How it all began...

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Tempting fate

Looking up to his dark eyes, I got lost in the moment. While keeping eye contact, I slowly stepped into him and allowed my hand to wander down his taut muscular chest.

My fingers delicately tracing the contours of his muscles until I reached the top of his belt. When a quick flicker of excitement spread across his face, I knew I had him.

Running my tongue seductively over my top lip, I slowly turned making sure I was close enough to catch his attention. With the music blaring in the background, I found my own rhythm quickly and started moving my hips.

Ensuring every movement of my hips was just enough to gracefully rub myself against him, I lost myself in the feeling. My firm rounded ass easily teasing his ever hardening crotch... the anticipation becoming so intense. And that’s when his large strong hands came around my waists, and a cocky smirk arrived on my lips. Tonight was going to be one hell of a night - I could feel that much already!

Continuing to move my hips at a painfully erotic speed, I tilt my head back to lean against his broad shoulder. Closing any slither of space between us. Feeling his manhood growing under his clothes, I couldn’t help myself - I needed to taste this stranger. I needed to have his lips on mine, to have his skin under my tongue and to have him feel just what he was doing to me.

The dance floor was packed, but neither of us noticed, neither of us cared. At that moment, we both had the same desires. As our bodies continue to gyrate as one, his lips met my neck for the first time as he left a trail of kisses from my ear to my shoulder.

Leaning my head to the side, I kiss my god like stranger for the first time. Our tongues working together, like a finely coordinated dance - it was as if our bodies were made for each other. We had only just began, but I could already see the fireworks.

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