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Its a story about a girl named karlybeth who gets kidnapped. A girl named karlybeth gets kidnapped and stalked by a crazy guy who will stop at nothing to be with her. (Temporary book cover) Book also, on my wattpad.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Karly Beth was one of the most popular girls at her school. She was in seventh grade. She always hated that she was so young. So everyday she put serious effort in her appearance. She was on a quest for sexy. She wanted to maintain her popularity. She wore a black and pink v neck mini dress that showed off her curves. There was a flower on the side of the dress. To Karly Beth the flower symbolizes hope and Empowerment. And as for her shoes she wore some pink bottoms. Yes I know she is young and your thinking why the hell is she wearing high heels. However, these heels were killer they were pink on the bottom and black on the rest of the shoe. And there were these darling little bow on the tip of the shoe. And her purse was a prada bag. She would wear thick eyeliner all the time. And she would smear light brush strokes of pink eyeshadow upon her eyelids.She now had the perfect smokey eye. And she always wore her blush on her cheekbones. She was going for the kawaii blushing girl look I suppose. Her hair was very special. It was a shade of bloody red. All the girls wanted her naturally bloody red hair that made all the boys lust over her. Her hair was down and wavy. And she straightened her silver septum the struggles of keeping it straight but it was worth it.

Then she went down the stairs and cooked herself some breakfast. She wasn’t a very good cook. She should of been ashamed of herself a girl who could not cook. She attempted to make some pancakes which tasted like shit do to the fact that they were half cooked. So she decided to throw away the foul food and watch her girlish figure and walk to school. Poor Karly Beth had to walk six blocks to school every single day. Which would be fine if Luke the neighborhood boy would stop slapping her on her ass everyday and running. At first, it was a problem for Karly Beth but then she found a way to adjust and cope with the daily sexual harassment. But on block number four thats when Jessie watches her while waiting for the bus. He watches her and starts moaning silently to himself closing his eyes and coming up with his sexual fantasies about her young wet pussy. But Jessie would never have his chance with Karly Beth without force. It's simple karly Beth would never date Jessie because he was in high school. And to make matters worst everyone knew him as a Jackass. And in a few years he will be and adult.

When Karly Beth finally reached Star Struck High School of the Arts.She quickly grabs a low carb breakfast from the school. And goes to her dance class. She was a beautiful dancer nobody in the school could move their hips like Karly Beth could. The boys would all lust and drool over the way her ass moved in that leotard. She impressed everyone on a daily basis that must be why they gave her a full ride scholarship the school went from eighth grade to twelfth grade. After class Karly Beth walked to her locker and notices Jessie.

“Sup there sexy.”

“Hi loser.”

“Your sexy as fuck want to go out some time.”

“As if nerd. And your like ancient as fuck. I don’t like you at all I am the most popular girl in school. I don’t need your pity date.”

“But I am the most popular boy in school.”

“As if maybe in your school but here I’m the popular one this is my castle and I’m the queen stay away from me you filthy bitch.”

“Damn that's how you feel.Oh, i’ll be back darling.”

“Later bitch hop off my clit.”

“Why won’t you date me?” Jessie yells causing a scene

That’s when Karly Beth turns around and dramatically flicks off Jessie. Jessie then has a bitch moment and runs to the boys bathroom and cries. Karly Beth is now laughing on her way to french class one of her favorite classes all because Jimmy the sexy asian boy. Karly beth found him to be so hot the thought of talking to him would make her instantly moist. She has been meaning to ask out Jimmy but she is always so nervous. But karly Beth knows that Jimmy is the one. And one day his sperm will make some adorable children. After french class Jessie was hiding behind the trash can with his sony camera taking photographs of Karly Beth while she was exiting her French class.This camera was filled with only pictures of Karly Beth. Karly Beth saw Jessie’s shadow but thought little to nothing about why he was there in the first place. Next, Karly Beth was on her way to Yoga class in gym. She wore some black Yoga pants that showcased her firm round ass. And her sports bra that was only allowed in gym class. And Jessie was watching from the window. And started taking pictures of Karly beth in different yoga positions. He zoomed into his personal favorite pose downward dog. That’s when a teacher Mrs.Stary night walked by.

“Young man why are you taking pictures of the girls doing yoga.”

“Well um see what happened um was got to go!”

“I will be keeping my eye on you and not the glass eye.”

“Fuck you!”

“Since your white you can slide this once”

When Karly Beth went to the locker room to take a shower. She always took showers because she was so sweaty from all the physical activity. She was like the only one who still took showers at school so she had the privacy to do whatever she wanted in there. She takes her bloody red hair out of that tight bun and swings her hair back and forth and slowly undresses herself. And hair naked body walks into the shower.But what she didn’t know was Jessie had snuck into the girls locker room and took pictures of her while in the shower and in her towel.She then finished her shower and quickly got dressed.

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