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Chapter 3

After three months of getting rejecting by Karly beth Jessie comes up with a twisted plan which was step one ask Karly Beth out one last time. And if rejected go through with the plan. And step two is go to the store and purchase duct tape , and rope, handcuffs. Step three find a place to hide Karly Beth. And step four go to Karly Beth's House. Step five grab Karly Beth. And step six put Karly Beth in mother van. And last step seven figure it out from there.

So the next day Jessie made himself look handsome and then goes through with the plan. He goes and walks up to Karly Beth.

“Will you go out with me?”

“As if Fuck tard.”

“Are you sure?”

“Go to enfer Bitch. Besides bitch Jimmy will be my man as soon as I ask him out. I mean who could say no to all of this.”

“Okay darling.”

After school Jessie walked to Home Depot and purchased the things on his list. He bought it all with his birthday money.Then he got into his mother’s van and drives to Karly Beth’s home. And lucky for him he memorized Karly Beth’s parents work hours he knew just when to get his darling Karly Beth. Karly Beth was a dumb chick who left her window unlocked. And Jessie knew this because he knew her like the back of his hand. And that’s when he climbed in her window. And pushes her to the ground and duct tapes her mouth shut. And overpowers her enough to tie her legs and arms.And carries her out the window gently. She tries to get away but she’s to restrained.

He allows puts her in the front seat carefully. And then he unties her legs. He didn’t want to hurt her if he didn’t have to yet at least.And of course he knew he had the power and she was not going anywhere. He was super protective of her so in and effort to keep whats his safe he straps her in the seat belt.And then he started to drive away he started panicking but he kept his cool.

“If I take off the tape your not going to scream right?”

She shakes her head no. That’s when Jessie removes her tape from those plump lips of hers.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Don’t you see darling we are meant to be. We are perfect for each other I just know it. Age doesn’t matter to me. That’s why I am taking you away. I am taking you some place nice and safe and isolated. Just you and me. And if you play nice and be a good girl maybe I will be nice as well. And this all could of been avoided if you would of just given me a chance.”

“ But Jessie I don’t like you . I am in love with Jimmy. He’s perfect for me and my own age and best of all he’s asian. And I need the opportunity to tell him how I feel.And your standing in my way of such things.”

“Karma is a bitch remember that Karly Beth!”

That’s when Jessie pulls out the taiser from the dashboard. And then tazed Karly Beth with caution.

“Auhhhhhh! Why are you fucking crazy.”

“Its for your own good baby. me darling everything will all be okay. We can make this work trust me.”

“Karly Beth Your really getting on my damn nerves Jessie.”

“Your just playing hard to get.”

That's when he tazed her once more and Karly Beth gasps and lets out a scream.

“You made me do that sweetie but it's okay I will teach you. And it will all be okay.”

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere we won’t be found darling. Hahaha!.”

“You are starting to scare me.”

“We are going to be together forever and very and you will learn to like it if you know what’s good for you.”

“Don’t I have say in this? Don’t I have a voice? I am people to Jessie.”

“No you're not you are property and a women you have say. Your body is mine. Your soul is mine. Your words are mine. Your thoughts are mine. You are all mine and you will obey me.”

“Why me?”

“You know why don’t play innocent dumb rich white girl on me. Obviously, because you are hot and you put all this effort into your looks. Hell you're asking for it dressing like a jessabelle. Its like your body language begged me to take you.”

“Well thank you for kidnapping me”

“Any time dear.”

“I am flattered but I need to get back home. I have a family a mother and a father who love me so dearly. “

“Who needs them the whole purpose of parents are to take care of their kids. Well looks like they got the job cut short. I will provide for you. I will help you with everything. Fuck parents I will be your daddy.”

“I need them to take care of me.”

“I can do that.”

‘I need my mother to feed me.”

“I can do that to.”

“I need them to buy me expensive shit.”

“I can spoil you to baby.”

“My parents and I will miss each other.”

“You’ll soon forget them with the help of me. However, I don’t care about your family missing you. Your mother have more eggs she can make another you.”

“But I need my parents love.”

“I love you and you’ll learn to love me as well.’

“Well I am sorry to hear that. And I am sorry for the things I am going to do to you with or without your consent.”

“I am afraid.”

“Baby we are going to be something something real I promise.”


“Well look here trick you are going to be my girlfriend I went through all this work and you will learn to like it and obey okay bitch your really starting to piss me off.”

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