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A book of erotic DDLG Fantasies. This is a book of DDLG fantasies written by someone who is 18 and I expect all my readers to be 18+ I am going to tag this book mature content please comment feed back is welcomed book isn't completed until I mark it each chapter will be a different fantasy remember you must be at least 18 to legally practice DDLG and you should do your research before jumping right in. Enjoy the story if your 18+ I am not encouraging anyone to read this underage thank you. All feedback and request accepted. Fantasies series Book 1 DDLG Fantasies Book 2 MDLG Fantasies

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This book was a huge it on my wattpad account @niyniy15840. It got 1k+ reads so I thought why not post here so that more people can enjoy it. Also, hoping to get some feedback here people don't give much feed back on wattpad they just read and don't talk much it sucks. This book is full of DDLG Erotica. Each chapter a different story. Enjoy!

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