, because she knew that he’d had sex with a couple of girls before he met her, and she thought that he would quickly lose interest in her, he hadn’t.

They had fooled around a lot, and she'd given him many blow-jobs before her birthday, and had become quite accomplished at it. He’d introduced her to her first orgasm with his fingers and she thought that it was the most wonderful thing that she’d ever felt.

They got engaged when she turned eighteen, and were married after her twenty-first birthday, and they’d had a wonderful life together. But still, something was missing.

She knew that she loved him, and couldn’t ever imagine a life without him. But she had to admit to herself that after the first couple of years, where they tried lots of different positions, and locations to have sex, once they had got married it settled into a natural rhythm. And once the kids came along, and his business took off, he worked long hours and they were lucky to have sex two or three times a week. And nowadays, the norm was once a week, a quickie on Saturday night.

She’d had fantasies that had been with her almost throughout her entire marriage. Her main fantasy was to have sex with another man as her husband watched. Another, was to have sex with a man with a huge cock, and her other favourite was to have sex with two men at the same time, and not necessarily to include her husband.

She had discussed these with him over the years and whilst he had listened, and became aroused whilst they chatted about it, he had always said that he couldn’t deal with it, were it to happen. He’d even said that if she needed to have sex with another man to see what it was like, as long as he didn’t find out about it, then he wouldn't stop her.

So, as she entered her forties, her fantasies remained unfulfilled.

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