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Chapter 6

Karly Beth was sleeping with Jessie.Jessie was in one of his deep sleeps.She carefully moves his arm from around her neck.Then slides out of bed. And the floor starts to creek. And she starts to to open the nosy door. She then tripped and fell down the stairs. And that was what did it. It made him wake up.And he came and put her back to bed with him. And now she is thinking of a plan of how the hell she was going to escape. Her first plan obviously didn’t work.The next, morning she woke up unhandcuffed so she walked down stairs. She managed to then get down stairs and leave out the back door.She made her way to the car.She played with some wires got the car started. Then she drives backwards and crashes the car. Then Jessie made his way to the car. And he retrieves her from the car.Then he drags her by the hair in the house because he is pissed off at her actions.


“Bitch look what you did to my car.”

“Bitch look what you did to my extensions.”

“Well now I get to see your short ass red hair.”

“Great I am ugly so let me leave.”

“No you might tell cops.”

“No I won’t!”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I am going to murder you.”


“You are a loser who can’t a girlfriend I will see you in Hell.”

Karly Beth grabbed a knife from the kitchen and and ran to Jessie and tried to stab him but Jessie grabbed knife and killed her.

The End

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