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Chapter 4

Jessie pulls into the driveway of the house. In which he killed the owners and burned the bodies. And ate the ashes to ensure he would not get caught. The house was in the middle of nowhere so the odds of him getting caught were low.Jessie gets out of the car and gets Karly Beth out of vehicle.

“Come on time to come with me bitch.”

“ I wants to go home.”

“Who gives a shit about what you want you had your chance but you rejected me.”

Then Jessie grabs her out the car and yanks her by the arm.And leads her to the back door of the house And he opens the door with the key. And since she is behaving so poorly he puts comes up with the plan to put her inside her cadge. I know what your thinking a cage inside a house well the owners were some freaky people before he killed them let's leave it at that.

“Follow me bitch.”

“Let me go please.”

“ I am putting you in a cage until I am ready for you. You need a time out you are being naughty girl.”

“No please I will be good.”

“To late darling.”

That’s is when Karly Beth was forced to get in the cage. And she starts to cry. And he take pictures of her inside the cage.He wanted to relive the moment.

“I will right back sweetie with your outfit.”

Jessie goes upstairs and grabs a red and black lace bra and matching panties for her to wear.And high heels that he stole from his mother because her and karly beth wear the same size shoes.And them to the cage and unlocks it. Then forces her to undress nice and slow. And helps her put on the sexy bra and panties. And while she is crying he forces her to pose while he takes more pictures of her.This made her feel so low and worthless. And that’s what he enjoyed the most. She was all his Satan had answered his sinful prayers.

“Take off your bra sweetie.”

“No I hate you. I fucking hate you”

“Do it or I will hurt you.”

“Fine ass hole.”

“Turn around”

Karly Beth turned around so she would be facing the wall.She slowly removed her bra.And throws the bra on the ground.

“Turn around!”


Her Breast are now visible to Jessie. He can take in her small sexy pink nipples.She is crying a lot more then before. And Jessie is loving every second of it.

“Take off your painties now darling.”

“Or what?”

“I will let you starve if you aren’t a good girl.”


That’s when she removes her underwear as instructed by Jessie.”

That’s when he made her pose naked while he took pictures of her. At this point she is becoming numb and used to this process. And then she is placed back into her cage and accepts her fate.Then goes through his expected process of printing those pictures out and starts making some sort of scrap book out of the nudes of Karly Beth.Then he went to the bathroom with his new scrap book and started to touch himself. Karly beth could hear his moans from her cage. Jessie loved the fact he had her and could do anything that he wanted to her at any moment.And with that he believed she would be his forever.And he liked forcing her to do those things she hates doing he gets so satisfied.

Chapter 5

The next morning Jessie went down stairs. He then brings her some toast. He doesn’t want to feed her to much and ruin her adorable figure. He threw the toast into the cage.




“How do I know you didn’t drug it.”

“Trust that’s how.”

“I don’t trust you.”

“Why the hell not?”

“First, off I am already uncomfortable around you. Your two aggressive. Your a pervert. And you make me sleep in a cage.”

“That is enough you made your point.”

“ What you going to do now.”


“Tell me something?’

“Okay what?”

“Why am I here what is my purpose?”

“I love you and want to have you. Your here for me.”

“I don’t like you nothing you can do to make me love you I am sorry.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“No that you should no.”

“How about this?”

Jessie pinned Karly Beth to the ground and looked into her dark brown eyes.Then he pulls a condom from out his pocket and tries to put it on.

“Safety first!”

“I don’t want to fuck you.”

“Girl you know you want this dick.”


Jessie got the condom and then shoves his slightly hair dick deep inside her shaved pussy.She scratched her nails into the wooden floor she did not expect to enjoy the rape so much. She can’t help it but to moan.Her eyes start to roll back uncontrollably. He pushes his cock in and out really fast and hard.

“Stop I don’t care how good it feels I don’t want your dick. I want Jimmy the hot asian.”

“Yeah you like it don’t you babe.”

“Someone help me!”

“Your pussy is so wet.Let’s do it anul.”

“Please stop that’s my favorite sex position.”

Jessie flips Karly Beth’s weak body over and penetrates her back side raw. In and out nice and fast. She must of done this often since it got in with ease.

“Stop I don’t care if it feels good.”

“I’m almost there.”

“I am cumming.”

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