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Chapter 5

Now karly Beth understands her place. She is now coming up with her own plan Karly Beth is going to pretend to like Jessie. And once she going gain his trust. She will either run away or kill him if needed.

“So Jessie do you want to go to a movie or something.”

“But I thought you hated me?”

“That was before we had sex.”

“For real!”

“Oh yeah now I think we should go somewhere in public.”

“I don’t know you’ve been a bad girl.”

“Babe you can trust me I am your girlfriend.”

“Wait so you accept me.”

“Yeah sure whatever you say.”

“Well so your saying you want to go a date with me.”


“Thought you said age was problem.”

“Like you said age is a number.”

“ I don’t know .”

“Do you trust me?”

“I don’t know do you trust me?”

“No I mean yes.”

“Hmm I don’t know.”

“You told me you loved me liar!”

“No baby I love you I just don’t trust you.”

“How you gone have a relationship without trust.”

“Well um maybe i'm your right.”

“So we should be around people.”


“To share our love with the world.”

“Bull shit you think I am dumb.”

“Its not bull shit.”

“Yes I don’t care how good someone is in bed that don’t make someone fall in love.”

“Well I don’t see you trying to do better all you do is stalk me and take naked pictures of me. Oh and rape me don’t forget that.”

“Look it’s not just about sex I love you.”

“Yeah because raping someone is love and taking naked pictures of them is love.”

“Oh you just made me feel like and ass.”

“So is you going to let me go?”

“First, off its are you going to let me go not is you going to let me go. Fix your damn grammer bitch. Second no I am not going to let you go because I want you all to myself bitch. And third who else going to have sex with me I refuse to go back to cranking the joy stick to playboy again.”

“You know what fine not giving you the pleasure of in slaving me so fine. I will stay and please you because I want to. Don’t let me go I want to stay here with you. I get free rent and food and sex all a girl can ask for right.”

“Jokes on you bitch either way I like it.”

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