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F#ck me up D#ck me down Curl my toes The sweat beads down I scream your name My nails dig deep Until we both get our sweet release Fuck me up Dick me down Curl my toes The sweat beads down I scream your name My nails dig deep Until we both get our sweet release. ●●●●●●●● Mature one shots with multiple characters(getting several chapter too).

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Don't React

Lizzie and Alex-- Don't React.

"It is so great to finally meet you, Lizzie! Alex hasn't shut up about you." I smiled, side-eyeing Alex as he put a hand over his face.

"I can say the same!" I said through a smile, placing my hand onto Alex's knee, his fingers laying on top of mine in an instant.

"Alex has told me all about you two. It's nice to finally put faces to the mayhem I've heard about." Alex gently squeezed my hand before letting go, leaning his elbows onto the tabletop.

"No stories!" He said pointing at the man and woman across from him.

Ethan put his hands up defensively, "I would never tell Lizzie about the time you glued Mr. Martin's supplies to his desk." He smirked, as Alex groaned in agony.

"Oh, Alex, you didn't!" I teased poking his side.

"Oh, Alex most definitely did," Gwen piped in, taking a sip of her margarita.

"I knew this was a bad idea," he muttered under his breath, only allowing me to hear it. I patted his leg with reassurance. He didn't need to tell me all about his mischievous ways, because I already knew. And that's what I adored about him, never a dull moment.

"So, Lizzie, where are you from again?"

I smiled, as Alex relaxed back into the booth. Seeming happy this meeting with old friends was going in a good direction. He had been too worried about them liking me, but who am I kidding? He worries too much.

"California," I exhaled, feeling Alex's fingers-tips drifting up my bare thigh, slipping under the lace of my dress. I cleared my throat seeing my phone light upon the table.

'Don't react----from Alex' was all the text message said and my eyes went wide.

Our game.

Our stupid, stupid public game. Fuck. Not here. Not now, holy shit, Alex!

I inwardly moaned, keeping my eyes from clamping shut. I tried to keep my breaths under control as the two acquaintances across from me stared. They were asking me something, but I couldn't focus on their gnawing voices. The only thing my brain would allow me to focus on was the thumping vibrations against my c'lit.

I side glanced Alex who was wearing a sly grin. He looked proud of himself. His arm discreetly moving circles around my cl'it. My orgasm reaching its fever pitch.

"Lizzie?" Gwen asked again.

"Huh? Yes?" My voice strained against itself as I tried my hardest not to move.

Do not react. Do not REACT.....

"What brought you here? The middle of boring Indiana?" She raised a brow and I smiled. Holding back the moans settling on the tip of my tongue.

"This idiot," I nearly growled, pointing to Alex, who by the way, was still at work. Making harder and faster circles with the vibrator on the tip of his finger.

"We met in college, oh the stories I could tell about my dear Lizzie." He smirked now, like an asshole.

My knuckles were as white as snow on the table's edge like I was gripping on for dear life. Which I was. If I let go, my body would let go. And I really didn't want to have a "When Harry Met Sally" moment in the crowded bar we were in.

"You two sound like a match made in heaven," Ethan remarked, but I barely heard him now.

The heat in my veins spread through me like a wildfire. My heart bursting into explosions with each circle he made. With every breath I took, I could feel it in my lungs. The tightening happening in every limb. My body shaking ever so slightly, their voices being drowned out by the sound of my blood whooshing in my ears.

I wanted to throw my head back and scream his name. But I also wanted to stab him with a fork for doing this now--tonight--in front of his high school friends. But if course he did because Alex was Alex.

My jaw clenched, as his circles got faster. I didn't know how much longer I could stay silent and not react. But I didn't want him to win.

No way.

I licked my lips. "You ok, Lizzie?" Gwen asked and I shook my head. I probably looked pale and sweaty.

"Lizzie doesn't handle her drinks very well," Alex said, shrugging his shoulder.

If eyes could stab, he'd be dead right now. So instead, I kicked him hard under the table with the point of my heel and found immense enjoyment in his squeak of pain.

"I'm fine," I said through a breathy voice and Alex smiled triumphantly. He knew he was winning because the faster he went the more obvious I became.

"Oh--my God!" Gwen squealed, "is that April??" She pointed to a woman at the bar. "Ethan come on!" She pulled his arm and they left the booth and almost immediately, I threw my head back. "We'll be right back!"

"I...am....going...to....kill....you..." I said through pants and he chuckled, running his tongue against my neck.

"You lost, Elizabeth," he groaned, making his finger go faster. And I didn't care anymore.

I slammed my palms on the table and had a full-on "I'm having what she's having" meltdown. If there would have been silverware, everything would have clinked down and I would have been found out.

But thankfully the bar was darkened. And I began to move against his fingers moaning his name softly so only we could hear.

"Do it," he groaned, "cum for me, baby." He whispered against my neck. The fire in my abdomen exploded and I finally clamped around the fingers he had put inside of me, moaning over and over again. Not caring who saw the hot mess I was in the booth. Because only this man could do this to me.

He kissed the edge of my lips, pulling his fingers away from me.

"You should have let me do you back home." He teased, running a hand over my breast squeezing it.

"You. Are. A. Bastard." I said emphasizing every word for him. I pointed a stern finger but he grabbed it and continued to smirk.

"You planned this didn't you?" I said running my fingers over the bulge in his pants, making sure to barely touch it. Earning a small thrust from him against my fingers.

"Did the vibrator in my pocket give it away?" He whispered kissing my cheek once more.

I rolled my eyes, "this means war, ya know?" I took a quick drink of my jack and coke.

"And what are your plans? Hmmm?" He mused, teasing me. "Are you going to drop on your knees under the table?" I tapped my chin, thinking about it. The bar was very dark after all.

"My friends might catch on. You could put your hands down my pants, jerk me a little, but that might be a little too obvious, don'tcha think?" Oh--he was getting cocky, but he had a point.

What could I do to Alex to continue our game?

"You're done for, babe. There is no winning this one tonight. Alex--1, Lizzie--0."

"The night is young, you cocky asshole. We'll see who is on top by midnight." I gave a smirk, trying to pretend I knew what I was going to do, but I didn't.

It had to be public. I couldn't take him to the bathroom. I couldn't suck him off under the table, because of his friends. It had to be here in this booth in front of everyone.

Gwen and Ethan eventually came back drunker than before, tongues heavy with slurs. I talked to them off and on, but I was still focused on my mission: Break Alex publicly once and for all.

"Still thinking, Lizzie?" He whispered in my ear, in between his conversation with his friends.

"Oh--yes." I was determined now. There was no way my boyfriend was going to win and have bragging rights; AGAIN!

My eyes scanned the bar as Alex continued to reminisce with his old classmates. They were talking about all the shenanigans they had gotten into as high schoolers, but my mind was far away. Lost in the haze of bar patrons walking around the place.

I noticed a couple standing at the bar. A tall man behind a woman, as she leaned over the bar. Her elbows were propped up as she took a few drinks from her straw. His hips were moving with hers, her hand on the back of his pants pushing him harder into her.

But no one else seemed to notice, probably because she wasn't reacting. Her face stayed straight, the only sign she was enjoying was the tiny finger curls she gave. She was obviously enjoying his humpage, as she let his fingers go inside the front of her jeans and I raised a brow.


No one noticed.

And then it hit me.

I could discreetly fuck Alex right here in front of his friends.

All I had to do was get on his lap, undo his pants, and get that delicious dick out. That was it. My end-all. I could win this ridiculous game he invented once and for all. Now all I had to do was pull it off perfectly.

I put my hands under my dress and wiggled out of my red lacy thong. I dropped it into his lap and his eyes widened.

"Don't react," I whispered, gesturing towards the panties. And he only smirked at me, shoving them into his pocket.

"Is that the best you got, sweetheart?" He chuckled loudly in my ear, his breaths tickling my flesh.

"Not even close, big boy." I cooed, waiting for the right moment to pounce on him when he least expected it.

I'd get him and I'd get him good.


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