How it all began...

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Trapped in a mundane vanilla life, I was bored and lonely and was in desperate need of a change. Then he came into my life - and everything changed! 18+ content Contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature. How it all began... when you are trapped in a mundane life, what can you do to suddenly get more enjoyment? What can do you to suddenly feel more alive? I didn’t know, all I know was the day he came into my life... everything changed.

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How it all began...

Laying in bed, all of my past indiscretions ran through my mind - and trust me there were a lot. But the thing is, the thing that no parent ever wants you to realise... sex is great! Not just sex but all the other things that you could possibly get up to with another person, getting hot and steamy.

For years I have just so desperately wanted an unbelievable life altering sexual experience. And then he came into my life...

It all started so innocent, with the usual boring pleasantries getting to know each other and continuing the usual mundane conversations. But there was just something about him, something that made a yearning deep inside of me awaken.

Bumping into him that day has changed my life, in all the best ways. The moment I looked up and caught his eye, I could see his eyes darken with pure desire and lust oozing from him - even through the flickering lights and dancing bodies. The very sight of his clenched jaw and knowing he was watching me back just as intently, was enough for me to bite down seductively on my bottom lip - secretly praying to get a response from him.

Oh my god it worked...

The god like creature was taking big strides towards me, stopping right beside and making his presence known (as if I needed that). The music was still blaring, and we were fully enveloped within a mass of strangers. But the moment he reached out to me, my whole world stood still - my body tingled under his touch and we were the only people in the room. My mind raced with all of the possibilities. I would like to say I was a true lady and imagined romantic dates, marriage and the white picket fences. But no....

The moment his arm reached out to me, my inner seductress sprang to life, my true nymphomaniac came out to play.

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