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Gaia is an art major by day, and unknowingly, a vampire's pet by night. In order to protect his secret, Sebastian leads Gaia to believe their time together has been nothing more than faded dreams. Until the line between what's real and what's an illusion begins to fog, leaving her wondering what's a dream and what isn't. But when Sebastian's feelings for Gaia grow beyond his control, he tries to walk away. Faced with truth, Gaia finds she can't live without her vampire lover and wants to spend eternity by his side. However, in order to protect her from the horrors of his kind, he refuses to turn her. Forced to try to move forward, she begins to spend time with a fellow student. Sebastian, racked with jealousy, becomes careless and puts the one thing he cares about most, in mortal danger. When fantasy and reality blur, will Gaia and Sebastian walk away with their sanity and their lives intact? *This is a work in progress. Updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until complete.

Erotica / Fantasy
Clarity Townsend
4.9 17 reviews
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Is This The Real World? Or Is It Fantasy?

It had been a long day at work. Gaia scurried down the alleyway near her apartment building, hoping to cut a few minutes off her commute home.

She rarely enjoyed going that way at night. The streetlights cast an eerie glow against the line of garage doors, which gave her an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach. It didn’t help that she’d been having odd dreams for several months, and sometimes, they seemed so real; she wasn’t even sure she was dreaming.

Her feet padded the ground faster as a cool breeze slipped passed out of nowhere. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around.

Nothing there.

The stifling heat and humidity of the warm summer night encompassed her once more. She took in a labored breath of thick, muggy air. Pivoting on her heels, she turned towards her initial direction. Again, she froze.


Where did he come from?

She hadn’t heard a sound. Not one footstep. But there he stood. An unearthly glow shone from his pale skin in the yellowing glare of the streetlights. His midnight hair reminded her of a raven’s feather in the way it caught the moonlight. But it was his piercing, glacial eyes, that always entranced her.

Who he truly was? She wasn’t sure. But he was the one that haunted her dreams, causing her to wake most mornings in a writhing sweat. Her body on fire, burning for more of the dark pleasures he gave her in her subconscious.

“I must be dreaming,” she whispered.

He was nearly twenty feet away, but he heard her breathless words as if her lips were pressed against his ear.

Sebastian growled in arousal. He restrained his fangs from growing further. His pet smelled like wildflowers on a spring morning. When he was with her, he remembered what it was like to bask in the sun. Her dusty, pink, ombre dyed hair was akin to a rose. Her porcelain skin and blue-green eyes melted his frozen heart. And, had he a soul, he would imagine it reawakened.

He knew he should stay away. He had taken much too much from her already. It was possible she’d lose her sanity if he continued his visits. But he yearned for her, and it wasn’t only her blood that set his appetite asunder. She was the holiest of fucks. The closest he’d been to god since his damnation, was when he was between her milky, quivering thighs.

Gods, he was hungry. He’d sample her blood enough to satiate his thirst, then feast on her lovely, tight cunt. He brought himself back from his thoughts and noticed her shivering despite the heat. Her arousal flowed to him in waves. She was always so responsive. So willing and eager to please.

Bash knew she was questioning reality. Whether her evenings spent in his arms were truly dreams, but he could never let her fully realize the truth. He’d been able to frighten past pets off with the truth when he tired of them. Gaia, he feared, wouldn’t be frightened. Gaia, he feared, would love him as much as he had grown to love her.

There was a lack of fear in her already, that was constantly present in his past pets. None of the others fully lost the sense of dread that all prey senses, no matter how much they enjoyed the things he did to them. Gaia was different. She had been from the very start, and that should have been the only warning he needed not to get involved with her.

But how could he resist such a delectable little pet?

He began to stalk towards where she stood, frozen in place. When he was within reach, she whimpered.

“Master?” she squeaked, “I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep.”

“Ah, my sweet pet. You must be asleep, or I wouldn’t exist. Would I?” Bash trailed a cool finger across her shoulders as he circled her.

“Yeah, exactly! It’s just that I keep forgetting I’ve fallen asleep. Maybe I should get that checked out?” She looked up into Bash’s frosty blue eyes with hers wide, waiting for an answer.

“If it would put my pet at ease, then I think it’s a brilliant idea. But first, let’s get you home and cleaned. Shall we?” He grinned down at her, his fangs fully retracted.

“Yes, Master.” She took a step to continue her walk, but Bash scooped her up, and in a blur, they were in front of her front door.

He gingerly set her down in front of the door. It took a moment for Gaia to regain her balance. She nervously fumbled with her keys and wondered how even in her dreams, she could be so clumsy and nervous. What made it worse, was she was certain she stunk, and her perspiration-soaked body, made her dirty clothes cling to her. She didn’t feel sexy at all.

Aren’t you supposed to feel sexy in these dreams? She thought.

These dreams always ended in hot, very kinky sex. Her Master, as he’d asked her to call him, had never given her another name. He seemed to know hers and switched between her name and calling her “pet”. She didn’t mind either, coming from him.

The grumbling, low, sexy way he spoke in a British accent, sent shivers down her spine. He was tall and athletically built. But always cold to the touch. Then there were the fangs and the biting.

Yeah... how high school is it to have dirty dreams about a vampire?

To hell with it, because, in these dirty dreams, she’d had the best sex she’d ever had. It had gotten so bad, on nights she didn’t dream of him, she’d lay in bed hoping and willing herself to conjure him up. But, she’d yet to control these dreams in almost any way. She always woke the next morning, oddly, sometimes sore, in her bed, alone, and fully clothed in pajamas she never remembered putting on.

She’d told her friend Mads about it—that’s short for Matilda. Mads told her to go see a shrink and a sleep specialist. She’d yet to take her up on her advice.

Nope, Gaia was perfectly content having amazing sex with the vampire master in her dreams and didn’t want some quack screwing it up for her. Especially, since there was no real man in her life. This was the only promise of action she would get. Even though they were dreams, the proof of bedsheets soaked in her juices told her one thing; the orgasms were real. And if the orgasms are real, who the fuck needs anything else?

She was an underemployed, underappreciated, art major. Gaia didn’t have much going for her between her daily shuffle to work, class, and the long commutes home. The only thing that made life worth living lately, was this fantasy. Her master was a kind but Dominant lover, who pushed her to give him her all. Once she satiated his desires, he worshiped her like the goddess they had named her after.

It was something she now craved. She wondered if she should add it to her Tinder dating profile: Must fuck me and worship me like the Earth mother goddess I am. She chuckled at her thoughts.

“Is anything amusing, my pet? I do so love to laugh.” He smiled, flashing her his fangs.

“It’s nothing, really. Well, here we are!” She lowered her head and gaze in submission as she stood in front of her door.

“Gaia, my sweet. Let’s step further inside. Shall we? And possibly close and lock the door. We wouldn’t want an interruption by the Boogeyman. Would we?” Bash teased.

Her grip tightened around his bicep. “Is there really a Boogeyman here?” she asked in terror. She had to ask because she wasn’t sure what existed in this dream world of hers.

“No. I was merely joking Pet. I’m the only Boogeyman here.”

She giggled sweetly at his reply. “I’m safe then because you’ll always protect me,” she said those words with confidence and certainty.

“You’re certain of that?” he choked out. He was in more trouble than he thought. Not only was his pet not afraid of him, but she was also certain he would protect her.

He would, but that was beside the point. This lack of fear and welling of devotion inside her was dangerous to their arrangement. Quintus, his one and only companion for at least the last two thousand years, warned him.

He said, “Bash, let this one go, immediately. If you want to keep your promise not to turn another human, you must walk away and never look back. Your feelings for her have gone beyond a predator and his meal. You’re heading into territory that demands an eternal price. Glamour her and let her be.”

In his defense, he’d tried that a few times, but he only came crawling back when the ache to be near her, savor her, fuck her; grew too strong to bear. He was weak with her and he knew it. It was a fact that enraged him to no end. He wasn’t used to being so out of control. Especially, never over a blood bag.

He’d have his vengeance for the spells she’d cast upon him. He’d take his payment from her supple, sweet skin. Her screams of pleasure would be his victory and his reward. In the morning, she’d question her reality, and he didn’t much care. He would leave his mark on her. He would leave no doubt to her or anyone else, he’d claimed her. Then he would walk away. This time, for good.

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded gruffly. “When you’ve finished, fold them neatly into a pile and join me in the bathroom where I’ll be drawing you a bath. Understood?”

Her eyes downcast, she replied, “Yes, Master,” as she slowly began to undress under his fiery gaze.

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